Oh, The Places You’ll Crop!

We have so much fun every year thinking of our new crop themes.  You all are just so creative with the table decorations and the costumes!  The Dr. Seuss crop theme has to be one of my favorites because of all the colors and imagination that goes into each creation!

The costumes have been as simple as putting on a hat or very elaborate like painting your body green!  They both are simply awesome!  It is all in fun whatever you decide to wear.

Some participants act alone and some come with a party of 12.  Can you imagine organizing costumes for that many people?

We have noticed that often table decorators have been making little treats for people who come to visit their table.  It makes you want to get up and walk around just to see all the beautiful tables and gather some goodies.

We have also noticed a trend of tablemate gifts.  We think this is such a cute idea, especially if you are planning on a fun night out with your crafty friends.  It can be something as simple as some candy and a crafty item placed at your seat, or something a little more involved such as a place card with your name and wrapped items.  We have seen both examples this year.

We cannot forget about food.  It’s all about the snacks!  Am I right or am I right?

One thing we can all agree on is Dr. Seuss makes us all feel like a kid again.  It brings out the bright colors, innovative decorations, yummy goodies, and makes you start talking in riddles and rhymes!

We can’t wait to see what you create – you always impress us each and every crop.  We also have a little something for everyone that participates in the costume contest or the table decoration contest,  just wait and see what each participant receives now!

See you at the crop!




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