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When a company has great products and a strong message, along with the cutest designs ever, it is a match made in heaven!  Just let this message sink into your soul for a bit:

“bloom Daily Planners is committed to helping women bloom into the best versions of themselves through the power of organization.  We understand the stress of being a modern day woman, and our goal is to help women take control of their days and ultimately live more fulfilled lives.  Our products are made by women, for women.  We have created a community of like-minded women supporting each other to achieve their goals and live a more positive life.” 

After reading something so positive how can you not want to begin using one of their planners?  The true definition of girl bosses, co-founders of bloom Daily Planners Kaylyn Minix and Michelle Trincia have created the best tool for women to help them succeed in all aspects of their lives.

The color patterns of the planners are one of the best selling points.  The bright bold patterns help spread the energy you gain while working in your bloom Daily Planner.

If you are anything like me, along with being a true girl boss you also want to be fun and carefree!  I love using the coordinating stickers in my planner to make some of my pages festive.  It’s part memory planner,  part functional planner.  I want to document my fun summer vacation with more than writing “summer vacation.”  Placing one of their bright, fun stickers in that place makes my summer vacation something to look forward to each time I see it.

One of the latest trends I have noticed is buying these adorable planners as bridesmaids’ gifts.  What a great idea!  You can choose the planner style that best matches your bridesmaid’s personality.  They have a plethora of styles to choose from.

I personally have purchased a planner for both my daughters when they joined their sorority in college.  Word spread how cute they were and a trend was set within their Alpha Phi Sorority – planners for everyone! Now they are organized and feel empowered because they have things to accomplish and look forward to.  Their planners are reminders that they have important goals to set and time to reach those goals.

One of my favorite parts of the bloom Daily Planners is all the different sizes they come in!  You can have a smaller one to fit inside your purse or a larger one that stays home on the kitchen counter… you choose!

Beyond planners, they also have lots of different products to help you become organized.  They have calendars, planning pads, office supplies, and a whole wedding planner line!  I encourage you to visit their website at bloom Daily Planners to see what they have that might catch your eye.

Also be sure to follow along with them on Instagram at bloomdailyplanners for daily inspiration.

It is so refreshing to see a company made by women empowering women to be the best, most successful person they can be!  Thanks, bloom Daily Planners, for providing us with such powerful tools to accomplish the best version of ourselves.

Have you been to a Wandering Planner Meet Up this year?  Better yet, are you planning on going to a Wandering Planner Meet Up this year?  If so, you are in luck, everyone who attends our Meet Up receives a planner from bloom Daily Planners! We hope to see you there!

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  1. Cim Allen says:

    I love the name, the planners and the fact that women own this .. awesome !! Can’t wait for Schaumburg 🙂

  2. Patti Conroy says:

    I signed up for a planner class at the Schaumburg Expo. So inspiring can’t wait to see all of the new products just for these planners…

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