Card Swappin’ With Dave – Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Ontario, CA

Hello, my Card Swappin’ friends!

I hope that all of you were able to create and receive a beautiful card for Valentine’s Day.  A card always shows a lot of love.  A card can deliver a very special message to the ones we love.  And remember, it does not have to be a special occasion to send a card full of love.  I prefer to send a card when it is not expected, but when I know it will be very much appreciated.  And remember, it never hurts to add a little chocolate gift to your cards. 🙂

Here is a card from our show in 2017 from Ontario, CA.  Susan Malone created this card in the shape of an apron that has a cute little pouch in the front.  She included all of the ingredients for a wonderful card giving idea.  It includes a recipe (one of her favorites), along with the tools to make the yummy treat.  This is a great friend or family gift idea where you can share your favorite recipes.  There is even room to place a gift card to that person’s favorite grocery store to pick up all of the ingredients.

Last year at our event in New Jersey we had two great days of card swaps.  It was a great sharing time for everyone.  We discovered that very few in the group belong to a regular card swap group.  After the show, a group of these fun card makers decided to create their own card swap group.  They saw there was an interest and need to create their own group.  It is a closed group called “Happy Card Exchange.”  There are approximately 45 in the group.  A theme is chosen and those that can participate in the next card swap are broken up into groups of approximately 10 card markers.  Each time they have a new theme, the groups are rotated so you get to send and receive cards from different members of the group.

I am a very proud member of this group, as I was looking for a group to swap cards with, too. This is a great group of very creative card makers.  When we receive our cards from each other we post that we have received “Happy Mail” and who it was received from.  It is that easy to start your own group, so if you are not involved in a group right now, it’s a great time to start one. Take a look at some of the cards I received this month from my Happy Card Exchange friends.  This is just a sample of the great cards I receive in my “Happy Mail” from the group in New Jersey.  Be sure to start your card swap group and you’ll be getting great cards like these!

Stephany Damian created this “Postkarte-Catte Postale” card:

Tracey Rizor’s card is titled “You Will Be My Always”:

Dawn Simpson created “Wishing You Comfort”:

“Comfort & Healing to You” was created by Dana McClelland:

And “I’m Super Lucky” was created by Claudia Parrington:

It is that time of year again at the Expo as we get ready to go on the road again to see all of our great friends across the country.  Be sure to check HERE for all the days and times of each of our swaps this year at the shows.  Watch for my post in March when I will be featuring some of the fabulous card creations from our card swaps in Pleasanton, CA.  There is no better day than today to send a card to brighten someone’s day!

I’d love to see you at the Expo and make sure to join me at the Swap!





22 thoughts on “Card Swappin’ With Dave – Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Ontario, CA

  1. Dawn Simpson says:

    What a surprise to be reading your blog and see my card on display with the other gals from our group. I am so happy to be part of this group. It is so much fun. I agree that everyone, no matter what their skill level, should join a card swap group. You get to meet new friends, learn new techniques, and have fun making cards.

  2. AvaO says:

    Dave – So nice to see your post here for February. Dawn’s card sure is a beauty! Can’t wait to do the swap again this year at the Chantilly, VA 2018 show. See you soon!

  3. Beth Williams says:

    Dave-your card is adorable and so unique. I would be thrilled to get a card like that in mail. Fantastic job!

  4. Tracey Good says:

    Dave you rock! Thanks for giving our kudos to our card group! We have had so much fun and look forward to planning our one year anniversary swap for October. We are so excited to have you and many of us have plans to meet in person at this year’s crop in Edison!

  5. Susan Malone says:

    Thank you Dave for the kind “shout out” for my apron card. The card swaps are my favorite event at the expo and look forward to seeing you and all of the creative cards everyone shares!! Can’t wait to see you in Pomona!!

    • Dawn Simpson says:

      Susan, that is such a creative card. I love the little wooden utensils and an actual functioning pocket!!!! Amazing!!! Great work.

  6. Sue says:

    Hi Dave! Just ten days to Pleasanton. …Friday Swap cards are done… working on Saturday’s cards. It will be good to see you as always. I need to find a card swap group like yours. It would give me an excuse to make more Sue

  7. Carrie says:

    Card swaps have always intimidated me. Seeing your posts gives me confidence and inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

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