Tuesday’s Featured Exhibitor – Logos Bookstore

Happy Tuesday, my crafty friends and welcome back to the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo blog!  I am so excited to share a sneak peek at one of our new exhibitors.  Logos Book Store exhibited for the very first time at our Chantilly Show last month and boy, were they a huge hit!  I was immediately inspired by the huge selection of Journaling Bibles and all the creative ways they offer both spiritual and creative inspiration to all.  The girls were on fire as they cheerfully greeted each person that walked into the booth.

Bridgette even hosted a FREE Make N Take in the booth to encourage those that have been a little intimidated to color in their family Bible.  Just look at all those smiling faces!  Big hugs to Ann and her girls for showing us how it’s done.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying their hands-on practice on the Bible Journaling pages. What a great way to enhance your Bible Journaling experience by adding a little of your creative side throughout the pages.

This sample journal really spoke to me, don’t you just want to pick it up and flip to the next page?

If you are looking for something a bit more portable to record your thoughts and prayers, how about these adorable leather Journal Covers?  I love that they can hold three separate journaling inserts.

How cute is this zipper case to keep all your pencils and coloring mediums all neat and tidy and ready to use in your Bible?

This black & white selection of Illustrated Faith Items is so perfect – you can use it with any color combo that talks to you at the moment.  The possibilities are endless!

Illustrated Faith Basics are a fun and easy way to add a burst of creativity to your Bible.

All this inspiration in one place is a beautiful sight, isn’t it?  I had a hard time choosing my new journaling Bible but at the end of Day Three of the show, I went with my first choice which is the Inspire NLT version (you can see it peeking out below in the bottom left corner).  I purchased it with the intent of sharing it with my daughter as something we could experience together.  I can’t wait to get started.

This pic of the Expo girls (Annette, Cindy Y, Sandy, and Cindy D) just makes me smile. We were all pretty excited and definitely inspired by our new purchases. Ok, I can’t resist, I have to share a fuzzy.  One would never know that these four beautiful ladies just pulled off a wonderful show, that’s three days of seriously hard work in some pretty hot and humid weather, not to mention that this pic was taken after tearing down the entire show and everything was packed up and ready to be moved to the next party in Kansas City, MO.  They still have those smiling faces, that’s love, isn’t it?  Way to go, girls!

Thanks so much for the great visit and I hope you’ve been inspired to give Bible Journaling a try.  Taking notes in your Bible can be intimidating, let alone drawing and painting in it!  But not to worry, because with a little help from your creative friends over at Logos Book Store you’ve got this.  I’m happy to announce that Logos Book Store will be exhibiting at our Akron, OH show in October so be sure to stop by their booth.  If you are lucky enough to live in the area, you’ll be happy to know that Logos Bookstore is within a half an hour from the venue and they offer lots of inspiration so be sure to stop by for a visit, you’ll be glad you did.  Their address is 976 W Main Street in Kent, OH.

I look forward to seeing you at future shows. I’ll meet you at the Creativity Center and I’ll bring the chocolate!

Hugs to all,


7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Featured Exhibitor – Logos Bookstore

  1. Ida Thibodeau says:

    I hope Logos Bookstore will be an exhibitor at next year’s Milwaukee expo. I’ll check them out online, but would love to see them in Milwaukee.

  2. Cynthiav says:

    Lorraine: What a lovely review of a new vendor. Logos looks and sounds wonderful and I hope they do well! I’m off the check out their website n-o-w 🙂 Also, thanks for all your hard work at the Expos. Seeing you and your team is always a highlight!

  3. Ann Kardos says:

    Thanks, everyone! We will be coming to Schaumburg and Akron this year. Hope to do more next year! 😀
    We are working on updating our website now. You will see all things crafty on our site by mid-August. Thanks again!!!
    -Ann @ Logos Bookstore

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