Card Swap Winners in Schaumburg, Illinois

Hello, there! Vicky here and I am so excited to share with you the fabulous cards that were chosen as card swap favorites at our Stamp and Scrapbook Expo Card Swap in Schaumburg.

Our first winner was Michele Wilson with this gorgeous mason jar card.  It is so pretty and I adore how she inked the edges of the flowers to give it dimension.  When it is folded it lies flat, but when you open it up it becomes a beautiful pop-up card.  There are so many layers and as a card maker, I know how much time goes into each card.  Amazing job, Michele, and thank you for this beautiful creation!

Our next card swap winner was Jan Weston. Her beautiful pop-up card was so positively happy and fun!  When it is folded it lies flat, but when you open it up another precious succulent flower pot pops up.  I love her cactus dies that are layered and to add dimension she used pop dots.  Jan truly did an amazing job designing this fun and vibrant card.

If you, too, love making cards and would love to swap and see others’ creations, please join one of our card swaps.  I promise you will have such a great time!!

Thank you for reading this blog.  I hope you spend some time crafting today.  I know I will.

Love you!


4 thoughts on “Card Swap Winners in Schaumburg, Illinois

  1. JanMarie Weston says:

    Hi! This is Jan Weston. My card was the winner at the show in Edison, NJ, not in Illinois. It’s actually called a wiper card.

  2. Dawn Simpson says:

    I thought that was the card from Edison. I was about to be like, WHAT – the same card won twice in two different states??? LOL Either way, it is an amazing card (and I’m lucky enough to have gotten one). 🙂

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