The Wandering Planner’s Meet Up

The Wandering Planner's Meet Up by Tina Kenyer for @scrapbookexpo #ssbe2018 #wanderingplanners #ssbeblog #plannergirl #plannermeetup

Have you been wondering just what goes on at the Wandering Planner Meet Up Well, I am going to show you today!

After you check in at our will-call table you will receive one of our Wandering Planner Badges. Look how cute this badge is! It is full of planner icons.

Along with the badge we give you an exclusive location sticker to put on the back. This badge is from our Southern California Meet Up.

After you are checked in with your badge then the fun stuff comes! Are you ready to get a Planner Parcel? What exactly is a Planner Parcel you ask? It is a bag that you receive filled to the brim with planner goodies. Check out that planner bag!  It is big enough to fit your planner items, and it’s clear so you can see exactly what you have.

After you have found a spot to sit, I bet you are ready to go through that Planner Parcel, huh? Most likely it will take you a little bit… but once you are done you are back up and make a b-line of the “Customs” area. What is the Customs area? It is a place where you can customize your planner, or your traveler’s notebook.

The Customs area allows you to make dashboards, planner clips, shaker dashboards, TN covers and more! We let you play with the laminators, Fuse tool, Sizzix Big Shot die cut machine, Cutterpillar cutting tool, and lots more. If you’ve never made any of those things before? Awesome! We will show you how! After you have laminated until your hearts content move on down the line to our “Stamp Bar” and stamp in your planner or traveler’s notebook with some local love stamps.

When you are all done and have created the best planner spread ever move on over to our Planner #Selfie boxes and take the best pictures of them all!  We will have our Planner #Selfie boxes for you to take pictures of all your planner goodies or your planner itself. The picture below is from our planner meet up in Irving, Texas, where the Planner #Selfie box had a line to use them!

In the photo below our California friend takes a picture of her favorite planner spread. See how the Planner #Selfie boxes work?

Now after you have visited our Customs area, and you have photographed all of your planner spreads in our Planner #Selfie boxes, it is time to sit down make some friends and work in your planners!

Everyone needs a little time to work in their planner. So work away in your planner!

Do you like to swap?  What are swaps you ask?  They are little things that you can use in your planner that you make a whole bunch of and “swap” them with others at the meet up. If you look up the hashtag #plannerswaps or #swaps you can see what awesome things people make to swap.  All of these planners behind the sign are swapping!  It is like adult trick or treating!!  It’s one of my favorite parts of the meet up!!

We do have a traveling swap box that travels from meet up to meet up all across the United States. In that box you can take a swap and leave a swap. Make sure you put where you are from so we can see just how far this swap traveled to get to you. It is so much fun to look through the traveling box.

Shopping? Did someone say shopping? At the Wandering Planner Meet Up some locations will have exclusive vendors to shop from inside the meet up itself. At some locations we will have lots of various planner vendors to shop from on the Scrapbook Expo show floor. You receive a free entry ticket onto the show floor with your Wandering Planner registration. Here is a vendor we had in our meet up for the planner meet up attendees to shop from.

Not only can you shop the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo, and our exclusive vendors but you can shop with us the Wandering Planners!  We have special location love stamp that will be perfect in your planner or you traveler’s notebook. Speaking of traveler’s notebook we have our very own!  It is made with the highest quality paper so you can stamp right on it, and its embossed with our logo on the back. We also have special location stickers, flair buttons and more!

Throughout the meet up we are giving out prize after prize after prize!  We have very generous sponsors that have donated lots of prizes to be given away!  Everyone loves prizes right?

Don’t forget to stop by our photo booth and use our location props for lots of perfect pictures!

But really now, whats a planner meet up without a planner stack picture??

And that’s how we host a Wandering Planner Meet Up!  Do you want to come now? We would love to have you join us at one! Visit us at and check out all the locations we will be at this year. Hope to see you there!

~tina from the Wandering Planners

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