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Do you think washi tape and stickers are the only things you can use in your planner?  Think again!  You can use just about anything in the crafting world inside your planner, including colored pencils, paint, scrapbook paper, and stamps!  They all will work!  One item that has quickly become one of my favorite items to use is ephemera or die cuts.  I love the layered look of them, and how they are not as glossy as a sticker.

Below is an example of how you can layer different die cuts on top of your planner.  Maricris Emma from Paper Panduh works the die cuts right into her spread beautifully.

Here she adds just what she needed to complement the picture she wanted to focus on.  You can still see the other days clearly with nothing obstructing them.  The color of the die cut really pops out!  Because it is not a sticker you can easily slide anything you need under it without getting adhesive on the bottom layer.  I love how it doesn’t lay extremely flat either, it has a little bit of dimension.

I scattered some of the Wandering Planner Chicago ephemera below because I am working on a traveler’s notebook of my Chicago trips.  I immediately choose one for the cover.  Then as I work I will just pick from all the choices I have and layer it right on top of my pictures or off to the side a bit.  And just in case I decide I don’t want it there, I can pick it up and move it without worrying!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my stickers, I just really love the versatility of the die cuts.

I have been known to use die cuts on gift tags and even cards!  The possibilities are endless with them.  You can see why they are my favorite!  Do you like to use die cuts on projects as well?

Happy planning and here’s wishing you a very merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Planner Die Cut Embellishments

  1. Cindy Murray says:

    I have used die cuts and ephemera extensively in my travel journals and planners. I keep a little baggie of items in my planner tote for “just in case”. And if you are a stamper, you can even make your own! Many stamp companies like Stampin’ Up, Lawn Fawn, and Art Impressions have coordinating stamps and dies, that make it super simple to make your own ephemera for your journals and planners!

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