Freebie Friday with Stamp & Scrapbook Expo

It’s Friday (finally) time for another giveaway! Last weekend Stamp & Scrapbook Expo kicked of the 2018 season with the first show in Pleasanton, California. I was lucky enough to attend the show on Friday. Even though it rained and was SO cold we had an awesome show. When I was at the show I was frozen, seriously so cold! I was so cold that I went and bought another sweatshirt. (I already have two but I really did need the third one.) These hoodies are my absolute favorite. Everyone on our staff loves these sweatshirts. They’re so soft and so warm! If you don’t have one, you really do need one (or three 😉).

For Freebie Friday this week we’ll send one lucky winner one of these soft and cozy Stamp & Scrapbook Expo hoodies. One lucky winner will be completely prepared if it gets a little chilly at the next expo. If you’d like to be entered for your chance to win a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo hoodie, leave a comment below before Thursday, March 15th at 11:59pm EST. Good luck!

Now, it’s time to announce the winner of last week’s Love + Lemon Craft giveaway. Congratulations goes to… Sandi, please email with “Love + Lemon Crafts WINNER” in the subject line.

Thank you all for playing along with our Freebie Friday giveaways. We love having you as a reader of our blog.

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for Freebie Friday with Stamp & Scrapbook Expo. Don’t forget to leave a comment below for your chance to win this warm, cozy Stamp & Scrapbook Expo hoodie. I’ll be back next Friday to announce the winner AND I’ll have another awesome prize up for grabs.

461 thoughts on “Freebie Friday with Stamp & Scrapbook Expo

  1. AvaO says:

    I love going to Scrapbook Expo. This will be my 4th year. The hoodies are a great addition to the wonderful tee I got last year. Would love to add this to my wardrobe.

  2. Dawn Simpson says:

    Who wouldn’t love to be warm and cozy with a Scrapbook Expo hoodie. I can’t wait until August to attend New Jersey’s expo!!!!

  3. Liz Ermis says:

    I love the Stamp & Scrapbook EXPO!! Look forward to attending the Grapvine/Irving show this year!! I am already packed!!

  4. Heather Reese says:

    Very cool hoodie! It would go great with my Scrapbook Expo lanyard and pins! Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Angelica Chambers says:

    I would love one of these hoodies! I have been thinking about how nice it will be to have one on hand when I get cold!!!

  6. Celine Nichelson says:

    Great giveaway, and I am always freezing when i go to crops ! I would love to get this hoody !

  7. Lisa Scanlon says:

    My new favorite thing in the whole world is SOFT SNUGGLY sweatshirts that fit just right. Wrapped like a soft blanket swaddling me in my craft element!

  8. Kristine F says:

    There’s nothing I love more than being thematic! Would love this to wear to the next show!

  9. Denise Bryant says:

    These look super comfy! I’d love to have one and would wear it proudly to the Sacramento Stamp & Scrapbook Expo!

  10. Sandi Dailey says:

    Come to Michigan and you will really know what “COLD” is – you will need 3 of these awesome hoodies (soft blue is my fav!!).

  11. Brenda Lee Wyman says:

    I’M always cold so a warm and cozy sweatshirt would be a blessing. The logo would be an added plus.

  12. Deb Stueber says:

    Wow! I could stay nice and warm while card crafting with a Expo hoodie! Thank you for a chance at winning!

  13. Susan K. says:

    My favorite type of attire to wear when crafting! I attended the Expo and it was indeed cold! Could have used this hoodie!

  14. Connie Alder says:

    I would enjoy having a hoodie as it could be cold or chilly at our Expo in September. Thanks

  15. Crescendo Lobdell says:

    I’d love to have a sweatshirt! I can’t wait to go to the Milwaukee Expo! I hate they moved it to May because it means I have to wait longer. I’m going to the one in Schaumburg also. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  16. Alice Baccus says:

    I too froze at Pleasanton. I would love to have another sweatshirt from Stamp & Scrapbook Expo. It was great meeting you at the Expo. Thank you for all you do for the Expos.

  17. Jackie says:

    Super cool sweatshirt!! Need something at the Gaylord in Orlando….so this would be very handy!!! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  18. Yvette Williams says:

    How cool would that be to walk around the Pomona Expo wearing that hoodie. Like it a lot.

  19. Jenn L. says:

    Love the expo sweatshirts! Good way to promote the expo and the craft, all while staying warm!

  20. Karen Kleinert says:

    I made the first show of the season. There was great stuff to be found. Luckily it rained after the crowd waiting in line was able to get in for early bird specials. It was great being in looking at all the great stuff while the much needed rain came down.

  21. Marie says:

    I would love to have this hoodie!!! I bought one last year but something happened to it at the expo and it was ruined 😩

  22. Alyse D says:

    who wouldn’t want one ! and wait what free ? over the top gift thanks for the chance! I would be wearing this at my next expo!!!!

  23. Cary Lombardo says:

    Love the colors of the hoodies. I like to layer when cropping because the room temperatures always vary.

  24. Lynn Ekstrom says:

    You folks are coming to Utah the end of April and it will still be cold, but not cold enough for a coat. One these hoodies would be great! Thanks for the chance

  25. Ida Thibodeau says:

    I would love to win this hoodie. I am almost always cold and this would solve my problem.

  26. Cindy Sargent says:

    Would love to proudly wear this sweatshirt!!! I live in sweatshirts, I can never have too many!! Thanks for the chance.

  27. Donna Washington says:

    Oh-h-h-h how I would love to win this hoodie!! I love the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo and having this hoodie would be icing on the cake!!!!

  28. Bridget Hanson says:

    I would love to win a sweatshirt, I am always cold! And I love the expo, can’t wait until June in KC!

  29. Jennifer Potter says:

    Love the sweat shirt!!!! Must have for those of us who can’t get warm!!!! Love it love it love it!!!

  30. Kristine Mylett says:

    So excited for Orlando expo! I have the blue shirt so I obviously need the red sweater.

  31. Paula S says:

    Win it or not….I’m getting one of these! I just have to decide which color I want. 😳😊 Thanks for the opportunity to win 👍🏼

  32. Sally Hill says:

    I love the blue sweatshirt! I could be a great billboard for the Expo with that on!
    Can’t wait for Pomona, I have my registration and classes all set up!

  33. cynthia link says:

    Looks like a great comfy sweatshirt! I’ll be getting the blue one , one way or another!😙

  34. Katie Heller says:

    That sweatshirt would be a great replacement for a couple of 20+ year old sweatshirts that finally gave it up this year!! I’d love to wear either color everywhere! Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!

  35. Robin Hume says:

    Oh yes… I would love one of these! I ran out of money last year (too much shopping) and wasn’t able to get. Gonna buy one this year… or hopefully win one! Thank you!

  36. Robin Bowden says:

    Can’t think of a better way to show off your favorite expo than by wearing an awesome sweatshirt!

  37. Cheryl Petersen says:

    Chili or not I’m excited about Expo!!! I would love this cute hoodie to wear to the crops!

  38. Sue McLean says:

    My daughter has two ..One in each color. I would love a red one if we get a choice. Thanks!

  39. Mary Luttrell says:

    Oh, how beautiful and warm looking. I am always cold and I would proudly wear this hoodie. Would love to win this beauty!!!! <3 <3

  40. Sheila Price says:

    That would be so NICE right now where I am at…..35 degrees and I am FREEZING!!! Best of luck to all, but I would be tickled to win one.

  41. Regena Odle says:

    I love a comfortable hoodie and these look so cute! Expo too far for me to attend but would love to win a hoodie ! Thanks for the chance to win some expo goodies!!

  42. Lanise Hefner says:

    I am always so cold at the crops. I would love to be warm in one of these soft cozy hoodies!

  43. Susan Cocjin says:

    Going on a cruise to Alaska, the blue hoodie would be perfect for walking around the ship!

  44. Rhonda Fonicello says:

    Yes! I need this! I am always cold, and even though we attend the Chantilly show the end of June, I wear a sweatshirt during the crops! Of course, if I don’t win it, I’ll just buy one, but this means more to spend on the sales floor….. 🙂

  45. Laura Johnson says:

    What a honor it would be to win a fabulous sweatshirt and to represent the Stamp and Scrabook Expo . Which by the way it’s perfect for October’s expo !

  46. ScrapperJanice says:

    Love these! Either color is good . . . but think I prefer the blue. They are really cute!

  47. Patricia Allison says:

    Very nice prize! I saw some of these at the Pleasanton Expo, and the ladies that purchased them were really pleased.

  48. Mary Holshouser says:

    they look warm and snuggly – something I need in
    the cold months of the midwest.
    I’ll take a blue, please.
    thanks txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  49. Cheryl Burns says:

    Looking forward to Milwaukee Stamp & Scrap Expo! Having a sweet looking hoodie to wear would be even better!

  50. Sue hollahan says:

    I definitely want one of these! If I don’t win I’ll be first in line-always get cold!!! Can not wait to get to Irving TX

  51. Suzanne kanyavong says:

    I have the light red one. It’s my favorite one and I wear it everywhere. It’s so comfy! I would love to get the blue one too!

  52. Jacqualynn A McClendon says:

    I definitely wouldn’t mind winning one! I am always cold and could use a new fitted pullover.

  53. Sandi B says:

    I would love to win one of these. My daughter bought one at the show in Schaumburg last year and loves it. She wears it all the time. Now I want one for myself. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  54. Cindy Keh says:

    Hoodies and Scrapbook Expo — two of my favorite things, together in one cozy package! Love it — and would LOVE to win! Thanks for the chance!

  55. Margaret Meyer says:

    I tried to buy one at Pleasanton expo but they didn’t have my size. I needed a medium and they were sold out. Wa waaa. Bummer

  56. Gloria Lucero says:

    Would love to win the coral (or blue) sweatshirt! They look so soft and comfy!! Couldn’t make it to the Pleasanton Expo but WILL be going to the Sacramento one in Oct.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  57. Carolyn E says:

    I love my Expo shirts! Definitely going to need one of these for the crops with the AC cranking!

  58. Rhonda Rushing says:

    I love sweatshirts, especially when they show off what I’ve done or where I’ve been. 😊

  59. Donna Marie Gosik says:

    yes this looks like it would be nice and comfy, the way the weather has been here in Florida I can always use one, I love the pockets in the front to hold phone and wallet

  60. Erica Buechel says:

    These sweatshirts are cute. Love the heathered color they come in! And its the 20th anniversary
    Might need to add one to my closet.

  61. Malena Koplin says:

    I bought the blue one in Schaumburg last year and love it! It’s so soft and cozy. I was just thinking that I might buy the red one this year … but if I won it ….

  62. Carol A says:

    Hoodies are still my favorite comfortable wardrobe item. Would love to wear this and promote Scrapbook Expo. Looking forward to Schaumburg! Thanks for chance to win.

  63. Desarae McColley says:

    This hoodie would be great to wear to the fall expo in Sacramento this year. I’m planning to be there and definitely need one of these!

  64. Sally Anderson says:

    who wouldn’t want to show off this amazing event! and this is the perfect billboard!

  65. Susan Stackfleth says:

    Cute hoodie! I have an Expo T-shirt, but not a hoodie! That would be perfect if I won it!

  66. Lin M. says:

    I would LOVE to have this Stamp and Scrapbook Expo hoodie! Looking forward to the Texas show in a few weeks! Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. Jennifer Anderson says:

    Nice sweatshirt – can always use one where I live. Thanks for the chance to win. Looking forward to the expo coming to MN.

  68. Kathleen M Brackett says:

    I’d love a new hoodie and these colors are perfect for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. KAREN J. CHESTER says:

    I know how warm those sweatshirts with hoodies can be. I have worn similar ones at other events. Yes, I could another one, or even two. But thank you for offering one to this group.

  70. Shelly S says:

    I picked up a T Shirt at the last expo – so soft & comfy! My fave!! Would absolutely love a hoodie!!

  71. Coral Matich says:

    Pleasanton Expo was wonderful!! But wet and cold outside. Lots of friendly warm folks inside!😄

  72. Gwen Burns says:

    Love the hoodies. Would totally love to have one to wear at my local crops. Usually gets cold in there and a hoodie would be great but a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo hoodie would be awesome!

  73. Bev Witt says:

    I have the red one but would live the blue one too. It is one of my favorite things to wear.

  74. Brenda F-O says:

    What a perfect sweat jacket for those cold Expo venues full of warm hearts and busy hands! Mahalo, thank you, for the op to win one to wear to the Mesa Expo, the only one I am able to attend this year.

  75. Laurie kimble says:

    I’d love to have one of these. The Gaylord can be chilly during the evening crops. This would be perfect!

  76. Tracy Redding says:

    The weather here in California has been unseasonably cold. Would love a new hoodie to be prepared for Ontario Expo in November. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  77. Virginia Hertel says:

    I would love one of these hoodies! Would come in handy when I attend my next scrapbook expo!

  78. Kristi Regnier says:

    I live in frigid COLD MN where sweatshirts are always worn! This awesome sweatshirt I would love to wear and better yet I would be able to show it off with what all of us love to do -scrapbook! I’ve only been able to attend one expo and that was many years ago in St. Pau, MN. I’m hoping to attend one soon. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win one of these warm sweatshirts.

  79. Karen Hale says:

    These hoodies look warm and cozy, great to wear when I go out to buy more craft supplies! Thanks Expo.

  80. Laurie Brown says:

    I would love to have one of these hoodies. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win one.

  81. Alice Leonard says:

    Looking forward to Pamona, a sweatshirt would be perfect for the stroll back to the hotel.

  82. Sue McDougall says:

    Would love to be wearing one of these to all the expos and retreats I attend! Thanks for giving one away!

  83. Kymberly Buchanan says:

    Ooooh la la! How wonderful that looks! Would love to sport that! Thanks for the chance to win.

  84. Cynthia Poritz says:

    Pleasanton wasn’t that cold on Friday – I didn’t have to put my 49ers sweatshirt on. Now if I had a Stamp and Scrapbook Expo sweatshirt, I would have worn it all day. Would love to win one.

  85. Christie Trapp says:

    Could have used one of these at Pleasanton. Was sitting near the doors that people kept opening and letting in the cold! Nearly frze. So, would love to win one cause I’m heading to Contra Costa and Sacramento and both of these venues fluctuate between hot and cold. So pick me, pick me, pick me!

  86. Karen L K says:

    It was cold & wet Friday. I came in dripping wet because I had to get the free parking way in the back of the fairgrounds. Someone very nice at the counter where you buy entrance tickets kept my very wet coat on a chair for me while I shopped so it would dry. Thanks!

  87. Ilona Watts says:

    I would love to win one of these sweatshirts. I have been attending at least one Scrapbook Expo for years.

  88. Crystal Olson says:

    I would totally rock this sweatshirt at the Schaumburg expo! I’m always cold and these look so nice and cozy. Would love to win one!

  89. Lya Lin says:

    How pretty are these hoodies😍please pick me😊! I couldn’t go to last year’s scrapbook expo but I will definitely wear it for this year’s! Thank you for the giveaway! All the best👏🏻

  90. Adrienne Miller says:

    I always get cold so I carry a hoodie or jacket with me everywhere I go and would LOVE to replace my old one with one of these!!

  91. Cheyenne Rothermel says:

    Love the soft hoodies and loved the expo last year even more. So much to learn and buy;). Please me

  92. Cynthia Pryor says:

    I’m planning on coming to the show in Irving, TX and am so looking forward to a fun weekend. Thanks for the opportunity to win a sweatshirt. I would love it!

  93. Sharyn Childs says:

    I LOVE wearing sweatshirts! But this one would be extra special because it has the name of a place I LOVE to attend each year. I can’t wait until the Expo comes to Georgia. Some of the workshops are a little “chilly”, so what a wonderful excuse to wear a sweatshirt. Make my day and make me a winner. Thanks for the opportunity.

  94. Kathy Nash says:

    This Sweatshirt would be perfect to wear on those chilly days.. So I would proudly wear this sweatshirt to let others know about the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo when it is chilly outside….Like today!!!

  95. Annmarie Demotto says:

    The scrapbook expo is always amazing this year yrs our Bay Area was wet and cold but California sure needs the rain…. Can’t wait to see if I’m one of the lucky winners

  96. Melinda Antirien says:

    I was at the rainy Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton also! I went to buy this sweater and they were all sold out! Thanks for the Chance to win it! Fingers crossed! As always, What a fun and amazing day I had!

  97. Donna Perrone says:

    I wanted one of these sweatshirts and tried to buy one on Friday but they were out of medium size in blue so I would love to win one instead!

  98. PattiM (Pattie’s passion) says:

    Perfect hoodies!

    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  99. Deb Green says:

    I’d love to win a sweatshirt! You never know how cold it will be in the Expo halls, even in the summer!

  100. Mary S says:

    I really don’t need another hoodie, I have quite the collection, but I would definitely make room in the stack for one of these – so cute!

  101. Meredith E. Shepherd says:

    I think you added this contest just for me! I’m ALWAYS cold… that’s why I moved to FLORIDA. Hope I win!
    see you in Orlando!

  102. Tammy Johnson-Janow says:

    Would be awesome to win a sweatshirt! You never know if it will be hot or cold in the building. Would be nice to be prepared if it is cold.

  103. Michelle says:

    I love these sweatshirts, they look so soft and cozy, I want to snuggle up in one right now and at the next crop! Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  104. Cathy Zajchowski says:

    I could definitely use one of these in Milwaukee, WI. Fingers are crossed to be a winner!

  105. Debbie Adams says:

    Love the colors, especially the pink! Would love to win one of these sweatshirts. Looking forward to Sacramento Expo in October!

  106. Bryana Ortiz says:

    Such cool sweatshirts!
    Would love to have one!
    Thx for the opportunity to

  107. Dana Bennett says:

    I’d sure love to win
    one of those cool
    sweatshirts!! Right
    now I only own 2
    and it’s cold here in
    Quebec! Thx for the
    opportunity to win
    Dana from Quebec

  108. Helene Zukanovich says:

    I am always cold and my husband is always hot. He tells me to put more clothes on. This would be perfect!

  109. Paula says:

    Would LOVE an Expo hoodie! I was freezing while walking the vendor booths last year. Those are very cute!

  110. Carol OConnell says:

    I really really really really want one of these sweatshirts. I tried to buy one at the Expo in Sacramento but they were all sold out. Thank you for this chance to win one.

  111. Jenny Wyley says:

    I tried to get one of these at the Pleasanton Expo and they were sold out! I was so disappointed…it was one of the reasons I went! 🙂 sooooo soft!!

  112. Jackie Ann says:


  113. Krys says:

    Would L❤️VE an Expo sweatshirt to wear. It’s been cold here in FL this past week. Thanks for the chance to win Becky!! Xoxo

  114. Shana Brule says:

    Would love to win one…tried buying one last year at the Expo in MA and they were sold out….love the colors!!

  115. Sue says:

    It’s raining right now and this hoodie would be awesome! I loved the Pleasanton show and all the shopping was over the top fun

  116. Carolyn Soprych-Favia says:

    I LOVE THEM, colors are great, love the saying and how cool would it be to have this to wear in WI and IL at the Expo’s!!!! Not to mention the many crops I attend!!!!!

  117. Dawna Lay says:

    Would love to win one of these! Will probably need to wear it to the Expo the way this crazy weather is acting!

  118. Karen D Blihar says:

    I’m always cold & would LOVE to rock one of these awesome sweatshirts!!! Pick me please!!!

  119. Amanda Yates says:

    Cotton, poly, terry, or fleece,
    How great it would be to win one of these!!
    Looking forward to the Expo in Orlando.

  120. LISA VICE says:

    Class room are usually cold, this blue Hoodie would be prefect. Thanks for the chance to win thid.

  121. MaryEllen Cocks says:

    My happy time is making cards! What fun it would be to being wearing this! New England is sooo cold!

  122. Pam Reed says:

    I would love to win! Going to the make and take next Thursday in Irving and that would be perfect to wear.

  123. Jan Driver says:

    Me please. I have scrapbooked for about 20 years. I have never been to a convention. I hope to travel to GA to go with my best friend. We’ve been friends for 50 years.

  124. Debbie Schmaltz says:

    I would love to have one-pick me! It would keep me nice and warm while I’m downstairs working on my scrapbooking. I’ve attended Scrapbook Expo every year it has been in St. Paul. It has become an annual event for me, my daughter and now my granddaughter!

  125. Lynnette Hoole says:

    I have been attending the Expo for seven years now. Not as long as others but the classes and the crop have catapulted my abilities much farther ahead. I would LOVE a cozy hoodie. Any color.

  126. donna says:

    Even us gals in Florida could use a hoody! My car temperature alarm rang this morning noting that it was near freezing. (yes, it was only 38) {the reds have always been my favorite color}

  127. Kathleen Moore says:

    This may be a little too warm for the Atlanta Expo in July, but I would love to wear it around my home town in South Carolina.

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