What’s In My Planner Travel Bag

How many of you travel with your planner/memory keeping supplies? I do, since I travel a TON. Michelle here today to share with you how I travel all over the US and am still able to plan on planes and in hotel rooms and everywhere in between. It starts off with having a little bit of organization along with some cute bags. Since I mostly travel on planes, I have my backpack or a rolling tote and both slide under the seat in front of me. I usually switch off between both of them. Today I will share my backpack because it’s a planner’s dream bag.

This JuJu Be diaper bag is the BEST! It is Teflon protected and since it spends time on the floor of many airplanes, it’s completely washable. It has pockets galore and plenty of room to store my supply bag, planners, traveler’s notebook, and all my personal stuff.

That’s my work planner, personal planner, traveler’s notebook, pen roll, and supply case.

This supply case is amazing! I will admit I have gone through a few that have not worked out perfectly. This was designed as a cosmetic travel bag and has a spot for everything. Let’s take everything out and I will show you what I mean.

When I travel with my supplies, whether for work or for a meet-up, this is my go-to bag. I usually take a few days to re-organize it so that I know what I will need on the go. I always have my TSA friendly scissors, a mini trimmer, stickers {lot’s}, my washi sample book, adhesive, ephemera, mini photo printer, stamps, and a few inks. All that fits in the bag! I think my hardest part is the stamps since I have so many and LOVE them all. So now instead of taking all of them, I pull the ones I know I will use and add them to a clear CD case. What’s nice about the case is if I forget a block I can always use the case instead. My washi sample book is just a business card holder that I added strips of washi to, on the plastic. It’s perfect because you really only need a little bit of washi versus a whole roll. I also have my favorite pens in a leather roll case.

You can use anything for your pens; I used to put them in a bag until I recently invested in the pen roll. I have my .38 pens to write on my washi tape and the colored pencils I use to cross off things on my to-do list. I like colored pencils versus highlighters since they are much softer looking.  I always carry 6×9 paper bags for all my memorabilia.

This is something I have always done as a scrapbooker/memory keeper. When you are traveling, collecting stuff is a must. Going places is also a must. So at night when I am back in my room, I take out a bag and write where I went and what I did, sometimes what I ate and if I liked it, and then I put the date on it and add in my stuff. It has worked out wonderfully because then when I am home it is all there for me to scrapbook and I even have notes. I highly recommend getting in this habit; you will love having everything all in one place. I will use a bag for 1-2 days and then start with a new one. My last trip was long and I didn’t get out much to sightsee, so everything fit in one bag.

That is my planning on the go! What do you use to travel and plan? Maybe you have a magic bag or solution, I would love to know. I look forward to meeting all of you this year at our Wandering Planners Meet-up!

-Wandering Planners


15 thoughts on “What’s In My Planner Travel Bag

  1. Betty says:

    Hi Michelle!!! oh my, thank you so much for sharing your system. I have been looking for ideas for my planning on the go and this is so helpful to hear it from the Pro! off to go looking for that cosmetic travel case! xo!

    • Michelle Hill says:

      Yes, a must lol.. even with pre-check every now and then its my printer that gets me stopped..ha ha

    • Michelle Hill says:

      You are fine with TSA, the scissors are travel ones and the trimmer is a mini so it’s never a problem..If by chance it EVER is I always have a spare trimmer blade in my checked luggage .. hope that helps..

  2. AvaO says:

    I’m going to have to look for that cosmetic bag! Thanks for the 6×9 bag idea. I’ve usually used a small notebook or list. My memorabilia normally gets thrown in with all the other things I collected on my trip and sometimes maps and other papers get damaged. This is really a great idea. Can’t wait to see y’all in Chantilly, VA!

    • Michelle Hill says:

      I LOVE having the bags when I get back, I tried zip lock ones a long time ago but the sharpie comes off and it’s a mess, so paper is the way to go. I also look forward to meeting YOU!!

  3. Kim Kucharski says:

    Thanks for the advice. I always wondered how to take my supplies with. Now I know! What are TSA scissors and where can i get them?

  4. April Morris says:

    Thank you for sharing. Your organization strategies and tips helped me focus on a few immediate actions to take. THANKS!

  5. Tish Schneider says:

    Thank you for sharing! I love these ideas. I don’t travel by plane much but my husband and I go in our RV a lot during the summer so a lot of these tips can be used there too! (Space is a premium in an RV. ) Where did you get the mini trimmer and what is your little printer called? I’ve never seen either of these before and want to know more!

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