Stamping In Your Planner

Planner Stamps Stamping and Stickers Functional and Decorative


Planner Stamps Stamping and Stickers Functional and Decorative

Hello!  It’s Jennie and I am back with you today to talk about stamping in your planner!  If you are a paper crafter, you probably know about stamping and have some in your stash you could use in your planner.  If you are only a planner – lets talk about how to use some stamps simply on the pages of your planner.

Using stamps can be a great way to plan functionally — either with icons or if you have an event that is repetitive.  Plus, it’s a great chance to be creative.

Happy Planner Stamps Functional and Decorative

I’m using a Happy Planner here, but you can use any type of planner that suits your needs.  Stamping is so fun and really works for any planner.  I always use pigment ink, which sits on top of the paper.  You do have to be patient to let it dry – so you don’t smear it!  This super cute Lawn Fawn stamp set is a set that Lawn Fawn created specifically for the Wandering Planners!

Happy Planner Stamps Decorative and Functional

I love to use these tiny icons in my planner.  They are absolutely wonderful for lists — not only do they make it so functional, they also look so cute and motivate me to check things off of that ever growing to do list!

Happy Planner Stamps Lawn Fawn Functional Decorative

A simple icon or phrase can make a great header, too.  It’s so easy to add exactly what you need with stamps! But, don’t forget to add a decorative element or, two!

Planner Stamps Stamping and Stickers Functional and Decorative

Take your favorite stamp sets and add those decorative pieces wherever you have space.  I bet you’ll find that you look at your planner a little more often when you have something cute in there!

7 thoughts on “Stamping In Your Planner

  1. Laura says:

    I love pigment ink, too. Why do you prefer this? To me it looks shinier and sharper than dye based ink.

  2. Kathryn Monroe says:

    Great tips! Today I am starting to use my journal/planner that I have been designing since I attended a workshop at Scrapbook Expo in June. I am using embellished “carry forward” lists on cardstock for recurring daily or weekly tasks, and using the daily pages for journaling the day’s recap, reflection, and achievements. These ideas and the expressive icons are great–thanks for the ideas and the giveaway!

  3. Ida Thibodeau says:

    I have purchased from Lawn Fawn in the past . Found items there I couldn’t find any where else. This would be perfect for the planner I’m creating for my secret sister. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a perfect addition to the pages.

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