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Thank you for joining me on this wonderful Saturday!  I came upon this quote by Natalie Chanin that I would like to share with you before we get started on today’s fabulous projects:

“When you spend time making something with your two hands, you impart love in a way that buying something never can.” 

This statement is so true!  Your handmade projects touch people in so many different ways, and I hope today you will be inspired by the projects I have to share with you.  Let’s get started!

Oh Happy Day By Amanda Baldwin

Have you seen the new “Live Your Dream” Scrapbook Collection from Altenew?  This is a bright and elegant line that you can use to document any occasion, from the little daily moments that you want to remember to bigger milestones like weddings, parties, and birthdays.  There is nothing that touches the heart more than to reminisce about all the wonderful memories you have made over all the years.  This is one layout that will certainly help remember those fond memories.

Don’t you just love the beautiful colors in this collection?  These products are so versatile and are also perfect for scrapping about all the boys and men in our lives!  The best part is you can add any color to coordinate with your photos.  Be sure and visit Altenew’s scrapbook blog where you will find a tremendous amount of inspiration provided by their fabulous design members.  A big thank you to Amanda Baldwin for sharing her wonderful layout along with the steps to create it.  Amanda is one very talented and inspiring lady who you will definitely want to follow for more fabulous ideas.

Transformation By Laurie Schmidlin

Have you ever given an older card a transformation?  This can occur in lots of different ways, from remaking a card you didn’t quite love into something you are happy with.  Laurie Schmidlin has done this today, going from soft neutrals and white flowers, keeping the overall design the same, but switching up the colors and adding a few embellishments.  This will give you so many different options when creating.

Laurie chose bright and cheerful colors for the flowers.  She also stamped the flowers instead of using die cuts.  This is a sure-fire way to jump-start your transformation on a card and use your own creations as your source of inspiration.  I just love cards!  I love to make them whether they are simple or detailed.  This tip was perfect for me as I have many cards that I will go back and transform into something I will love to give away.  Click here and I will take you on over to Just Give Me Stamps where you will see the different steps that Laurie took to transform her card into a cheerful, colorful, and fun card.  Be sure to explore Laurie’s blog to see many more of her wonderful creations.

Ornate Thrift Store Boxes By Christy James

When shopping around always keep your eyes open for pretty boxes.  They are always beautiful for home decor and quick and easy to paint and change into something fun for your home.  I just love the way Christy turned this into something beautiful.  Can you imagine this fun distressed, white ornate box sitting in your living room?

Christy will show you just how easy it is to transform a thrift store box into something beautiful in just a few easy steps.  You can get so creative using different types of paints, distressing, and creating something beautiful for your home.  Now that you are getting excited, come with me on over to Confessions Of A Serial Do It Yourselfer where you will find all the materials you need to create your own Ornate Thrift Boxes.   You will have so much fun you won’t know when to stop!  Have fun creating, my friends!

Dried Pineapple Flowers By Becky Hardin

These beautiful dried pineapple flowers are the perfect way to top off your favorite cakes.  They are easy to make and look so fancy!  Your cake will always look as though a professional decorated it.  Pineapple flowers are an edible garnish, but ones that taste as good as they look.  They are oven-dried rather than dehydrated.  The thin edges crisp lightly in the oven, while the middle becomes chewy and the pineapple’s tart-sweetness concentrates to a candy-like confection.

Since they are actually just dried pineapple slices, they make a really tasty and healthy snack, too.  You can follow this same recipe to make dried pineapple chips for a snack or appetizer.  Can you only imagine the compliments you will receive when you serve this?  Let’s pop on over to The Cookie Rookie to follow step-by-step instructions on how you can make yours.  This is definitely an impressive cake and your guests will love it.  Enjoy!

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I hope you have been inspired by these great ideas and will have a fun and crafty day!  Be sure to visit the individual blogs I have shared with you to see more details on these fabulous projects.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hugs to all,





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  1. Betty says:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful quote. If that does not inspire people to do something personal for others, then i have no other ideas to motivate. Thank you for the entire article. My husband truly loved the section on the cake!

  2. Tracey Starley says:

    Love your quote! I agree 100% ! It always makes me feel like I put my own love in my work!

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