Freebie Friday with Art Impressions

Freebie Friday with Art Impressions @artimpressions #SSBE2018 #ssbeblog #giveaway #artimpressions #stamping #cardmaking #watercoloring

Hey there friends, it’s FRIDAY! I think I will have some very happy stampers with this week’s Freebie Friday giveaway. Our sponsor is Art 
Impressions. We love our friends at Art Impressions and we know you do too! They have an awesome giveaway to share with you today.

If you aren’t familiar with Art Impressions, here’s what you need to know:

Art Impressions is a rubber stamp manufacturer based in Salem, OR since 1987. The company began as our sole designer, Bonnie Krebs, created and sold educational stamps at craft fairs around the Northwest. Soon, Bonnie was drawing whimsical images for crafting and her talent has grown over the past 30 years to become one of the major stamp illustrators in the industry today.

    A unique characteristic of Art Impressions is its diversity of images and innovative techniques. Bonnie has created new and original stamping concepts, including Watercolor the Art Impressions WayWindows to the World, Flutters, Twist Ties, and PopCards. These interactive techniques create beautiful and matchless ideas for special cards. Art Impressions is also known for their funny caricatures and hilarious text. Their “funny people” began with the Golden Oldies line in the mid-90s and has grown to include new lines of Ai People and Girlfriends stamps. The entire gang continues to make people laugh everyday!

Art Impressions will be sending one lucky winner this awesome prize. You know the drill, if you’d like to enter the giveaway comment on this post before April 26th 2018 at 11:59pm EST. Good Luck! Here’s what you could make with this fantastic prize:

You might have seen the beautiful Watercolor stamping demos from Ai at Stamp & Scrapbook Expo shows, but did you know they have a new demo video every Wednesday? Bonnie creates a Watercolor Wednesday  video using new combinations of stamps to bring you even more inspiration! Check out their latest video!

Make sure you’re following Art Impressions on all of their social media accounts. You’ll love learning new techniques and see their new products.

Happy stamping friends!

Last week, Finders Keepers had an awesome giveaway up for grabs. It’s time to find out who will have that amazing kit landing on their doorstep very soon. Congratulations goes to…. 

Sarah, please email with “Finders Keepers WINNER” in the subject line. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with this awesome prize!

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for Freebie Friday with Art Impressions. Don’t forget to leave a comment below for your chance to win. I’ll be back next Friday to announce the winner AND I’ll have another awesome prize up for grabs. Have a great weekend my friends. Happy crafting!

486 thoughts on “Freebie Friday with Art Impressions

  1. Wendy Lambert says:

    The stamps are just lovely. I am fairly new to watercolors but I just love the soft look of these cards.

  2. Mel H says:

    I so want to give this a whirl. Art Impressions makes some of the most beautifully detailed stamps, and I just always laugh at their crazy women stamps! They’re just perfection.

  3. Celine Nichelson says:

    i always wanted to try watercolors ! that would be a perfect starting point ! thanks

  4. Stephanie Beck says:

    Wow, that is beautiful! The video is very educational too! She makes it look so easy, it inspires me to want to try it. =-) Thank you!

  5. Nancy says:

    I LOVE Art Impressions!!! The videos are mesmorizing, like watching Bob Ross! I would love to add to my watercolor stamping collection!

  6. Yvonne Villiard Bresolin says:

    Love Art Impressions! In fact, took my first class at Sacramento Expo. Watch Bonnie’s videos every week ?

  7. Michelle Daschka says:

    AI’s watercolor stamps are becoming my new passion. Took a class at the stamp expo several weeks ago, and just love these stamps.

  8. AvaO says:

    Art Impressions is my favorite! The stamps and instruction make me look like a pro. If you have a chance to get to a class with AI at an Expo – TAKE IT! The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. You’ll be a water colorist in no time.

  9. Janet Noble says:

    Art Impressions watercolor stamps are beautiful. I was introduced to them almost 15 years ago in a class and have been using them ever since. Many of mine are still the wood block kind but they all work together to make beautiful art. Also loving Bonnie’s videos which are so inspiring!

  10. Renee Mitcho says:

    Watercolor looks like fun. Would love to give it a try with this prize pack. Great giveaway.

  11. Andrea says:

    I love these stamps. I have so much fun creating art with them. I would always welcome new stamps. ?

  12. Gayle Knight says:

    Just love Art Impressions’ stamps! Just made some pictures this week using them. I do not have these stamps.

  13. Jacki Harris says:

    I love AI products and have made several cards since the Pomona Expo where I took Bonnie’s class. ?❤️? these stamps! I ordered several there on-site & I’m awaiting an online order now! Can’t get enough of this line!!

  14. Arlene says:

    I took her class last November and love this stuff. This would be a wonderful addition to my tools!

  15. Charla Fleming says:

    I love Art Impressions stamps. Your samples are beautiful and their Watercolor Wednesdays help so much. I can’t wait to take a class with them in May!

  16. Karen Lingel says:

    I am not sure I am capable of actually being taught to watercolor, but I am willing to take a shot! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  17. Janine Hobbs says:

    Art impression stamps allow me to enjoy watercolor medium when time is of a shortage. I am estatic with the new sets and can’t wait to attend the upcoming Expo here in Florida

  18. Pam Moffitt says:

    Would love to win these items. Usually travel 3-5 hrs., plus a time change, just to visit their booth at the expos. Wish there was a closer expo. Hope to one day take her class. Wasn’t offered at the closest expo and was sold out at the second closest.

  19. Susan Kanzaki says:

    I love Art Impressions Watercolor stamps! I would love to add to my collection and make more cards!!

  20. Jessie Williams says:

    My absolute favorite stamps. I use Art impressions stamps for my cards and to make little pictures for framing.

  21. Susan Miller says:

    I love, love, love these stamps and the watercolor technique! I watch the videos over and over again! Would love to win some.

  22. Loriann Thompson says:

    I buy from 2 companies almost exclusively! And AI watercolor stamps are one of them. I absolutely love them! I have a fabulous collection, but always want MORE!

  23. Mary Doran says:

    Love Ai and all their goodies! Beautiful watercolor art work makes into such lucious goodies!!

  24. Mary says:

    Great new sets Art Impressions! I love Watercolour Wednesdays and have a collection of AI stamps that were inspired by these videos. Thank you for the opportunity to win new goodies!

  25. DeAna says:

    I participated in the workshop at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Irving, TX in March and Bonnie was fabulous! I love the new Art Impressions watercolor stamps and how they continually build upon previously released stamps.

  26. Jane F says:

    I love these stamps and would love to win them. I look forward to taking their class at the expo.

  27. Sue McRae says:

    I’m such a fan of Bonnie’s videos and her unique way of making cards look like little works of art! I would love to win so I can try my hand at her techniques!

  28. Kathleen Moore says:

    I love Art Impression. I took their class last year at our Expo and had a wonderful time. Great people and customer service.

  29. Linda P says:

    Really enjoyed watching Bonnie demo at the Pomona expo! She was using many of these new stamps and they are definitely on my wish list.

  30. Linda P says:

    Really enjoyed watching Bonnie demo these new stamps at the Pomona expo. They are definitely on my wish list!

  31. Vickie McCormick says:

    I absolutely love this giveaway. My friend introduced me to watercoloring with Art Impression watercolor stamps last year. Every time she brings her supplies over we always make such beautiful cards.

  32. Suzanne Turner says:

    AI is the reason I want to learn the wstercoloring technique. I have had my eyes on a few of the watercolor stamps and realize that being a winner would give me a great start.

  33. Peggy Regan says:

    I love these stamps. The car and barn would make a great male card! Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  34. Ivette Bello says:

    Found out about Art Impressions at Expo. Awesome watercolor technique they share with great stamps. Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance

  35. Karen Lossing says:

    I love to use Art Impressions, this is such a beautiful way for me to rest! The care of our Special Needs Child is lightened by being given the joy of creating!!

  36. Delores says:

    Art Impression is a great company with Great instructors! I just love looking at the videos…Thank you for this giveaway.

  37. Mary Holshouser says:

    Beautiful stamps. Love the nod to
    nature and the outdoors.
    thanks for the offer of a gift

  38. Michelle Darde says:

    These have all been on my wish list and I would swoon if they appeared on my doorstop!! Bonnie and her videos are just mesmerizing!

  39. Sue Hendricks says:

    Love AI stamps…I am really trying to learn her watercolor techniques. And looking forward to the expo.

  40. Tracy Steinbach says:

    Wonder stamps I have so many of your stamps just not any of the water color ones yet. They are on myour list of wants tho. So maybe I’Llama get lucky and win this great prize.

  41. Edna Burgess says:

    I have many of the watercolor stamp sets and just got the new pickup truck one. Have used it a few times already and love it. Starting to get a few of the other new ones. And taking an AI class at the Novi, Mich. stamp show. Love these stamps. Edna Burgess

  42. Nancy Clark says:

    AI is a wonderfully creative co ompany. I really enjoy watercoloring with their stamps. It looks so real when I’m done!

  43. Tina Preiser says:

    I saw a video the other day of some using their stamps.. So beautiful. Makes me want to try them. Great giveaway

  44. Dawn Y. says:

    I love, love, love Art Impressions Watercolor stamps! These tiny treasures stir my creativity every time I use them. I’m slowly building my collection and appreciate the chance to win more of these wonderful stamp sets! ?

  45. Crystal DeJesus says:

    I just love Ai stamps. I have been eyeing their watercolor stamps, but also adore all the other fun images! What an amazing giveaway!

  46. Donna says:

    Im excited to finally get to attend this Expo I hope to see all the new products and met some fellow crafters! 🙂

  47. Sandra Jermark says:

    AI watercolor are the best. Fun and easy, they can make anyone feel like an artist. Who ever Wis this pack is going to have so much fun.

  48. Jo Anna says:

    I LOVE Art Impressions! I have some of their stamps and always add some at the Chantilly Scrapbook Expo. I particularly LOVE their watercolor line. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of these fabulous stamps.

  49. Jo Anna says:

    Art Impressions is one of my fav stamp companies! I have some of their stamps and always add some at the Chantilly Scrapbook Expo. I particularly LOVE their watercolor line. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of these fabulous stamps.

  50. Vicki says:

    Oh my, I would be in so happy to win these, I love, love, love Art Impressions!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win, keep the videos coming, Bonnie!!

  51. Janice Tinch says:

    Thoroughly enjoy the watercolor Wednesday’s with Bonnie! Learning to watercolor through she and Kendra, it is a relaxing pastime.

    Thank you for sharing it’s us!

  52. Vickie Tharp says:

    I’ve always admired the lovely stamps and watercoloring – I would LOVE to give this a try. What a fantastic prize!

  53. Shannon hernadi says:

    I’m so excited to take an AI class in May. Just started to look into the watercolor stamps and I love each one.

  54. Ann Merry says:

    I love watercolor media, and these stamps create such pretty little scenes everytime! Would love to win this prize!

  55. Rhonda McKenzie says:

    Thank you Art Impressions!!
    This is an awesome prize pack, I would love
    to win this!!!!

  56. Cathy says:

    What A wonderful prize. I would love to win these. I am just starting to watercolor and would love to use these stamps!

  57. Jennie G says:

    I love painting AI watercolors with their stamps… Looking forward to taking another AI class with Kendra… Thanks for opportunity to win AI products!!?????

  58. Heather Reese says:

    I love, love, love Art Impressions! They have amazing workshop projects. The techniques are simple, but the finished projects look so incredible. After taking a class last year, I purchased a huge bundle of their stamps. What a great giveaway! Thanks.

  59. Marcia Fellner says:

    Art Impressions is an awesome company. Thoroughly enjoyed their Watercoloring Workshop – actually made me feel like an artist 🙂 . The versatility of their products makes them a good investment. The collection they have put together looks fantastic!

  60. Maureen Murdock says:

    I fell in love with this watercolour stamp collection the first time I saw them. I loved to paint with watercolour paints but had to stop because of damage to my hands from the type of work I do. These stamps would make it much easier for me to enjoy what I love to do. Thank you for the opportunity.

  61. Kathy LacQuay says:

    I love AI stamps and watercolor techniques! Can’t wait to shop at the Expo! See you in St. Paul, MN!

  62. Sondra Myers says:

    These are gorgeous stamps! Hope I win to get to use new watercolor pencils on them to color in!!!

  63. Roberta Bostrom says:

    Love Ai stamps. Can’t wait to buy more at Scrapbook Expo. I love watercolor now. Thanks Bonnie and Kendra

  64. Betty Myers says:

    Love, love, love the truck stamp. Can’t wait to see it in person. 1 week until Orlando!

  65. Laurie Unger says:

    These are so wonderful. Would love to create with these. Can’t wait till June when you’ll be in Puyallup.

  66. Allyson Schmidt says:

    I just recently bought some Art Impressions stamps. It would be great to have more to expand my creative options!

  67. karenladd says:

    I’ve been familiar with the hilarious images from AI but am really thrilled to see these beautiful stamps as well. The watercoloring is so pretty and perfect for these spring themed cards.

  68. Sandy Hass says:

    Your stamps are awesome. So life like. I kick myself for not indulging on your stamps last summer at the scrapbook expo in St. Paul, mn. I would love to win this set.

  69. Michelle says:

    What a wonderful prize! Would love to win so I have more stamps to share with all the wonderful girls who take my watercolor class! Passing around my set sometimes makes it very hard. Thanks for chance to win!

  70. Elaine says:

    All the samples and all the stamps are fantastic. Hope to see them all in May in Milwaukee and hope to add a few to my collection.

  71. Carol H. says:

    Such a fantastic prize! LOVE Art Impressions! Have taken their class at the EXPO the last 3 years! Crossing my fingers!

  72. Carol Brown says:

    I totally need to win this! I’ve been telling everyone that I need (want) to learn how to watercolor but I don’t have the right stamps to practice with. This could potentially lead me to a whole new passion…and the need to start a whole new collection!

  73. Ann Castanon says:

    I love watching the video for the truck and barn! I am a car girl and would love to win this beautiful bundle!

  74. Madge says:

    Been watching the utube on how to use these stamps and great info what you need type of paper and so easy to follow .. been waiting for the expo to look at all the wonderful stamps ..

  75. Vicki Kay Beckord-Cargill says:

    I really like the colors,beauty,simplicity of Art Impressions watercolor stamps. The girlfriend stamps are a hoot!
    Can’t wait to take a class. And thank you for Watercolor Wednesday’s. Very helpful videos.

  76. Brenda Lee Wyman says:

    Yes you do have an awesome giveaway this week. The examples to make with this prize are amazing. I will have to check out the videos on Wednesdays.

  77. Dorina Denton says:

    Fabulous giveaway. Love these stamps and the truck stamp reminds me of grandpa ‘s old truck when I was a kid. Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Deb Stueber says:

    I love AI stamps! Anyone can create a beautiful watercolor picture by using the stamps. Such a great prize!

  79. Dawna Foulis says:

    I love AI. I have just recently started doing the watercolour stamping and I’m in love ! In fact, I was just at a workshop today using AI stamps to create 4 different cards. Such a beautiful end product and everyone in my family is amazed each time I create. This is such a fabulous giveaway and would love to have the chance to win it !!

  80. Cheryl LeBeau says:

    I LOVE Art Impressions stamps. They are my favorite. It would be awesome to win; believe it or not, these are not yet in my stash!!

  81. Donna Whitten says:

    Love AI’s fabulous products! I haven’t taken up water coloring, but would love to try it out! What a great giveaway, got my fingers crossed!

  82. Alisha Berkey says:

    I ❤️ Art Impressions. There stamps are amazing! I can’t wait to shop in there booth and expo again this year!

  83. Karen Kondrick says:

    I would love to win all of this set. I am at a crop retreat right now learning how to use your stamps. Crafts by 2’s Ken Kindler is doing a great job showing what you have taught him! We have kits to use in class, but I would love to have the watering can, flowers & foliage kit to work with at home. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  84. Janet Alba says:

    I took the early class in Pomona taught by the delightful Bonnie herself. I honestly didn’t think I was, or even could be, very good at it but when everything dried I was amazed that it was me who did it! So much fun and easy – the way she taught it.

  85. Veta says:

    I’ve watched demonstrations on HOTP webisodes as well and think these are great for a “non-artist” like me!

  86. JENNIFER R WOOD says:

    I took this class at the Expo last year and loved it. Highly recommended. I think my favorite stamp on this set is the truck.

  87. Phyllis McKenna says:

    I love to watercolor the Art Impressions way. I had a friend over last week to show her how to do it too.

  88. Barbmac says:

    This is an absolutely dreamy giveaway! I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! I totally adore AI and would be dancing on Cloud 9! Thanks for the chance twin this incredibly generous and enchanting prize bundle! ?✨?✨?

  89. Sandrine Laureys says:

    For many jears I love art impressions stamps….
    Just discovered the watercolor series….
    My only regret is that it ‘s verry hard to get you ‘re hands on them here in Belgium (Europe)
    Allso the markers are hard to find.
    So to win these would be fantastic. Thanks for the chance .
    Watercolored greatings?

  90. stampnk says:

    Gorgeous stamps, and they look so beautiful with the watercoloring! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  91. Pam Cooper says:

    I’ve always loved Art Impressions stamps but lately I have been buying their watercolour stamps and I am obsessed. Have watched nearly ever youtube clip trying to learn Bonnies wonderful tips. As Bonnie would say “it’s so fun”.

  92. Debbie Siddle says:

    What a lovely prize. Yes please. I need to get back into painting after such a long break. Thanks for the chance to win xx

  93. Kristin Fritsche says:

    I love the Art Impressions watercolor stamps! After watching a few videos I got the hang of it and they look wonderful. Thanks Art Impressions.

  94. Angie G. says:

    I’ve watched Bonnie create so many beautiful projects on her videos, it would be incredible to try this technique. Bonnie makes it look so easy.

  95. Chrisd says:

    Bonnie’s creations are wonderful and I try to watch each of her videos. Thanks for so much for the possibility.

  96. Deb Goodell says:

    After one class Bonnie’s stamps are my go to tools when I have a card in a hurry need. The time to create them is stress relieving too! I can’t wait for June to take my next class, see you in St Paul!

  97. Cindy Madias says:

    Your stamps are awesome!!! I am just starting to use watercolor in my projects. Thank you!

  98. Cynthia says:

    I just discovered these wonderful stamps and water coloring during the scrapbook expo this year. I am excited to learn more.

  99. FD91354 says:

    What a lovely prize package. I’ve only recently learned of this company and cannot wait to get some of their product into my hands.. Really lovely work!

  100. Ishrat Jahan says:

    Hi! As a art and craft enthusiast from a third world country, Bangladesh, this’d help me create some amazing things and be very generous of you since such items are not available in my country

  101. Gracie Harrell says:

    Great prize! I love your stamps and really enjoy the videos. I hope you attend Stampaway in Cincinnati again this year.

  102. Mary Lawrence says:

    Just love your stamps and videos. I have learned so many tips and techniques. Thanks for this opportunity.

  103. Angela Keller says:

    I LOVE Art Impressions stamps! It’s so much fun and makes me feel like a real artist when I’m done!!!

  104. Mary A says:

    I attended the watercolor class last year at the expo. The techniques that were taught were so easy to follow and they made me look like a real artist. I was able to take what I learned in class home and continue to make beautiful cards. Thanks for the opportunity to win these beautiful stamps and tools.

  105. April Parker says:

    Absolutely love these sets, they are on my wish list. I’m so excited for Saturday the 28th. It’s my first expo and I’m taking their class. Whoop whoop! I can’t wait !!

  106. Susan Pezza says:

    Love, love, love AI-WC!! One of my favorites!! I’ve taken 2 classes, 2 years in a row now at Chantilly and have learned so much and if I’ve recovered enough from surgery that I had on April 4th, I will be taking class again!! You always pick up a little tip here or there even though you’ve already taken the class! And I feel more confident in myself to create at home! And the Watercolor Wednesday with Bonnie Videos are awesome!!! This prize pack is awesome!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  107. Cyndi says:

    I would definitely love to win these so I can learn this technique. I’ve not tackled watercolors yet and these stamps are amazing.

  108. Rita Parma says:

    Love the Art Impression stamps. I took a class at the Santa Clara Scrapbook show with hesitation, as I never thought I could actually create any of the projects that were advertised, but took the class with my niece because she really wanted to do it. I came away in awe and with inspiration. I could not believe the beautiful artwork that I had created with the guidance of the instructor. Love the products and the classes. Thank you.

  109. Judy Joseph says:

    Love AI watercolor stamps. Met Bonnie Kreisler this winter in Mesa. She is a great teacher and so willing to share her talents.

  110. Laurie Black says:

    These stamps are so pretty and versatile, thanks for the chance to win! (And hello to Art Impressions from a fellow Salemite!)

  111. Adrienne White says:

    Watched someone make this at the expo…now I am hooked!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  112. Karen Wennekamp says:

    These stamps make beautiful one of a kind cards to give to special one of a kind friends .

  113. Eva King says:

    Love Art Impressions! Would live to win! I even have my husband making things with Art Impression stuff!

  114. Betsy Ross says:

    Wow! This looks so awesome. I’ve never had anything like this in my scrapbooking supplies. I would love the chance to use these.

  115. shartl says:

    These water colored cards are beautiful and I like the vintage country designs in these stamps. I had only seen the silly, whimsical designs from AI so this is a fun peek at another side of their company.

  116. Martha L. McGreevy says:

    What beautiful cards. I have many of the stamps from AI and am looking forward to creating some cards with this technique.

  117. michele gauthier says:

    Beautiful stamps!!!! I love Art Impressions!!! The cards are so beautiful!!! Peaceful!!!

  118. Malinda says:

    I was introduced to Art Impressions last year at the Duluth Expo, and I fell in love with it. I would love to be the winner of this prize package!

  119. Ann In PA says:

    One of my most favorite classes I ever took at an Expo! Can’t wait to take this years class!

  120. LaurieJ says:

    I adore the watercolor line of stamps from Art Impressions. Bonnie is so talented and her videos are very helpful. This is a fantastic prize – thanks for the opportunity to win.

  121. Deb Waugaman says:

    I love love love everything Art Impressions … I cannot wait for the Expo in Marlboro, MA … I was disappointed that you were not there last year … until then ?

  122. Amy Marshall says:

    I love the AI watercolor stamps and their Expo classes are wonderful. Great prize, thanks for the chance to win.

  123. Daria says:

    I love the scene with the truck; thank you for the video. All of the cards are beautiful; I love the soft colors.

  124. Carolyn Soprych-Favia says:

    I remember them at the Scrapbook Expo in Schaumburg and I loved their stuff and the make and take demo can’t wait to see them in August

  125. coral carkyon says:

    Loved how this scene was created and really want to learn how..all class and quite magical…

  126. coral carlyon says:

    Loved how this scene was created and really want to learn how..all class and quite magical…

  127. Stephanie W says:

    I love going to the AI booth at the expo. Watching the ladies demonstrate the watercolor stamps is hypnotizing. The artwork is beautiful. I love my collection of stamps and would like to add to it. Looking forward to Schaumburg event.

  128. Kris Wilcox says:

    I adore the creative style and soft colors of the the cards made with these stamps. Would love to give them a try!

  129. Ida Thibodeau says:

    Ai is one of my favorites, especially the older people stamps. The rustic truck would be perfect for the male birthday cards.

  130. cynthia link says:

    Art Impressions has some of the prettiest stamps! I love these! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful set and see you soon!

  131. Judy Keener says:

    I love Art Impressions, their stamps are wonderful. They stamp perfectly every time. I haven’t tried these types before, but I love to watercolor. These images are beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity. ❤️

  132. Tish Schneider says:

    I absolutely LOVE AI stamps!! Thanks for the chance to win some. I did not know about the videos. I’m off now to go watch!

  133. Eileen Scott says:

    Love art impressions. Been using them for several years. I first saw them at a Scrapbook Expo in Orlando.

  134. Melody Kamada says:

    I can’t draw or color worth beans! Maybe Art Impressions products and techniques could help me with my skills. ?

  135. Becky says:

    Signed up for AI class in Lancaster in July. Looking forward to learning this technique. Would luv this give-away. Luv rustic and primitive!!

  136. Bryana Ortiz says:

    I’m not the best artist by far but I sure
    would love to give it a try. All the cards
    are so beautiful! Thanks for shearing!

  137. Dana Bennett says:

    I would love to win this
    great prize!! Art Impression
    Is an amazing company!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to
    win! All the cards are just
    Dana from Quebec

  138. Pam says:

    Would love to have the pickup truck! Took my first class at the Georgia scrapbook expo last year. What fun!!

  139. Sue McLean says:

    I love AI!! I have several of their the “Oldies” stamps. As an “oldie” I love making cards with them for friends. Since I use a walker the lady with a walker is one of my favorites. I also love “Maude” in her robe and slippers….both are so versatile. Thanks for a great give a way!

  140. Joyce G. says:

    Your my new favorite stamp people! I LOVE your new watercolor stamps and now own way too many, as my husband says. Just bought 2 more this weekend and my first trifold stamp and die set. Can’t wait to try them all, I’ll have a lot of fun, I’m sure.

  141. Andrea Schultz says:

    Love this company’s watercolor technique and would love to win this prize to give it a try! Have watched the videos which make it look like such fun! Always stop by their booth to watch.

  142. Claire Warren says:

    I love all the different products from Art Impressions and would be thrilled to win this awesome prize!

  143. Gigi says:

    Keep on truckin’, AI. That rustic truck stamp is awesome! Appreciate the opportunity to win it and get creativity revved up.

  144. Kathy Clark says:

    I would love this set from art impressions! What you can do with these stamps is amazing! It would be great to win!

  145. Melinda says:

    This is an awesome give away! I would love to have the stamps that allow you to watercolor with ease. Love the videos that Bonnie does every week. I look forward to Wednesdays!

  146. Gwen Burns says:

    Love, love, love AI. Was so privileged to take a class at Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Grapevine last year. They make art doable. The end products are just beautiful no matter your skill level. Keep it up AI!!!

  147. Jean marmo says:

    AI has such great stamps! So versatile and perfect for all of my needs. Thank you for the opportunity.

  148. Bev Gerard says:

    Surely there isn’t a stamper to be found who doesn’t adore Art Impressions stamps! It’s hard to imagine the delight of opening up this prize package on one’s stampy table!

  149. Donna M Loenker says:

    I’ve been using AI stamps for a few years now and love the quality and creativity! Thanks for the fun!

  150. Susan Jacobs says:

    I love all the AI water color products. And the instruction videos are so fun to work along with. Thanks for a chance to win

  151. Sandi Dailey says:

    I love Art Impressions!!! And I especially love their watercolor line (watercoloring has always been a favorite go to for coloring stamped images). Thanks for the chance to win!!

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  192. Paula Reuben says:

    Ai is so inspiring! I actually hooked my “non crafty” sis on their products. We love watercoloring together! Pick me!
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