Glue Dots Giveaway

National Stamp & Scrapbook Month

Our sponsor on day 21 of National Stamp & Scrapbook month is Glue Dots!

They sent in a really cute bio for this post:


Proudly made in Germantown, Wis., Glue Dots is the instant bonding, clean, and easy-to-use solution that has been helping crafters bring their projects to life since 1997.  We don’t just make glue, we make your creativity possible!

Our mission is to build community through creativity by providing crafters, DIYers, teachers and busy parents with the most innovative solutions. We strive to help create connections and make special memories through fast, easy projects that can be completed and shared every day.

With a unique variety of shapes, sizes and adhesive strengths, we offer an original line up of non-toxic, photo-safe, pressure sensitive adhesives, which are available at major craft and independent retailers.

From our family to yours, keep crafting and sharing!”

Check out these great projects made with Glue Dots!

And now a photo of the prize from Glue Dots!

Oh my!!!  Who doesn’t need this in their life?

Let’s give a shout out to Glue Dots on their social media accounts!

For a chance to win this great prize pack, comment on the post below.


And now the winner from Rinea . . .

Sheryl C – send an email to to claim your prize!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for day 22 of National Stamp & Scrapbook Expo month. We’ll have another great prize up for grabs.

1,054 thoughts on “Glue Dots Giveaway

  1. Barbmac says:

    Oh my! This would be Heavenly! I am totally addicted to their products and would love to have a stockpile like this ! TFS!

  2. Sandi Schultz says:

    What an amazing prize! I love using glue dots in my scrapbooks and card making. It’s a must have! =)

  3. Tiffany H. says:

    The day I discovered Glue Dots was the day my crafting life changed forever! They are so versatile and a must have in my craft kit. Love them!

  4. Sandra Sandhoff says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love GLUE DOTS! They work for so many projects and I never have to worry if things will stay together!!!!!! Winning this would be AMAZING!!!!

  5. Ida Thibodeau says:

    One of my favorite Glue Dots are the 3D. They add dimension without the hassle. Nice assortment of adhesives. You can never have too much.

  6. Ellen Kramlich says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Glue dots are needed for just about anything and everything we paper crafters make. This would be a benefit to any of us. What a super prize! Thanks.

  7. Deb Stueber says:

    Glue dots are one of the 10 must haves in a crafters tool box! What a great collection of the best adhesive on the market! Wonderful prize!

  8. Jean marmo says:

    Can never have enough Glue Dots!, they are perfect for everything. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

  9. Donna Whitten says:

    What a great giveaway! I love glue dots, can’t have too many! Would love to win, got my fingers crossed!

  10. Cathy Lillie says:

    Glue dots are fantastic! Every crafter needs these! I would love to have this huge selection in my craft room!

  11. Tanya Keuchel says:

    That’s a fantastic prize. There might even be a few left over for me, once my kiddos spot them. 😉

  12. Mary Holshouser says:

    I use so much adhesive and most of it
    is Glue Dots. This would really keep
    me in “sticky” for awhile.

  13. Caryn Coyle says:

    I use Glue Dots on all my projects. Sometimes I need a strong adhesive for textured pieces and other times I want my embellishments to “pop.” Either way, Glue Dots always fits my needs!

  14. Judy Estrada says:

    Wow- we could use more glue dots! Glue dots are a cardmakers best friend ! Love glue dots !❤️💕❤️💕

  15. Patricia Gerlach says:

    I ran out of these at the last crop I went to. I need to stock up. I would share this prize with everyone at the next crop I’m going to.

  16. Sophia Marx says:

    I just can’t get enough glue dots. I use the, for everything!, even to secure my candles in the candle stick!!!

  17. Susan Nollette says:

    Glue dots are a scrappers go to product! Everyone has them. There are projects were they are the only adhesive you want!

  18. Debra Duckett says:

    I love the dots!!! My kids at school use them all of the time…Just the right amount for the kiddies!!!!👏

  19. Annina Deane says:

    I love Glue Dots! And as a teacher you can never have enough! Oh my! What we could craft with that many glue dots!! Just right for Easter!

  20. Desert Fire says:

    They are the best little dots ever. They are so good for delicate card projects too since they are very easily trimmed to fit the need.

  21. Patti R. says:

    Love, Love, LOVE Glue Dots products! I’ve used them for several years. From scrapbooking to card making and even my boys school projects…Glue Dots never lets us down!

  22. Tiffany Bolen says:

    I Love glue dots. I have many sizes so I have just the right size for whatever I want to add to my project.

  23. Nichole Cooper says:

    Glue dots are amazing and a constant staple in my scrapbooking supplies. What a great prize to win!

  24. Katrina Lee says:

    I love love love glue dots!! I hope they bring the vellum ones back soon. Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Mary Applegate says:

    There is no adhesive better than Glue Dots!!!! They have changed the way my kids do their school projects. And I have been a devoted customer of theirs since almost the beginning! There simply is no comparison!

  26. Lori ONeill says:

    I love glue dots. Not only do I use them Scrapbooking, I adhere Christmas cards to our hall closet door, make cards, decorate gift bags, post notes on the frig & so much more! These are so awedome!!!

  27. Donna Kalinowsky says:

    I could use some of these. Recently found some old glue dots that had turned into ovals due to (I assume) getting heated up before I bought them as in my house the temperature doesn’t vary more than six to seven degrees: from 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

  28. Angie G. says:

    I love glue dots, I use them on everything! This is a great prize and the lucky winner will be hooked on dots!

  29. Sheryl Musick says:

    There nothing like Glue Dots especially when I’m looking for an adhesive to use with embellishments and bling I always reach for Glue Dots they never fail!!!

  30. Coleen H says:

    Great prize. Like the various sizes for different needs. Like having something strong enough to hold but small enough that you cannot see it.

  31. Linda Wyman says:

    Glue Dots are my “GO TO”. Recently did a large Aquarium seen on a window using them, the pieces stayed up with no problem and we were able to remove easily when it was time to take it down.

  32. Cind says:

    Love these! Use these for so many projects (better than liquid options) and with my son’s upcoming graduation it would be awesome to win to use for all my decorating!

  33. Dawn Simpson says:

    Wow that’s a boatload of dots!!!! If a dot can do a lot, then imagine how much all these dots can do. Thanks for the chance to win.

  34. MaryEllen Cocks says:

    Glue Dots are the best adhesive for more things than I can list! Being low on Glue Dots causes me to panic and run to the craft store!

  35. Karen Farmer says:

    best creation ever!!!! One can NEVER have too many glue dots…and I’m running dangerously low on some sizes!

  36. Bobbi Staver says:

    I love glue dots. Have many different sizes in my craft room. Would love to win this gift. Thanks for the opportunity

  37. MARSHA SOMMERS says:

    My life wouldn’t be complete without glue dots! I couldn’t scrapbook. I couldn’t make cards. I couldn’t make shadow boxes. It would be traumatic!

  38. Lynne says:

    “Oh my!!! Who doesn’t need this in their life? ” I couldn’t agree more. It’s sorta like unlimited chocolate!

  39. Alyse D says:

    e\Everyone should be using glue dots!- there fast easy and hold well. I love them and think its a great prize for anyone who crafts! I let my grandchildren use them with art and craft projects, much easier than liquid glue for them too!

  40. Karen Kleinert says:

    Glue dots were the best thing invented. All shapes and dimensions. What would we do without them. Great thing to have and win.

  41. Jenny McGee says:

    Glue dots are perfect for handling those tough embellishments, like buttons and metal. This looks like a huge amount of adhesive in the giveaway. Would love to win, Thanks so much.

  42. Toni says:

    I use Glue Dots for lots of things outside of scrapbooking. For example, I’m a Girl Scout leader and when we have awards ceremonies I use the Glue Dots to attach the award to the ribbon that’s being presented to the girls. It holds the awards very well and I don’t have to staple it on! Love the dots!

  43. Alfie Kraus says:

    Absolute must have for any paper crafter. Great prize – whoever wins this will be a super lucky person.

  44. Sonia Del Valle says:

    Glue Dots are easy to use and very convenient. Other products get dried up over time on my pages and have to glue them back up again, not with Glue Dots. They are the best.

  45. Sandi Dailey says:

    Who doesn’t need glue dots!!! I can’t even count how many I use every time I sit down and craft. This is a staple like bread is with butter!!

  46. Karen Lingel says:

    Looks like that pile of Glue Dots products would last me at LEAST a couple of weeks! 😉 Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  47. Super Stick Chick says:

    Can’t imagine crafting without Glue Dots! I use them on almost every project. Today the rim of my glasses broke and how did I fix them?! Yep, Glue Dots, worked like a charm!

  48. Cheryl Hackenson says:

    Love glue dots! Great for covering with beads or flocking powder and used as flower centers, attaching ribbon/bows and more! A definite scrapbooking staple!

  49. Lisa Scanlon says:

    Glue Dots!
    Glue Dots!
    They’re as sticky as Candy Dots!
    They can’t be eaten, they can’t be flicked! They stick on buttons, gems, flowers galore! For projects you want finished and displayed with love; just grabs Glue Dots in any old size! From Mini to Large fill up a drawer! Throw them in traveling totes as you explore. Scrapbook Expo in St. Paul or next door have plenty on hand to share because Cowgirls of Texas won’t care! They will giddy up and shout when we sit at the table Reserved for us in Grapevine when we give them our Table gifts of Aprons made from Thing 1 to Thing 6. The pockets perfect size for all our Glue Dots of many a size! Thank you for our prize!
    Glue Dots! Glue Dots! Glue Dots and more! Our suitcase are packed to go out the door! Destination is coming soon into sight as we head to MSP for our flight!

  50. Cynthia Baldwin says:

    Glue dots are awesome and a staple in my craft room. This prize is aMAzing! So many glue dots- thanks so much for the chance to win!

  51. Shelly says:

    OMG, just when I’m starting to run low. A paper crafter can never have too many Glue Dots! Thanks for the opportunity. I love Glue Dots and continue to keep a good stock on hand at all times.

  52. Teri W. says:

    I remember how glue dots helped me with a little hem glitch on my dress on my daughter’s wedding day! LOL.
    Great products!

  53. Shirley Avalos says:

    Love the projects made with Glue Dots – so creative and super cute. Glue Dots should be in every crafters supply stash. Thanks for the opportunity!

  54. Crystal S says:

    Glue dots are an absolute necessity. Cannot craft without them. And yet another craft company from Wisconsin – how awesome!

  55. Paula S says:

    I have a drawer assigned for glue dots and my supplies are running low. I would love to have this winning opportunity to use at the expo in April ❤️

  56. Susan Tragos says:

    Because of the variety of products at least one is used on every project I make. Keep me attached to you!!

  57. Tracy Steinbach says:

    I couldn’t make cards without glue dots they hold my ribbons and embellishments where they need to be! Great prize thanks for the chance to win!

  58. Brigette Norcross says:

    What would we do without glue dots? Love how they come in all different sizes. What an awesome giveaway.

  59. Barry Snarr says:

    Glue dots are an essential tool for any paper crafter. With so many sizes and strengths the options are seriously limitless! Thank you Glue dots!

  60. Monika Meister says:

    Can’t live without my glue dots! They are a paper crafters essential tool. I use them for just about everything and I’m happy they come in so many different sizes and strengths.

  61. KAREN J. CHESTER says:

    Glue dots are the best. the rolls of dots are so big, but seem to go so fast when putting together a dozen or so cards . Glue dots were my first real scrapbook type glue, and after all these years, I use them still. What a wonderful goodie package for some lucky winner. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  62. Carey Nusbaum says:

    On my goodness, I am shaking with excitement to think about what I can make with this prize package of adhesive! Yahoo!

  63. Doris gomez says:

    Omg I wonder what I could do if I won all those glue dots, I could them on all the cards I make. Thanks for the chance to win

  64. Veronica Allen says:

    I cannot craft without glue dots. I absolutely love them. Thanks for a chance to win such an amazing prize pack.

  65. Cathy Hansen says:

    I use Glue Dots all the time in my card making. I especially love the micro dots, which are so tiny you don’t have to worry about anything sticking out . . . yet they are so strong! Thanks for offering this great prize.

  66. Sheryl Ann Sinard says:

    Quite a selection of sizes from Glue Dots! Hope this is eligible foe for the February 25, 2018 giveaway.