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Facebook is a wonderful place to socialize, to catch up with friends from your every day and people you have not seen in years. It is a place to join groups with people who have common interests. It is a place to check out businesses, see what they are all about, see if you want to do business with them, see if they are personable and whether they are humans or automated. It is a place to laugh, to break up your day, to learn a new technique or get inspiration for a new card or layout.

The Stamp & Scrapbook Expo page is a fun place filled with like-minded people who have a love for all things paper. We enjoy looking at beautiful projects, discussing interesting topics, and getting inspiration from those around us. Here are a few of our popular posts from the last month. If you are logged in to your Facebook and/or Pinterest accounts you can interact with these posts below and like, share or pin these posts. Enjoy!



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If there is ever a theme that you are looking for project ideas or a technique you need help with, send me an email to and I will make sure to include them in our accounts.

I hope you will continue to join me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. See you in the social media sphere!

Have a wonderful January!


4 thoughts on “Join Stamp & Scrapbook Expo on Facebook!

  1. Jane Boardman says:

    I have trouble getting a Sizzix die to emboss as well. I have a Vagabond and a Blue g Shot. HELP!!!

    • Jen Walker says:

      Hi Jane! I am sorry you are having troubles. I am going to post your request for help on our FB page and see what advice other users have for you.

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