Planner Swaps at the Wandering Planner Meet Ups

Have you been lucky enough to attend one of our Wandering Planner Meet Ups?  If you have, have you participated in our swaps?  They have turned out to be one of our most popular activities at our meet ups!  For obvious reasons – who doesn’t want to get a bunch of planner stuff?  An item for the planner swap doesn’t have to be intricate or expensive, but something that is handmade and unique, and that you can use in your planner.

One of the more popular themes we have noticed this year is what we like to call “local love”!  We are all very proud of where we are from.  This planner swap was made by one of our Orlando, Florida Wandering Planner attendees.  She made a planner charm and it was so cute, and a big hit among the other planners.

One of the things you cannot forget to include on your item for the swap is your name.  Swappers love to see who they swapped with and where to get in touch with you.  It is popular to include your social media handle on the item you swap.  You will make a lot of new planner friends by doing this!  We love when you include all of this information for us on your swaps.

We have a trunk that holds the items for swapping and it travels with us all across the United States to all of our meet ups.  You are allowed to take one if you leave one.  Let’s just say we have a lot of swaps in there from just about everywhere.

There is no right or wrong way to swap.  You just gather the goodies that you made, walk around, and start trading!  Swaps can be samples of washi tape, planner charms, dashboards, dividers, or the ever-so-popular planner clips.

It is the most exciting part of the meet ups for us!  We love to see everyone so happy while they make friends and swap handmade planner goodies.

Be sure to participate in planner swaps if you are given the opportunity.  Want to see examples of more planner swaps?  Just search the hashtag #plannerswaps or #wanderingplanners.

Happy swapping!


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    • Josephine Law says:


      Sounds like fun. I’m planning to attend my first event at the Expo in Edison, NJ. How many swaps did you prepare? I’d like to make enough, but not too many. TIA.

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