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Masking Technique Tutorial

By Debbie Seyer  Hello!   Hope you are having a wonderful day!  Last week I found out that a group of ladies from my church are going on retreat this weekend.  Usually when this happens, I make each person a card to let them know their church is praying for them.   Well, life being busy and […]


How’d They Do That? Splatter Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to get a perfect splatter on your page or project?   One like this:     Or these:   Or these:     And one more:     Here’s a great (and short!) tutorial on how to make splatters on your scrapbook page!   How easy is that?  Now, are […]

10 Ways to Use: Washi Tape

Everyone loves Washi Tape!  I think we have all bought a roll or two.  What to do with it?  Here are some ideas:   1.  As banners     2.  Create flowers   3.  Accenting a photo     4.  Behind a focal point     5.  As a background     6.  Behind a […]