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National Stamp & Scrapbook Month

Hi Everyone, today’s post is bittersweet because it’s the last day of National Stamp & Scrapbook Month.  I’ve really enjoyed hanging out here with all of you on the blog this month and loved the great prizes we’ve been able to enjoy all month long.  We are bidding farewell to National Stamp & Scrapbook Month with a bang!  Today’s sponsor is Stamp & Scrapbook Expo!  Our 2018 show season kicks off this weekend in Pleasanton. The staff at Stamp & Scrapbook Expo wants to thank each of you for supporting our shows and let you know we hope to see you at a show in 2018. As a big THANK YOU and to kick off the 2018 show year right, we’re giving one lucky reader an awesome crop prize!

The Stamp & Scrapbook Expo staff is giving away an all weekend crop pass for four people. One lucky winner will win four crop tickets for all three days at a reserved table at any one of our 2018 crops (OR if the winner wants to attend the Pleasanton crop they may choose the Pleasanton crop in 2019). If you’d like to enter for your chance to win this awesome prize, simply leave a comment on this post BEFORE Tuesday, March 6th 2018 at 11:59pm EST.  We’ll be back to announce the winner on Wednesday, March 7th 2018.

Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Crop Giveaway for National Stamp & Scrapbook Expo month @scrapbookexpo #ssbe2018 #ssbeblog #giveaway #ssbecrop

Our crops are amazing and our crop staff makes sure everyone is having a great time! This is such a fun giveaway, knowing 4 friends are going to get to spend an amazing creative weekend together. Make sure you share this giveaway with your friends, remember if one of your friends wins, they will still have 3 tickets to share ?

Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Crop Giveaway for National Stamp & Scrapbook Expo month @scrapbookexpo #ssbe2018 #ssbeblog #giveaway #ssbecrop

Okay, who’s ready to find out who the winner of the Glue Dots giveaway is:

Congratulations Jeanette!  Please email with “Glue Dots Winner” in the subject line to claim your prize.

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for joining me all month long for National Stamp & Scrapbook Month!  Hope to see you at a show in 2018, be sure and come find me and say hi!

1,023 thoughts on “Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Crop Giveaway

  1. Mattie says:

    What an incredible opportunity for people!! I’ve never been to a crop, but it seems like a great chance to meet friends and create. Also a great atmosphere to get the creative juices going!! So exciting!!!

  2. Lisa M says:

    Would so love this! I have been cropping and shopping for many years at expo! Thanks for a chance to win this fabulous prize!

  3. Amy Marshall says:

    Fabulous prize. I’ve been to the Make n Take but not the crops. Thanks for the chance to win. Can’t wait for the Duluth Expo!

  4. Sheila says:

    This prize just leaves me speechless! I have a group of 4 that has been scrapping together for awhile. What a great prize this would be for us to get together again. I have never done a crop at the expo. Taken some classes and shopped the floor. This would be an awesome prize to try out the crops at the expo.

  5. Teri W. says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize! Love the expo…always take classes, attend crops and shop like mad! 🙂

  6. Stephanie Beck says:

    Oh my goodness! What a crazy great prize!!! That would be so much fun for myself, my mom, my aunt and my cousin.

  7. Paula Evans says:

    This would be AMAZING! I love going to the crops and would be a great girls weekend! Thanks for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize!

  8. Tammy Johnson-Janow says:

    What a great prize! I love Stamp and Scrapbook Expo and have been coming to the Atlanta Expo for years. I can’t wait to see you all this year. The only thing that would make it even more awesome than it already is, would be to come to the crops for free with four of my scrappin’ friends! Good times await!!!

  9. Kimber Smith says:

    We already have our cropper passes for Pomona, but there’s always Ontario to look forward to! Pick me! Pick me!

  10. Karen Lingel says:

    Hmm, if I don’t want to share with my friends, can I get myself into weekend crops at FOUR different Expos??? Just kidding, I will share… Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  11. cynthia link says:

    Wow! I’ve actually never been to a crop, although I’ve been to shows to shop and take classes….would love to go! Looks like a ton of fun. Thanks for all the fun this month, I’ve enjoyed seeing all the new products! See you in september!

  12. Celine Nichelson says:

    I have gone to the expo but that I have never cropped. I would love to win the crop, I always wanted to do it !!!

  13. Jane Manzey says:

    Never been to a crop. But it sounds like a great way to spend time with Loved ones doing stuff we all enjoy.

  14. Jennifer DuPrey says:

    This would make an AWESOME birthday present!!!! Every year I spend my birthday with Scrapbook expo in Milwaukee. I can’t wait to crop!!!

  15. Brenda Lee Wyman says:

    I enjoyed looking forward to the blog every evening. It was fun. As far as tonight’s prize that would also be something different and exciting. I have always attended the Expo, but never the crop. I have attended crops at the scrapbook stores but never at the Expo. Thank you for an interesting month!!!

  16. Laura Gardea says:

    My friends and I love Stamp and Scrapbook Expo. We have traveled to the one in VA and we are going back to GA this year. We always have a great time, there is usually at least 8 of us. Looking forward to it this year. Can’t wait!!

  17. Nancy V says:

    I had a great time at my first Expo in 2017 and I’m looking forward to going again in 2018. It would be super fabulous to have these passes so that I can share the experience with my friends!!!!

  18. Brenda Adams says:

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to use them personally…but I know of someone who would love those tickets…they would make a great surprise gift

  19. Katherine Buchanan says:

    Oh WOW!! Such an incredibly AWESOME prize!! I have fond memories of the Mega Make ‘n Take in San Diego 2015….

  20. Crystal Via says:

    Oh my goodness! What a fabulous prize! My daughter-in-law and I look forward to going every year. It would be wonderful to be able to bring a couple cropping friends with us.

  21. Nicole Bouley says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I’ve never been to a crop before. My daughter and I are planning on attending the Puyallup expo in June. Can’t wait!!!

  22. Jeanne Volmer says:

    Oh my word! I love to crop with my friends and we are all on budgets, so to win crop tickets for al three days would be amazing! See you in Schaumburg, IL!

  23. Pat says:

    Always look forward to all the creativity and new products at the expo. The deals are amazing too! Last year was the first year I attended the crop too! See you in August!

  24. Trish says:

    What a great opportunity to experience a expo!! I would love nothing more to spend a weekend with 3 friends doing what we love the most!!

  25. Christy Baltzell says:

    Aaaaaaa!!! Best. Giveaway. Ever!!!! Had to miss it last year for the first time since you started coming to Denver. Much sadness. Coming this year no matter what.

  26. Adrienne White says:

    OMG!!!! Too much fun!!!!! EEEKKK!!! All the trouble I would get into…my husband keeps telling me I should relax!!! This would be perfect!!!!!

  27. Gloria Crosby says:

    I would love to win this, I have only been to one crop show back in 2007 and I loved it hoping to go back again

  28. Sue hollahan says:

    Oh my goodness! I love Scrapbook Expo & would love to be able to share with my Scrapbooking friends! Thank you so much for not canceling Grapevine-this will be my 6th year attending! Can’t wait to see old & new friends

  29. Penny Forst says:

    I would love this package! I’ve only been for one day at a time and never to your crop. Would love to take three friends!

  30. Susan Pezza says:

    What an awesome prize!! Your crops are amazing and I love attending them with my friends, it’s our weekend away from spouses and kids! It’s our girls weekend and what a weekend we always have!! Love this prize!!!

  31. Cheryl Norton says:

    It would be SO fabulous to gift three amazing women in my life a girls weekend to shop, scrap and bond even more as friends. Wow! Thank you for this opportunity.

  32. Patty G says:

    I would love to win this prize! My mom, my sister & I have been scrapbooking together for over 25 years. My mom is now 91 years old and we are still getting together to scrap!!

  33. Patricia Gerlach says:

    Oh My Goodness! What a blessing it would be to win these tickets! You guys are awesome to offer this!!

  34. Donna fish says:

    Would love to win the crop tickets. The 4 of us have been going forever. How awesome to tell them we got this!

  35. Liz Brown says:


  36. Dionne maniaci says:

    Would love to win, can’t crop this time in Pleasanton, but definitely going to shop. The the expos!

  37. Jessica Palmer says:

    I would love to win the All Weekend Crop pass four! The Stamp and Scrapbook Expo is our annual Mother-Daughter-Sisters weekend getaway. The All Weekend Crop pass would be the perfect addition! Like the cherry on top!

  38. Susan says:

    Would love to win this. I have never done one of the crops and this would be a great opportunity to attend.

  39. Shannon Brown says:

    I love cropping at the expo! I always have so
    much fun and have met some of my favorite people!!! #YayYou!!!!

  40. Donna Jensen says:

    This would be awesome for me, my bestie, and our moms! We all live in different states, so it would be an awesome treat to spend a weekend crafting together!

  41. Yvonne Horas says:

    Thanks for posting these daily giveaways! Didn’t win but had fun playing and learning about some great companies and new products!

  42. Teri Perkins says:

    I am attending the Expo in April for my birthday. I have some amazing friends going with me. What a treat it would be to win this and enjoy the extra time with friends.

  43. Sheila says:

    I love the expos, but have not ever been to the crops. I would love to go! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  44. Susan Stone-Janczewski says:

    I would love to bring my scrappin’ buddies, we’ve only come for the shopping and make and takes so far.

  45. Christine Pascual says:

    Love going to the Annual scrapbook Expo. Love enjoying / playing with girlfriends like little kids. Look forward to the new products, learning new techniques & bumping to old and making new friends. If you haven’t gone be sure to check it out. You won’t be sorry! You’ll love it as much as I do! Pls. Pick me! Thank you in advance! ?

  46. Sandie P. says:

    This would make for an amazing way to spend the week-end with my daughter’s who are
    big scrapbook junkies. Would be a great adventure for all of us.

  47. Wanda Burke says:

    Woohoo! Got my hotel reservation! Got my glue gun, dots, and glitter! Now I need my classes and crops! Hope to win the crops so I can do more classes-see you in Duluth!

  48. Shara Sheard says:

    Whoa!! Definitely saved the best for last! Thanks SSExpo for the very generous prize! I’d love to win & get a table to share with the sweet friends I’ve made over the years at Expo!! ExpoOn2k18

  49. Mary Jo DelVecchio says:

    What an awesome prize to win. This Orlando expo has been the highlight of our year for many past years and We will continue to look forward to it for many future years. My scrap friends and I are staying at the Gaylord hotel for the first time and we are just ecstatic. Can’t wait for April!

  50. Angie says:

    This would be a great gift to win. My BFF’s (All four of us) would love to win this. Just shopping this year at the Pleasanton Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, but looking forward to Santa Clara.

  51. Fanchon says:

    So excited for this weekend. I’ve never attended the crop – tried last year but it didn’t quite work out as planned. I’ve convinced four friends to attend the show – wouldn’t it be fun to have the crop in the mix. I could show them what fun it is on the craft side of life – mwahahaha

  52. Brenda Olvera says:

    Awesome Giveaway & A Great Experience To Attend All Three Days! Thank You For This Opportunity To Win Such An Awesome Prize!

  53. Cindy Perera says:

    Looking at trying to get to one of the events in CA. Looks like a great time to be had. It’s been several years since I made it to one of these events.

  54. Kathy Castillo says:

    I have never cropped at the convention. I would love to crop at the convention. I have only shopped.

  55. Bridget Hanson says:

    Can’t wait for the Expo, really looking forward to it! And saving money on tickets would allow me to take more classes!

  56. Lisa McGrough says:

    I’m ready for the Expo in Irving. Can’t wait for the Mega make & take. First time doing the make & take but have stopped, cropped and cropped again for the past several years.

  57. Susan Malone says:

    Omg… I would love to win this awesome prize to share with my crafty girlfriends!! Winner! Winner! ?✂️?✂️?✂️?✂️

  58. Alfie Kraus says:

    You guys are awesome – I’ll be at the Mesa, Arizona Expo in September. Would be great to be able to take more classes, and buy more products.

  59. Deborah Simpkinson says:

    Wow! To do a crop at Expo would be amazing! My best friend and I have been going tobExpos for 10 plus years! Have always wanted to do the crop!!!!

  60. Rachel V says:

    Thank you for the chance to win! I’ve never been to the crop but I’m sure I’d love it as much as the shopping!

  61. Katie Heller says:

    We are attending the Milwaukee show for the 5th year. This is an amazing prize for whomever wins (I’d love it to be me of course)!! We’ve had our hotel reservations made since the dates were announced, and we’d sure enjoy bringing another friend whom normally can’t afford to join us for the whole weekend!

  62. Kris Mylett says:

    Wow!! What an amazing giveaway!! I can’t wait for the Orlando expo! I’ll be there with my best friend and our moms.

  63. Mary Holshouser says:

    this would be fun. I have friends and family
    lined up to go with me if I win. thanks.

  64. Angie parker says:

    I’m ready to scrap with my BFF’s. Girls trips are the only thing that can help you keep your sanity. My favorite thing is going to our 2 scrapbook retreats and our scrapbook expo every year! Can’t wait ?

  65. Nanci Daquino says:

    Can’t wait for the Denver Expo! I introduced some of my “scrapbook sisters” to the Expo last year. This year we are planing on making it a full weekend.

  66. Suzanne Vaughan says:

    This would be awesome, it would be the perfect way to introduce my granddaughter to my love of all things papercraft and an excellent way to expose her to all the wonderful fun loving people that papercrafters are. Thanks for the chance!

  67. Margaret Meyer says:

    Wowza! The Santa Clara or Sacramento would be great to attend with my crafty friends. They stay at my house for Pleasanton and I have stayed with them for Sacramento. We’ve never been to Santa Clara. There’s a first time for everything. Thanks.

  68. Ming says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you for the opportunity!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Tracy Allen says:

    This would be such an amazing prize. I go with my mom every year, but to be able to bring two other friends who typically can’t afford to go would be a dream!!! Thank you for this opportunity and I’ll see you in Mesa in September!!!!

  70. Francisca Trickler says:

    Hey Ladies we are taking Scrapbook day on the road once a month all of us busy working moms get together and Scrap our hearts away ❤️ ✂️

  71. Annette Fuero-Padia says:

    I’ve been going to 3 shows for years with my 3 besties! Life has been getting in the way recently but we hope to go in August. This would be a fantastic prize to win!!

  72. Kaneka Chhim says:

    My friends and I have always done the crops at Scrapbook expo. We even do table decor competition. It’s just always so much fun to hang out with friends cropping.

  73. Monique McCoy says:

    This would be an amazing prize to win! This will be my first time going (going to Denver) and I can’t wait! Good luck to everyone who enters and whether I win or not, I’ll see you in Denver!

  74. Melanie Dabulskis says:

    Oh my goodness! Who wouldn’t want to win tickets to take their friends to the Expo??? Pick me please!

  75. Kathi korn says:

    What an awesome to end the month! I always look forward to the Scrapbook Expo. Can’t wait for you all to come to my area!

  76. Eleanor Fleck says:

    What a great giveaway. I know just the three that would love to go with me. Would love to win. Had an awesome time last year in Edison and could only be better with free tickets this year.

  77. Sharron Bennett says:

    What an awesome prize! I’d love to return to Orlando or Chantilly to attend another wonderful Expo, and to treat 3 other friends would be fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Crystal Olson says:

    Would love to do the cropping this year with my mom and friends! Fingers crossed! I’ll see you guys in Chicago this fall, either way! 🙂

  79. Liz Kostro says:

    What an AWESOME prize!!! I’ve been going with my scrapping peeps for the past 10 years. I’ve never been to the Thursday Make N Take – this would be an AMAZING opportunity to attend it. Thank you for offering this great giveaway!

  80. Jeannie Phillips says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway. This would be so much fun to do with my sisters. Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. Joan Carlson says:

    Heading to Pleasanton this weekend to crop and shop! It’s like Christmas in March! Thank you to all the Expo elves that make it possible.

  82. Sheilia Mandery says:

    I absolutely love cropping with friends! There is usually a group of us, 4-7, that enjoy the Expo together, so not sure how I’ll choose just 3 of them to crop for free, but we’ll work it out. They’re a bunch of fun ladies!!!

  83. Maria Andrade says:

    I have the perfect group of girls I could share in my good fortune should I win: Rachel, Erin and Cindy!!! Love you girls!!!

  84. Robin Hume says:

    I have been attending the Expo every year since 2003 in Southern California!! Would love to win these tickets!! Thank you for this opportunity to possibility to win.

  85. Connie Alder says:

    That would be a fantastic prize to win. Thanks for the opportunity. I already have a plan for some friends and the Denver Expo!

  86. Dana Driscoll says:

    I hope to win & attend with friends! I’m cutting back on events due to plumbing disaster at home. Booo

  87. Darla says:

    I love coming to the expo. Last year I brought my son and we had such a great time doing make and takes and shopping. I love that we can create memories together while preserving our memories in our scrapbooks. Can’t wait to be back this year.

  88. Sherry Bullis says:

    Wow! This would be great. There are four of us who go to the Expo in Mesa every year. We would love to win this. Thanks for offering it.

  89. suzann hildebrandt says:

    WOW! this would be amazing ! & awesome …. us Canadians would feel like we win the lottery & actually caught a break if we won…. would make a difference because of the e change rate !!

  90. Sondra Myers says:

    WOW!!! Thus would be awesome to win! As I have Dawn, Lisa and Melissa that I could bring to make this crop even better with great sb friends!!!

  91. Mandy Smallwood says:

    This would be amazing! I live in Oregon but would love to come and get my scrapbooking on! I’m a mom of 6 and would love the time away and to do what I love…

  92. Erin Dvorak says:

    OMG!!! This would be awesome. I can’t wait for the crops. They are so much fun. Plus all of my girls can come too.

  93. Heather C. says:

    I love the crops and this would be amazing to share with friends who have never been before. What a generous prize!

  94. Janet Appel says:

    What an awesome prize! My daughter, daughter-in-law and our good friend have such a good time at the expos. We try and go to three a year in California. Pleasanton, Santa Clara, and Sacramento. Thanks for the chance to win! The expo staff is amazing and so much fun

  95. Ida Thibodeau says:

    I would love to win the four free passes to the Milwaukee Expo. It would be perfect for my sister, my niece, my grand niece and myself to be able to spend some time together being creative. Thanks for offering such a wonderfulprize.

  96. Hollie Torpey says:

    Congratulations to all the winners so far.. I can’t wait for you to come to mass. The crops are so fun..

  97. Kristin Jones says:

    Thank you for all of the fun opportunities this past month. Looking forward to Orlando!

  98. Angelica Chambers says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to one of the crops!!! This would really help out my friends also! Fingers and toes crossed! (Ok that hurts… fingers are still crossed though).

  99. Becca Yahrling says:

    Oooh, fabulous prize! I’ve been to the Expo but never done any crops!
    I’d love to win this.

  100. Kim K. says:

    Wow! I didn’t think anything could make the Scrapbook Expo better. Seems I was wrong. What an awesome giveaway. Thanks Scrapbook Expo.

  101. Joan Wamsley says:

    What an amazing prize! I have been to three expos but staying the whole weekend with my daughter and friends would be amazing!

  102. Carolyn E says:

    Wow!! Such an amazing prize to end this month of great prizes!! My girlfriends and I love the crops!

  103. Nicole Lewis says:

    We can’t wait for the expo in Chantilly…
    I already have my list…which I never follow….
    Great weekend with great friends!!!!

  104. Coleen H says:

    What a great prize for a lucky scrapper to win! Heading to the Orlando Expo with friends next month. Looking forward to a fun girls weekend crafting!

  105. Beth Shoemaker says:

    This would be awesome!! I have 3 scrapbooking peeps who would love this! We have not done the crop at Expo and are planning to add it this year! This would save us money for more classes or more supplies to purchase from vendors!! Way to go Expo Staff!!!

  106. Sara Green says:

    Every year we have 3 generations of girls in our family who attend the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo. It is the only time we all get together during the year, so would LOVE to help offset some of the cost with this wonderful prize. Then we would have more money for SHOPPING 🙂

  107. Natalie Eldridge says:

    This is an AMAZING prize. !!! Someone will be very lucky ? . I hope it’s me. Lol

  108. Karen M says:

    Thank you for such an awesome prize. Been to KC Expo shopping and tooks some classes. Would love to add the crop to this.

  109. Rhonda McKenzie says:

    I Love the Expo!!
    Can’t wait to attend this year, this prize will be
    will be the icing on the cake!!!
    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  110. Carol Bryan says:

    My daughter and I have Attended the scrapbook Expo‘s for mini mini years . We definitely will be seeing you again in Mesa Arizona . Thank you for all your hard work To make it such a fun time ,

  111. Julie M says:

    What a fun month this has been with all the giveaways. This is just the icing on the cake. What a blast would be to win!

  112. Bobbi Staver says:

    Of all the gifts offered, this is the most awesome!!!! Went to my first one last year and can’t wait for this year. I would love to surprise 3 of my friends with this gift! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  113. Cindy Hearrell says:

    What a great gift . Our ground goes every years . We have hotel reserved Thursday-Sunday and could use a fare crop.

  114. Ann in PA says:

    My 3 friends and I have never done an Expo crop. I would love to surprise them with this. Thanks for a chance !

  115. Tami Henson says:

    Oh My !!! I do hope to be the lucky one, well me and my best friends that will be coming with me… I’ll be sure to use them at the Duluth Show!!! Win Win Win!!!!!

  116. Dawn Simpson says:

    What an unbelievable prize. I have plans on doing the weekend crop for the first time this year so winning this and being able to share it with 3 other people would be amazing.

  117. Jenny McGee says:

    WOW, This is an amazing prize. My sister and I go to one weekend crop per year, and if we win, this could be a second one. We would attend the one in Edison, NJ. Thanks so much for a chance at this wonderful prize.

  118. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness! There have been all sorts of great prizes given away this month, but this is definitely the coolest!

  119. Sharon Shulsky says:

    Love the crops! they are SO much fun. You finish projects, you meet a lot of great people, and make new friends.

  120. Nicole says:

    This is an awesome giveaway!! One of my good friends and I went for the first time last year and just shopped. We would love to add the crop to it and have friends join us.

  121. Alyse D says:

    wow what a fantastic prize!!! great way to spend a girls weekend! thanks for the chance to win

  122. Lois Wright says:

    I have 3 friends in mind! This would be the ultimate prize package to win! I love you for offering this prize package!!!

  123. Teressa Corson says:

    Oh my,…pick me, PICK ME PLEASE! 😉 Seriously, this is a fantastic prize and the best part is getting to share it with three other people. I have not been to an Expo because the closest one is nearly 2 hours away. This prize would be the impetus for me to go. I’m sure I’d be hooked after that.

  124. Melissa Weber says:

    What an amazing prize! I would love to win this, already thinking of the friends I’d invite to go along.

  125. Kortney Wilson says:

    Thank you for your generosity to win such an amazing prize. Got my squad all picked out if I win!

  126. Elizabeth Rydwin says:

    What a generous giveaway! Pick me, pick me!!! My scrapping friends and I would have such an awesome time cropping away in Edison, NJ in August!!

  127. Sharon says:

    To win would be amazing. Been to several crop events but never a Scrapbook Expo one. The photos I’ve seen make it look like so much fun. Would be a great gift for my daughter who graduates from college this June. We could each bring a friend, so exciting!

  128. Phyllis says:

    what a great prize! be a nice way to get together with a couple of my friends in another state that haven’t seen for awhile!

  129. Kathy Marshall says:

    That is amazing! I go with my friends to the Mega Make n Take every year. We would love to go to all three!

  130. Gabriella Rollins says:

    I’ve been attending 2 expos a year for the past 4 years. I love everything about it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  131. Carol Coleman says:

    Today is the start! Today so much is happening behind the scenes for us. So many hard working people/vendors are converging on Pleasanton, CA to share crafty items. Booths are being prepped. To all those prepping for the opening of the first expo of 2018, THANK YOU! I love Pleasanton. Can’t wait to see what is new and what techniques are trending. Thank you for designing classes to teach new trends. Here Here to a fabulous 2018 Expo Season.

  132. Karen Farmer says:

    Thank y’all for the fun month of contests! Looking forward to seeing y’all in Irving, TX!

  133. Ivette Bello says:

    It’s been fun seeing all the cool giveaways. What an awesome last giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  134. Teri M. says:

    What an awesome month with lots of awesome prizes. Your last prize of the month is one of the best.

  135. Carolyn Soprych-Favia says:

    I want to win!!! I love the Expo and look forward to it each year!!! SO much shopping, crafting, classes and more.

  136. Lori ONeill says:

    This is an awesome way to wrap up this great month & I think the best prize! I go every year to Mesa. Winning this crop prize will let my friends & I spend more money on classes & at vendor booths! So excited, see you in Mesa.

  137. Trisha Love says:

    I go to the Duluth Expo. Cropping, Mega Make and Take, classes, and lots of shopping! Highlight of my year!

  138. meg Lubinski says:

    I would love to try a crop. What a great new experience for myself and my crafting buddies.

  139. Maria Dias says:

    I attend 2 Expo’s a year and would LOVE to attend one more, but the hotel expense is what gets me, so had to cut to 2 local ones! Love the Expos!

  140. Barry Snarr says:

    Every year I attend the Puyallup, WA event and even though it is not until June, I cannot wait! I love the classes, the workshops, the card swap (my favorite), the crops and I even volunteered last year and loved it so I will be doing it again this year and cannot wait!

  141. Cheryl Hackenson says:

    Love the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo and have attended numerous times; always a shopper but never a cropper. Would love to attend the one in Marlborough in September as a cropper with my friends. My only problem would be figuring out which 3 friends to ask to join me! Absolutely wonderful prize!

  142. Cathy Ruud says:

    Thank you Scrapbook Expo for your generous prize! I love the Expo! Been to many throughout the country as we’ve moved about and I look forward to seeing old friends from Expo!

  143. Vicki Stratton says:

    How AWESOME would it be to win these tickets for my mom, sister, niece and I. We’ve been scrapbooking together for yrs, and there isn’t anyone I’d rather do this with!!!

  144. Bev Lyman says:

    Wow! This is an amazing prize! I would love to share with my daughter and a couple friends! We love coming to the Expo and participating in the crops every year!

  145. sharon gullikson says:

    I’ve never done a crop, I have have just taken your classes, and shopped. I would love to win!

  146. Jodi Raeburn says:

    This is truly the best of all the prizes!! I’d love to bring my daughter and some friends! Thank you for a fun month. I can’t wait for the Denver expo! ???

  147. Nicole Nardi says:

    I’ve been at the expos the last few years, but never for a weekend crop. This would be a fun experience.

  148. Cindy Hodkevics says:

    I can’t tell you how I would love to win this prize. I moved to a new state and just starting to meet croppers in my area. I would love to offer 3 of my new found friends a crop in Chantilly VA.

  149. Yvonne Johnson says:

    Would LOVE to win and attend my first event! It looks like everyone has such a great time! My daughter and I love to crop together. What a joy it would be to win and bless two of our friends with an opportunity to spend time creating memories!!

  150. Denise Bryant says:

    I love attending the Sacramento Scrapbook Expo! I went for my third time and am looking forward to the one this year too!

  151. Marianne Chapman says:

    Thanks so much for a chance to win! It’s so hard to crop at home with all the things that need to be done calling my name. I would love to attend the Santa Clara Expo crops with friends. I didn’t have a chance to crop this time around but look forward to August! What an awesome opportunity!

  152. Elizabeth L says:

    Oh, how exciting! I love the Scrapbook Expo crops and would love to attend with three friends! Thank you so much for sponsoring all of these prize giveaways!

  153. Barbara Stone says:

    I would love to attend the crop with three friends ! It’s been about five years since I have done the crop….pick me !!!!! Thank you for the opportunity.


    Been going for years to Dulles, Chantilly Virginia. This would mean a lot to me to win this!

  155. Mary Jane Swift says:

    I attended in Chantilly, VA last year with my two best cropping buddies. We plan to go back this year. This would be an awesome prize. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  156. Rosa D says:

    I really enjoy attending the crop (and shopping and taking classes) with my friends. Can’t wait for the Schaumburg Expo!

  157. Stephanie Rodgers says:

    OMG! The best prize all month, by far!!! I knew there was a reason I haven’t won yet! Now, I can win this! And the money we save can go to more shopping and classes!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  158. Angie G. says:

    What a wonderful prize, yes PLEASE! But even if I don’t win I’ll be there all weekend when you come Chantilly, Va.

  159. Sue Laurinec says:

    That would be so cool to win – shop and crop all at the same time – so fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. Sue McLean says:

    I think this is THE BEST prize I’ve seen on here! My daughter and I love the crops, we spend weeks preparing for them. Always do one with all three crops, usually the one in Sacramento. Thank you for the chance to win!

  161. Kathi Czeck says:

    I am ready! Love to spend time with my friends!! Would like to get a few more to come this year!!

  162. Judy Larson says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I am planning on attending the Expo with my card making friend and would like to win this and crop for a day.

  163. Jennifer Glidden says:

    Best giveaway ever! This will be my 6th year in a row attending in Orlando! Can’t wait!

  164. Susan D says:

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve been wanting to do the crop at the expo but haven’t as of yet!

  165. Lisa Reinsch says:

    Wow, you really saved the best for last! Thanks for giving us a month of fun things to do. Can’t wait for the expo. I already asked for time off work

  166. Paula S says:

    I agree!!….the Scrapbook Expo is amazingly fun and the staff are indeed very helpful and fun to be around. I can’t wait ? for April. ??

  167. Judy says:

    Hi, I am in Canada so driving to Puyallup for the Expo. Have never been before and not likely to attend ever again…………but so excited to be going this year. It was only a dream that is becoming a reality. YAHOO.

  168. Jackie Peduzzi says:

    I always attend the Expo but have never done the crops. It looks like sooooo much fun!!

  169. Annthea Gobel says:

    Can’t wait got the Puyallup scrapbook expo, would love to win , I love attending the crops

  170. Robin Stewart says:

    Stamp & Scrapbook EXPO is the best. I would love to spend time with Micayla Wiltron, Tracy Eng, and Tawny Bounds.

  171. Teresa Joyce says:

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity and the crops are so much fun! Can’t wait for the Puyallup show.

  172. Andrea Feltner says:

    Never been to a scrap expo. Just heard about it this past weekend at a crop retreat. Very excited about all the vendors!

  173. JoEllyn Silber says:

    My sister and I finally got our mother into scrapbooking! It would be amazing to get these crop tickets so we could take her to her very first crop! Please pick me!

  174. Linda Brady says:

    I have shopped at the Expo with friends for several years. Love it! My friends and I have never attended the crop. I would love to win these tickets and bring my friends to the crop. So generous of you!

  175. Kathy kuhnau says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! I’m so excited for a chance to win this!! It’s the best prize of the whole month!!! A chance to spend a weekend scraping with my 3 daughters!!! NOTHING better than that!!! Thank you!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  176. Tanya Mantle says:

    I would LOVE to win. I used to go to crop weekends with my mom and a couple friends and we haven’t been able to do it for a couple years. I need this!! thank you!

  177. Kim Kucharski says:

    Great view of the croppers! My friends and I attend 2-3 crops every year at the Expo. How great it would be to attend for free! Thanks for the month of giveaways. It was a fun way to get familiar with different products and companies. See you in Schaumburg…

  178. Jane Austin says:

    Love these crops with family, old friends and new. Met some amazing ladies last year. Look forward to this years crop. Thank you for the opportunity for this chance to win.

  179. Cheryl Baez says:

    Anxiously awaiting the release of the book so I can plan my wish list for April in Orlando! Love these events and can’t wait for you to come back to town! Winning this would be icing on the cake!

  180. Cathryn Constantino says:

    It would be so awesome to win! My girls love the expo and have been coming with me for the last few years.

  181. Bonnie Freckman says:

    I wanna win!!! I’m moving to Vegas (No Expos) in June and I’m flying back for Sacramento!! Pick me, Pick me!!

  182. Jessi Lambright says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!! Would love to win this great prize. Always crop at the Orlando Expo!! Would love to be able to do all three days!!

  183. AvaO says:

    Great prize. I have never been to one of your crop events at the Expo. This will be my 4th year at Chantilly, VA Expo and would love to get my crafty friends in for a great weekend!

  184. D Hill says:

    This would be outstanding! I would love to share this with family members who don’t have the extra money to go to the crop or expo! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  185. Stephanie O. says:

    I cannot wait for Expo in KC! I have 3 other friends going with me and we’d LOVE to win the crop givewaway. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  186. Robin Brown says:

    Wow what a wonderful gift to end the month of great give a ways. Cant wait for this years Expo. Keep on Craftin!

  187. Sherrie Bonaparte says:

    Our group of “happy scrappers” look forward to the Expo every year. In fact we wish it were more than once each year!

  188. Jackie says:

    Wow…love Expo crops!! Coming from the UK for the one in Orlando….would be awesome to win!!

  189. Deb S. says:

    I love the crops at the expo. Been going to them for many years! Would love to go again this year!

  190. Jessica Wachtman says:

    I would LOVE nothing more than this opportunity to continue my redound love of scrapbooking that I found at last year’s Denver expo.
    This year I plan to attend as many classes and crops as possible, but of course it always helps to get help with accomplishing that.
    I plan to attend in Denver this year again.

  191. Robin K says:

    I attended the Denver Expo firor the first time last year with a best friend, Robin, and my sis-in-law, Robin. Yep, 3 Robin’s!!. Wouldn’t it be a Hoot to have a 4 seat cropping “nest” for this year’s Expo so we get to experience that this year!!?

  192. Cheryl Karpel says:

    This would be really cool to win. I certainly know three lovely people that I haven’t seen in a while that I would take with me.

  193. Carol A says:

    Have never stayed for crops at S&SExpo-only for classes. Would love the opportunity to do so. Thanks for chance to win

  194. Desert Fire says:

    What a great prize! I can think of no better way to have a chick weekend than 3 days of crafting!!

  195. Linda Noble says:

    My SIL and I have attended in the past and always had a blast. Unfortunately we have attended in a few years and would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to win and share this time with her making great memories. Thank you for the chance.

  196. Linda Noble says:

    My SIL and I have attended in the past and always had a blast. Unfortunately we have not been able to attend in a few years and would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to win and share this time with her making great memories. Thank you for the chance.

  197. karen honeycutt says:

    What a wonderful gift to offer for some lucky attendees of this awesome event! I have not been able to attend one of the events for the past 2 years because I could not walk. I have my new hip and walking with a cane, so I am planning on attending the Expo in Duluth, Ga. This would be a awesome win for my friends and I. So anxious to attend this event. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  198. Karla Bauer says:

    I’m at Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton right now, waiting for my last class today! I would love to take friends to another Expo! Pick me…pick me!! Please 🙂 🙂 🙂

  199. Natalie G. says:

    Awww! This would be so awesomely fun to win! Making the expo a three day event sounds sooooo fun!

  200. Ila Reynolds says:

    What an awesume final drawing to end the month , it was an amazing month of truly outstanding gifts! I would love to win this so I could crop with my daughters, making more memories to scrapbook ?

  201. Julie Lounsberry says:

    Cropping at the Expo is one of my favorite things! Always so much fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  202. Super Stick Chick says:

    This is a fabulous prize! I’ve been going to a monthly crop with friends for years and would love to bring my group to your wonderful Expo for a crop party!

  203. Nancy Clark says:

    I would love to win this for my scrapbooking friends that introduced me to this wonderful hobby!

  204. Susan D says:

    This would be amazing to win and take some awesome girlfriends for a craft filled weekend!

  205. Sandi Schultz says:

    What an absolutely wonderful prize!! The crops are so much fun and would be great with friends! Thank you!! ?

  206. Diana Grimes says:

    We LOVE the Expos and can’t wait to get away for the weekend and crop with my “Scissor Sisters”. We have so much fun at the Crops.

  207. Toni McClellan says:

    I have always wanted to attend an Expo, this would be great to finally get the chance!!

  208. Maryann Thrash says:

    I would love to win this so my sisters and I can go in August in Santa Clara. It would be so much fun!

  209. Michelle Manco says:

    I would LOVE to win the 4 pack of tickets to the Akron Stamp & Scrapbook EXPO in October. I have 3 friends that he never had an opportunity to attend an EXPO for one reason or another. If I WIN it would be my pleasure to bring these fine ladies to the GREATEST PLACE in the World in the mind of a CRAFTER! I can’t wait to surprise them with this wonderful GIFT! ? sharing what we love with Family & Friends. Thank you! Michelle

  210. Bibiana Hassan says:

    Would love love love this! My mom and I have made this an annual mother-daughter weekend. We have taken classes and the the mega make and take but have not attended a crop yet! Would love to this year!

  211. Karen says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! So super awesome of a giveaway . I am sure I could find some friends who would love to attend.LOL

  212. Margaret Boyd says:

    I would LOVE to win this! We don’t get any scrapbook conventions or Expos in our area any more and I miss it so much!

  213. Brenda L says:

    What a great way to introduce friends to STamp and Scrapbook Expo. Someone is going to get a great weekend with friends or family. Thanks Scrapbook Expo.

  214. Betty Myers says:

    Hi, I would appreciate winning tickets for the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo! My scrapping buddies and I already have our reservations made for the long weekend and are anxious to book our classes!!

  215. Becky says:

    My girls friends and I just the Big Make n take and everything at the scrapbook expo we have gone every year. I would love to win?

  216. Lynda Mazza says:

    That would be so amazing!!! How fun and how generous of you for that! Can’t wait for the Orlando Show??

  217. Sharon Pharms says:

    I only attended one crop before, in my lifetime … and, it was only for one night. It would be exciting to experience what goes on in a crop, that lasts 3 days! Thank you, for the opportunity to win.


    P.S. I love seeing the crop pic that shows a child participating! Yes, children are the future for, even, crafting! ❤️

  218. Debbie Schuldt says:

    Would love this last prize of the month. What a great ending. Looking forward to the expo.

  219. Lauri Buck says:

    We were just talking about how much we like the crop at the expo, so I would love to share this prize with a friend.

  220. Erica castrita says:

    I would love to win this for my family and myself. I usually go with my sister in law and aunt and this year one of my other aunts was thinking of joining us. I’d love to be able to tell that that we won tickets for a table on all 3 crop nights.

  221. Rhoda says:

    I’m bringing a new scrap booker to this years expo. She has no idea how exciting, and thrilling this will be for her and me too as it has become an annual event for me and several friends. I’m ready now!

  222. Lea Joy says:

    ME please! This would be such an awesome thing to win for me and my scrap pals. We come. Every year to the Duluth Expo.

  223. Deborah Dvorak says:

    I could finally check it done on my wanting to do list! (But of course go more than once)!

  224. Elizabeth Lantzer says:

    I loving going to the expo each and every year! It is a way for me to learn new ideas and ways to step up my crafting game! Not only that but the friends I have made at the expo are amazing!! I look forward to going back to not just crafting but to catch up with them! Winning tickets would be amazing!!

  225. Victoria Jimenez says:

    I would love to win the crop tickets and share them with 3 friends. I longer going to the expo year after year!

  226. Gabriella Rollins says:

    I’ve attended Expo for 4 years, Anaheim and Ontario with friends and sisters-in-law. We do the crops and workshops, and always have such a great time! Would love to win tickets!

  227. Debbie Grott says:

    I can’t wait for the Expo we go to the one in Schaumburg and have a great time would love free tickets , leaves more money for shopping ?

  228. Debbie Grott says:

    I can’t wait for the Expo we go to the one in Schaumburg and have a great time would love free tickets , leaves more money for shopping ? Wow I said that already ??

  229. Tammy H says:

    Just had a fantastic three days and nights at the Pleasanton Expo with Mom, sister and friend. Would love a chance to do it again by winning these tickets!

  230. Patricia Carrillo says:

    I would love to attend so I can bring my friends . We would love to create layouts, cards, and anything that inspires to create.

  231. Denise ojeda says:

    My little girl and I always attend the expo it’s become a daughter and momy bonding time
    Can’t wait for this year ????

  232. Sandy K says:

    Wow, this prize would help me get my scrappin buddies together again after a long hiatus. Love SSE’s!

  233. Marie B. says:

    What a fabulous find so many years ago–and I keep coming back! Would love to win and be able to save some money for shopping!

  234. Marla henry says:

    This is my yearly get away weekend. I so look forward to the convention every year. It would be a dream come true to win this!

  235. Celia Laguna De Flores says:

    Looking forward to attending the Santa Clara Expo. If I win the tickets, it would be awesome!

  236. Lauren G says:

    What an awesome prize, I’m sure I’d get a lot of pages completed and hopefully get caught up if I won.

  237. Elise Esparza says:

    I’d love to win this prize! Please consider me and 3 of my most creative gal pals for a fabulous weekend of creating, crafting, purchasing, and of course bonding!

  238. Barbara Hinrichsen says:

    Would’t Miss this. We love going and spending time with our scrap peeps. It’s an amazing adventure to spend time doing what you love in a wonderful place and we love all the staff who make us laugh and are so friendly. With so many stores going out of business it is out haven. I know how much work it is but know how appreciated we are. See ya soon !

  239. Joeann lanham says:

    Planning on Orlando scrap and would really be blessing to win , I’m seventy seven years old and money doesn’t flow like it used to but I love the scraps and mostly my vacation little get aways. So blessings to winners whoever ,,and enjoy?

  240. Tammy L says:

    My favorite weekend getaway is Scrapbook Expo. I don’t usually crop so this would be a super treat!

  241. Debbie says:

    Would love to win free tickets for 2018!!
    How would I use them you ask?
    Excellent chance to introduce this great event to some of my crafting friends who have never attended. ?

  242. Donna fish says:

    Been coming in the St. Charles schaumberg events for years. Would love to win this so I have more funds for shopping!

  243. Carole Fiske says:

    I attend the Expo in Orlando every year with my daughter. Would love to include the crop this year.

  244. Beverly Pohl says:

    We had so much fun at the crops in Duluth, GA last year for our first Expo! Can’t wait to do it all again this year!

  245. Brandi S. Oliver says:

    Would love to win tix! Have been to a few but it’s been a while. Great Expo and a Blast with Friends!!!

  246. Robin Hume says:

    I would love to win these tickets!! I have been going to the Expo for over 10 years. I’ve been to the San Diego, Ontario, Costa Mesa & Anaheim expos. Going to the Pomona one in April. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  247. Dianne Tumlin says:

    I am planning on attending Expo in Duluth, GA. Winning these tickets would just make my scrapbooking experience PERFECT!

  248. Beth K says:

    This prize is wonderful! I’ve been going to the Expo for awhile now and love everything about it, the people, classes and vendors!

  249. Kathy says:

    This is an amazing prize I’d love to win. The Scrapbook Expo crops are so fun! Being able to bring friends along makes this the best ever! Love how scrapbooking is a great social time and this prize shows the Expo knows this. Thanks for an awesome ending!

  250. Carrie Freeman says:

    I love going to the Make & Take Extravaganza each year with my daughter. We have been attending EXPO together for the past 5 years (she’s 9) and it’s a great time for making memories together, that we can scrapbook later. I would love to win this prize.

  251. Fanchon Henneberger says:

    So excited to learn about this show several years ago. Had not been to anything but a demonstrator party before that. My world and perspective has grown. Would love to take what I’ve learned to the next level! ???

  252. Lynne Tew says:

    I would love to win! I can’t wait to go check out all of the old and new products to try

  253. Lori Littlefield says:

    I need a getaway from work! This would be awesome! My friends and I would love to scrap all weekend

  254. Mindi Penrod says:

    I have never attended an Expo show, since the closest one is in Arlington, but I would LOVE to go. I’m starting to plan out attending this year and it would be the first time ever that I drive outside of Houston for a scrapbooking event. I’d love to make some new friends!

  255. Christy says:

    I love the scrapbook expo and it keeps getting better year after year. I would so love this giveaway since I haven’t cropped this big since my 2 year old was born. Oh how I miss it.

  256. Kerri Pfund says:

    I’m so new at a lot of this but I have made some great new friends who are teaching me. This would be a great thank you gift form them helping me out.

  257. Liz says:

    I just returned from a fabulous weekend at the Pleasanton crop and show and am already looking forward to Santa Clara and Sacramento. Winning would be an amazing treat for our crafty group.

  258. Luann D'Ambrosi says:

    I’ve never been to a crop event. I would love to experience it with all of you. What an incredible opportunity this would be.

  259. Deborah Simpkinson says:

    My bestie and I have been visiting Expos for over ten years, but, have never done a crop. It looks amazing!

  260. Sue hollahan says:

    What an incredible chance-would love to win this & invite friends to come with me! Thank you & look forward to the crop in grapevine

  261. Cathie Froese says:

    It would be such a dream come true to attend one of your weekends! What a fabulous opportunity to win a weekend! Thank you! My fingers are sooo crossed!

  262. Kara Q says:

    My son and I attended the Akron expo for past few years. We haven’t been to the crop. Hopefully plan on going to Schaumburg this year. This prize would be great for us to attend a crop.

  263. BarbaraM says:

    Always going to the expo when I can with friends! Just did Pleasanton…so much fun! The day went by fast!

  264. KAREN J. CHESTER says:

    The crop at the scrapbook show looks like so much fun. Wish you had one in my city, Las Vegas, or at least within a two hour drive. Thanks for including all of us who only post in on the fun.

  265. Robin McIlvenna says:

    Cropping time with three peeps and Expo classes and shopping sounds fabulous!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  266. Tammy White says:

    Haven’t attended a crop before; only shopped & volunteered! Would love the chance to try it out! Great gift!

  267. Carrie says:

    Be still my beating heart! I can only imagine the thumping that will be going on if I win this. Mesa AZ here I come!

  268. Sara Legleiter says:

    What an awesome prize!! I would invite the young lady who is 77 years old and commented earlier in this section.

  269. Barbara Tustin says:

    I love the Scrapbook Expo and was just trying to see if I can get to more than two this year!! Fun times ahead.

  270. Sarah J says:

    OH.MY.GAH….?. Amazing prize giveaway!! I would love to win this for my mom. We’ve come to the weekend event 2 years now and never attended the crop and I think this will be the year for us and a couple friends to snag a table for the crops. Good luck to all and congrats to whoever wins this! This is awesome! ?? ?

  271. Diann White says:

    My Mother, 2 sisters and I would love it if I won. Can you guess who the four would be?

  272. Arlene Savarese says:

    I would love to be with my best friends and have an awesome time to share creativity together! Thank you for the possibility!!

  273. Shannon Corbin says:

    Oh my word! I don’t have 4 friends going with me, but I’d love to give the extras to new friends!! ? This would be amazing to win. I can’t wait for June 1-2!!

  274. Robin Bennett says:

    Oh my!!! By winning 4 crop tickets, that would free up more money for us to spend on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WINNING!!!!!!!

  275. Konni Andis says:

    2017 was my first stamp and scrapbook expo, but I plan on it being a yearly event! I would love to have friends with me this year!

  276. Mandy Bachelor says:

    I go every year! I love being around other crafters who understand my “hoarding experiences”, haha.

  277. TJ ANDREZZE says:

    Winning the crop tickets would be amazing!
    My small group of friends just “love” the expos. Most of my immediate friends had to face many hardships financially this yr.
    Winning would be a beautiful gift to pay it forward.

  278. Yadira says:

    This would be a dream come true!!! My friends and I drool over the crop every year at the expos, so winning this would be awesome!!! Thank you Scrapbook Expo for letting some lucky winners enjoy this amazing experience!

  279. Penny says:

    I can’t imagine a greater gift for the new friends I made at last year’s crop. They took me in and and made me feel welcomed, like I belong. Wish I could afford to buy this for them.

  280. Maryann Saevre says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. It would be great to win. I take my granddaughter every year and other family members go. It would be awesome. Thanks.

  281. maureen says:

    I would love to win a weekend crop! I’ve been attending the shows regularly for years and love them. I just had surgery and had to cancel a crop I’d been planning on attending because of it. That made me very sad. Winning would improve my mood enormously!!!! Thanks for consderation.

  282. Michele Wilson says:

    Awesome prize that I would love to share with my 3 Peeps. We always attend the Schaumburg show. This would give us more shopping money!

  283. Maria says:

    Would love to win and take a few lady crafting friends of mine!! We used to do Santa Clara , a gift our boss would give us. He has passed away and would be nice to reminisce the good old days!!!!

  284. Angie B says:

    Greetings! I would love to win these crop tickets! There are four of us who get together monthly and scrapbook- I would love to treat these ladies to the EXPO crop for our July gathering.

  285. marcelle says:

    I have never been to a crop event. What a great way to experience it! Jump start creative ideas.

  286. Penny Walker says:

    Wow this would be awesome to win. Thank you for the chance to win. Can’t wait for the registration to open. Looking forward to seeing the workshops for Denver CO.

  287. Ronni Decicio says:

    OMGosh!! What an Awesome prize!!! Thank you for your Generosity with this giveaway. I SURE hope I WIN!!!

  288. Carolyn Young says:

    Pinch me!! This would be a dream. This will be my first year that I am able to not only shop, but to crop with my friends who have been coming for many years. I would love to be able to ‘gift’ them with a crop weekend!! So looking forward to the weekend so much!

  289. Denise Evans says:

    So much fun! I have 3 friends who would love to come with me! Have never done this and would be so excited to have this special time with friends for an entire weekend! Thank you!!

  290. Debi Sell says:

    This would be so amazing to win! Just think of all the pages I could get done and spend time with friends. Thanks for the chance to win!

  291. Shirley Markuson says:

    I have sisters I could take with me to the crop it would be a great I’m of sharing , fun and lots of laughter.

  292. Christine Harris says:

    I would love to take a few of my friends to scrapbook expo for the crop. So far, I have only attended the show to buy product and would love the opportunity to crop there with supplies so convenient to purchase. Thanks for the opportunity !

  293. Cinthia Priest says:

    I would want to win this so that I could invite 3 new people to the Expo. I know of some gals that scrapbook lone wolf (like me), and this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce them to all the wonderful activities and vendors at the Expo! Maybe they’ll want to make it an annual get-together!!

  294. Patricia Allison says:

    I have volunteered to help at two crops in the past, but now I am ready to join in! So much fun! Thanks for the chance!

  295. Kris Blankenship says:

    Winning this prize would be amazing! We cannot wait to attend the orlando expo & will be there for the entire duration.

  296. Serenity Murtagh says:

    Best prize EVER!!! My girls and I attend Every year, what a great win to have more pla