24 Days of Christmas – Day Nine with Pink & Main

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Hello and welcome back fellow crafters!! Sean here to share with you our ninth day of the 24 Days of Christmas countdown!! I’m soo excited to be doing this with you, hopefully it’ll get you into the Christmas spirit!! It certainly has for me!! Our ninth day of 24 Days of Christmas is Sponsored by Pink & Main!!!



About our Sponsor

Here at Pink and Main we enjoy living a creative life and invite you to join us! We design and sell high-quality photopolymer stamps and thin metal dies in fun, cute, and whimsical styles. We also have 6×6 paper pads, embellishments, and a monthly card kit too. Our hope is that creating with our products brings a smile to your face and some joy to your heart. Keep living the creative life!

Pink & Main is generously offering our readers a 15% off discount! Use code: 24DAYS before January 31, 2020. Ready?? Set….SHOP!!!!

About Their Products:


About the Prize:

I can’t tell you what it is….seriously, I have NO idea! It’s a SURPRISE!!!! But I know you will love it!!!!

Want to win it??? Leave a comment below and let me know when you start decorating for Christmas! I usually do the second week of November! I know it’s early, but I love Christmas so much that I want to experience it for as long as possible!!


Make sure you leave your comment before 2pm Eastern tomorrow! The winner will be announced on the very next post!!




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We love our International guests soo much, but due to the fact that we hi-light small business’, physical prizes can only be shipped to the US. Digital prizes are for everyone!


Winner of 24 Days of Christmas posts will have 2 weeks to email back to claim their prize.


Yesterday Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L was our sponsor and the very winner of that awesome prize is…


Congratulations! I will email the winner with “24 Days of Christmas Winner” in the subject line.

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for 24 Days of Christmas!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell me when you start decorating for Christmas before tomorrow at 2pm Eastern!!

I’ll be back tomorrow to announce the winner AND I’ll have another awesome prize up for grabs. Merry Christmas!!

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210 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas – Day Nine with Pink & Main

      • Sandra Haines says:

        I’m like you Sean, I try and get the decorating done before Thanksgiving, since I have family over for Thanksgiving that can’t make it back for Christmas some years. Now it has just become normal to enjoy it a little longer!

    • Cindy Grotz says:

      We always go to the Christmas tree farm and chop down our tree on the day after Thanksgiving. We started this when our boys were young but it works even better now that we have to coordinate with college breaks!

  1. Heather says:

    Growing up, my mother collected Santas so we never had a time with no Christmas decorating, so I find myself waiting until the week before to actually decorate. But, I leave them up until the middle of January.

    • Dorothy says:

      Usually I decorate on the first Saturday in December but this year I was joking around with my granddaughter about keeping the tree up all year and decorating it for each months holiday or season. She took it to heart so we had a Halloween tree, thanksgiving tree and now a christmas tree. We plan to keep it up all year.


    We’re not decorating this year. We’re going to spend the holiday with my mom in her nursing home. We did put out our Christmas mat and wreath on the door. Usually we decorate the first weekend AFTER Black Friday. 🙂

    • Eleanor Fleck says:

      I like surprises. I know this giveaway will be great. Decorate around the 10th of December for a month.

  3. Sandy G. says:

    I put out a few holiday touches in early December. But what really gets me in the spirit is holiday decorations at the malls, on the main streets of nearby towns and lights around the neighborhood. Magical!!

  4. Amy Kainu says:

    I like to decorate for Christmas three weekend after Thanksgiving, but with my busy schedule, it doesn’t always happen.

  5. Staci U. says:

    Officially, I start decorating immediately following Thanksgiving. Unofficially, I start the moment my husband doesn’t complain when I bring out a Christmas decoration box, which is usually around the second/third week of November (I usually start testing the waters a week or two before that).

  6. Terrie D. says:

    These cards are lovely! I usually start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but this year we started decorating yesterday. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Cathy O says:

    I usually start the weekend before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the Christmas season for as long as possible.

  8. Joan Howaniec says:

    I usually start the Friday after Thanksgiving but it this year my granddaughters wanted to help so we put up the tree the week before and had a very Merry Thanksgiving!

  9. Sondra M says:

    As soon as Thanksgiving is over and find the Christmas stuff. As it get messed up with all the scrapbook supplies.

  10. Susan Malone says:

    I start bringing everything out the beginning of November to organize… and put up middle of November!

  11. Karthikha Uday says:

    I love Pink & Main products!! Their puzzle die is my fav 🙂 We don’t celebrate Christmas, so no decorations as such. I love to make cards and gift my friends who celebrate 🙂

    • Tammy Johnson-Janow says:

      I haven’t started decorating yet and don’t have a specific time. Usually just when I can fit in my schedule.

  12. Cathy Rendek says:

    I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I like to have it up so I can enjoy all my beautiful decorations!

  13. Denise Bryant says:

    I just love Pink & Main! Awesome designs!
    I’m a last-minute kinda gal, so I usually do it all in December! Have not started yet this year. Was hoping to get the tree up today, but it is looking doubtful! I need hubby to bring it in for me and he isn’t feeling well. 🙁

  14. Lori says:

    The day after thanksgiving the tree goes up and is decorated! The rest are f the house gets decorated in its own good time. Lol.

  15. Diane Brinckman says:

    I am usually done all Christmas decorating and all gifts bought and wrapped by Nov 1st… so I don’t have to stress around the Holidays.. this year most gifts were hand made by me….

  16. Barry Snarr says:

    Decorating starts after Thanksgiving. We put up 8 trees! And I love it along with garlands and house lights. Our house is quite festive during this season

  17. Cynthia C. says:

    I don’t decorate or watch any Christmas movies or listen to Christmas music until December 1st. November belongs to Thanksgiving and December is for Christmas!!!!

  18. Stephanie Borowicz says:

    Normally I start the day after Thanksgiving. The last 2 years I had the house decorated before Thanksgiving. Last year because our son was to be deployed. This year I had the deacon’s December lunch meeting. I thought there was a week between Thanksgiving and the first Sunday in December.

  19. Kathy Dippner says:

    I decorate after Thanksgiving. It’s the way my husband and I were raised so that’s the tradition we keep going.

    • Brenda says:

      We generally decorate between Thanksgiving and the first weekend in December. Surprise me with anything from Pink and Main, I love all of their stuff.

  20. Amanda says:

    Inside decorating starts the day after Thanksgiving. Outdoor lights go up on the nicest weather day around Thanksgiving.

  21. Anne Crawford says:

    I really try to wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to start decorating. I just don’t want Christmas prep to keep creeping earlier and earlier into the Fall. Let me get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first! That said, I do love getting out in December and looking at all the beautiful holiday light displays!

    • Holly Klingensmith says:

      December 1st is when I start to decorate, but crafting my decorations starts much earlier.

  22. Theresa says:

    Our new tradition is to decorate on Black Friday. I want to avoid the stores that day, so it’s something fun to do and we don’t have to leave the house.

  23. Tanya says:

    I usually have decorating nearly complete by Thanksgiving with the exception being the dining room table. It gets heavily used on Thanksgiving so I do the table the following Sunday.

  24. Karla H. says:

    I start decorating Thanksgiving weekend. As a teacher, it is a long weekend, so I can do a good cleaning and decorate all at the same time.

  25. Kim says:

    I generally begin in earnest the day after Thanksgiving, but there is a little something Christmasy in each room of my home all year long.

  26. Karen Lingel says:

    My little nephew stayed overnight on Thanksgiving and he wanted to decorate the next day. (I usually decorate sometime the weekend after Thanksgiving.) He was so helpful! And he had fun, which was the important part. Thanks for the opportunity to win the surprise package!

  27. gabriella rollins says:

    Pink & Main has such great products! I start decorating after Thanksgiving. It takes me a while to put away the fall decorations!

  28. Retha Craig says:

    I had planned to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving but I finally got it up on the Sunday after. This year the tree is going to be our only decorating because of foot surgery.

  29. bjksnd says:

    I begin on the first Sunday of Advent and add a little more each week. Also the prize package willbe great, I’m sure!

  30. Jessica Green says:

    I love to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I love it! We listen to Christmas music and drink hot cocoa. My daughter loves it!

  31. Becca Yahrling says:

    I start the day after Thanksgiving! We don’t get much of a Fall here in So. FL, so I like to celebrate Fall at least thru Thanksgiving. And I love Pink & Main and I loooove surprises!!

  32. Donna Sue says:

    I love these cards… Especially the pretty snowflakes. I start decorating Thanksgiving weekend and work on it all week.

  33. Carrie B. says:

    I always decorate right after Thanksgiving (but never before). I usually take then back down before New Years

  34. Marie-Elaine Walker says:

    I start decorating on the first week of Christmas!!!! I want to start on Black Friday. Just because I could get more help with decorating while family are visiting!!

  35. Kelli Cook says:

    I love my fall decorations so I leave them up until Thanksgiving Day. I generally put up my Christmas tree Thanksgiving night then he rest of decor gets added the Friday after Thanksgiving when my shopping done.

  36. Mary Beth West says:

    A surprise prize? How fun! The samples in the post are positively gorgeous. We are late decorators, got most things done today, next up — stockings and a tree.

  37. Robin H says:

    Anything from Pink & Main would be a great prize, a surprise from them would be awesome! I do my decorating mid- November, it takes me a couple weekends to get it all done.

  38. Diane Simons says:

    I earnestly try to start decorating by the 1st week of December. But, sometimes don’t get done until the 2nd weekend!!!!!!

  39. Jen Groskreutz says:

    We try to start the weekend after Thanksgiving, but had a little earlier head start this year when my 8-year-old niece wanted to help a few weeks ahead of time. I couldn’t say no!

    • Maryellen Webber says:

      I haven’t started decorating yet. I just finished making some Christmas presents, so now I will have time to decorate and finish up my Christmas shopping. ?️

  40. Carol McClure says:

    The cards look fabulous, I would love to win this prize. My home inside and out is done by Thanksgiving. We decorate the tree after dinner.

  41. Tiff H. says:

    Sunday after Thanksgiving, as Saturday is reserved for cutting down the Christmas Tree in the mountains!

  42. Mary Holshouser says:

    I start decorating on Friday after thanksgiving.
    The lights outside go on Dec 1. Everything
    usually comes down before New Year’s.
    Love Pink and Main. thanks

  43. Janet Rivera says:

    Once I feel the Christmas spirit, I decorate. I used to wait till after thanksgiving, but this year I decorated early.

  44. Maite says:

    now that I read the guideline 😛 I haven’t decorated yet…. we moved down to Florida this year and have all my christmas decorations packed and don’t know where….. I am planning to tackle that garage next weekend and decorate. both my husband and I love decorating for christmassss

  45. Valerie Zangle says:

    I used to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate. The last 2 years, I have started decorating mid-November and got to enjoy it longer!

  46. Lillian says:

    I decorate for the holidays after I take off the fall decor. Since it snowed early this year, the decorations went up earlier than usual I make most of my own decorations

  47. Heidi Mattessich says:

    The weekend after Thanksgiving we start with the outdoor lights and tree and finish the indoors by the end of the next week.

  48. Wendy Smith says:

    the week end after Thanksgiving, is when I aim to start, but usually I end up starting a couple of weeks after that.

  49. Beth Williams says:

    I am a late bloomer! this year will be worse than usual. Changing up our decor theme-go dachshunds. But hubby home recuperating from surgery-so it’s going slowly. Pink & Main one of my very favorite companies. Inspirational oroducts and owner!

  50. Rebecca says:

    We usually wait until the schools go on Christmas break–too much going on before then to enjoy the process!

  51. Jenny K says:

    Thanksgiving well after dinner. I make my kids and nephews decorate outside and pull the tree from the basement. Anyone that complains gets thank you Auntie Jenny (Momma) for that fabulous dinner you worked hard on!! 🙂 lol


    Pink and Main is my all-time favorite company! I love this prize! My birthday is December 7th so we usually do not decorate until at least December 8th. or the weekend closest to it afterward. To make up for the time we keep our tree up an extra week in January. 🙂

  53. Sarah J says:

    Usually after we get home from thanksgiving travels. But my husband procrastinates on the lights until about a week and a half before Christmas……when I finally get really mad at him!!! Lol!

  54. PHYLLIS DUNN says:

    I usually start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. But I never seem to finish! I keep adding things…
    Thanks for this contest.

  55. Carol B says:

    I love a good surprise!

    I start decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving because I try to keep each holiday separate.

    Carol B

  56. Susan Ott says:

    Thanks for the chance to win the surprise!! We decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I love having the decorations up for a long time too!

  57. Diane Roberson says:

    I begin the day after Thanksgiving and try to have it all done before that next Monday. Some years it doesn’t work that way!!


    My Christmas cards go out on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and my decorations go up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Love the Pink! Thank you!

  59. Tracy L says:

    no time to decorate………….too busy making Christmas cards…………wrapping gifts……….entering all these fantastic contests !

  60. Stacy Eatmon says:

    Well I’m the one in the neighborhood that everyone makes fun of! It’s an on going joke that when the door open for the trick or treater they get to see the Christmas tree being put up… oops! I’m just VERY slow and we love the Christmas season! Merry Christmas y’all and thank you to pink and main!

  61. TyLinda Sherrod says:

    I actually don’t decorate for the holidays. My parents married Christmas day so the holidays look different. I make cards (about 150), make or buy gifts, and lots of baking!

    When I worked in residential housing I would cook for the students unable to go home.

  62. Vicki M. says:

    These days I try to decorate on Dec 1st if possible. I like having the decorations up for a full month.

  63. Karen L K says:

    We usually decorate around the first of December but this year has been a bit off with Thanksgiving so late in the month. Today it started with the tree.

  64. Julie says:

    We start after Thanksgiving. Doing very little this year because we will be out of town celebrating with our daughters.

  65. Heather Bastian says:

    I prefer the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s getting where I need more time to get the whole house decorated. Perhaps ill have to start at the beginning of November next year.

  66. cathy thomas says:

    I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, it’s such a beautiful time of year. i want it to last as long as I can?

  67. Shauna B says:

    My children say I’m not allowed to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving and that it’s rude to the turkey to do it any earlier. Respect the turkey mom. Respect the turkey.

  68. SHartl says:

    We start decorating on the 1st of December with our Elf on a Shelf, and then buy our tree in the second week. The tree is all set up this weekend, and decorating it takes a couple of days because my kids love to do it.

  69. Kim Marie Leach says:

    Life is pretty crazy, so we usually don’t leave time for decorating until the week before! We usually get our real tree on Christmas eve! Of course it stays up with all the decorations until after my son’s birthday on January 30! 🙂

  70. Kim Knowles says:

    A surprise package! Love it! Oh, I definitely do NOT have a set time frame! The only rule I do follow is no Christmas until after the Thanksgiving weekend.

  71. Lisa H says:

    We get the tree up the 1st weekend after Thanksgiving. The ornaments? That’s another story. Waiting for our daughter to get home from college or she would be sad

  72. Charis Young says:

    We usually don’t decorate until the second week/weekend in December because I like to wait until after our last craft show. Thanks for the great surprise!

  73. Dawn Simpson says:

    Traditionally it would be after Thanksgiving. Next year, I plan on going big so I will probably start decorating early November on the inside, and after Thanksgiving for the outside.

  74. Laura S says:

    I usually start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving… This year I was ahead of schedule though

  75. Donna S. says:

    This year I started before November 15th! Of course, I’m still decorating here and there, in between writing cards and making gifts. In fact, today I finally got the lights on outside.
    (cute cards!!)

  76. Cynthia Link says:

    I start bringing everything out the week before Thanksgiving so that I’m done by Thanksgivingweekend. I like to keep the decorations out u till after the new year! Thanks for the chance to win this greatprize from pink and main!.

  77. Jean Marmo says:

    Usually just after Thanksgiving. It starts with a hunt for the perfect tree which we cut down. Once we get a tree it is full steam ahead with the rest of the house. Thank you Pink and Main for the wonderful opportunity!

  78. Jean Levesque says:

    Normally a week or two after Thanksgiving, however, this year we will be out of town so I am not going to decorate. I may do a little bit but don’t know yet. Use Pink and Mail products a lot. Thanks Sean

  79. Angela G says:

    I start decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving and I’m usually still decorating the day before Christmas. ?

  80. Tammy L Davis says:

    Everything goes up on the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving (depending on when my kids have time to come over and help)! I try to give the turkey his time! Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Cynthia Baldwin says:

    I usually start the first week in December…just because I can’t get any traction on Thanksgiving weekend, and I want to celebrate fall before I celebrate the holidays. Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Holidays to all.

  82. Jade says:

    My husband usually decorates the outside of the house right after Halloween. Our tree went up the day after Thanksgiving. I’m usually too busy making Christmas cards and gifts to do very much decorating.

  83. Michelle Montemurro says:

    The weekend after Thanksgiving, the tree goes up. Other decorating may wait but the tree is up.

  84. Connie L. says:

    I start decorating for Christmas at the end of the college (two students and a prof lives here ;))Thanksgiving break!

  85. Patricia Allison says:

    I start decorating right after Thanksgiving, a little at a time. It is fun to see Christmas decorations again each year… they are like old friends, and evoke lots of memories. Thanks for the chance to win a mystery prize!

  86. Ginger Sambrosky says:

    We normally decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving; however, this year we had a hot water line leak in our slab that started 2 days before Thanksgiving. It has been 2 weeks of nightmare, but we finally have hot water again. Now we can finally start decorating and getting into the spirit of the season.

  87. Lynn E says:

    I start decorating the week of Thanksgiving finishing with the Christmas tree the day after. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas season for my family.

  88. Connie Jo Keeling says:

    Thanksgiving weekend we get the lights on the house and then work on inside and my cards from there.

  89. Sophie Sanchez says:

    My family always decorated the week of Christmas, because we celebrate the 12 days until the Epiphany, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the decorations!

    • Rhonda Burdett says:

      I start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving. I start with snowmen and my wreaths. I’ve started getting several smaller themed trees. ?

  90. Shirley Buentello Younger says:

    We start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, and continue for about a week after! Hey Pink & Main, I really love surprises and especially your stamps! Thanks for the chance to win this prize!

  91. Dale Baseri says:

    Hi – we decorate on Black Friday, after putting away the thanksgiving decorations. Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. Annette S says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win all of these great prizes!!
    We start the week after Thanksgiving and put the tree up on my birthday, December 7th. Great family tradition.

  93. Sandra Haines says:

    I’m like you Sean, I try and get the decorating done before Thanksgiving, since I have family over for Thanksgiving that can’t make it back for Christmas some years. Now it has just become normal to enjoy it a little longer!

  94. Lori Hatton says:

    Now that my son is older, and we have 4 pupper dogs, we decorate the weekend before Christmas and take it down the weekend after New Year’s. The tails don’t do much for the ornaments! Several times we’ve attempted to use a small tree on a table but it’s always in front of their favorite window (where it can be seen from the road) and the whole thing gets toppled! One of these days, maybe it will stay of November thru February!

  95. Lissete Zavala says:

    Thanksgiving weekend as the Hubby is also off and he can help (well at least to drag up the tree from the basement)

  96. Mary Schultz says:

    We start decorating the first week of December, but don’t get our tree until 2 weeks before. My hubby is stubborn about getting a “real” (cut) tree, but also paranoid about it drying up and catching on fire, so it’s a battle not worth fighting to try and get it sooner. I just do other decorating and leave the spot open for the tree.

  97. Linda Dooley says:

    I used to start decorating inside and out right after Thanksgiving. Our children are grown, our grandson is 24. Our 3 dogs eat anything on or near the floor, so no full size trees for us! Our empty nest just needs a garland, a few baubles, fire in the fireplace and dogs in our laps.

  98. Sharon says:

    I usually start decorating the first weekend in December, though I have put them up as early as the day after Thanksgiving.

  99. Jenna Hamlin says:

    I go get my xmas decorations from storage the day after Thanksgiving, if possible. Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. Susan Hoorn says:

    We are full-time RVers so not a lot of room. Generally we put up Christmas decorations 2 weeks before and they stay up until Jan 6th. When we lived in a house I started earlier because I had much more to put up. Then I started around Dec 1st and did a little at a time.

  101. Sandy says:

    I would LIKE to decorate before Thanksgiving but I always host our traditional Thanksgiving celebration so as so as I can after…they go up!! Love Christmas decorations! And… truly love surprises! I don’t get many!?

  102. Jodie Ruiz says:

    At the office, I try to decorate right around December 1. At home, I am not so quick. My family is so busy we usually don’t do it until a couple weeks before.

  103. Mel H says:

    The day after Thanksgiving is as early as I can go with decor. Just can’t rush it for me. The holidays aren’t always the best time, so I’m never in a big rush to get decorated.

  104. Jaimi B says:

    Usually, we decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving, but that was too late this year. We decided to decorate for Halloween and Fall all at once and to start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween

  105. Marty says:

    I start decorating on the Saturday after Thanksgiving! Too much to eat on Thursday, too much money spent on Friday, then focus on the reason for the season!

  106. Sandi V says:

    Pink in Main is awesome. Are usually start decorating the day after Thanksgiving I don’t believe in mixing up my holiday. Halloween firstThen Thanksgiving then Christmas

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