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Tip of the Day: DCWV Organizes Your Paper Stacks

If you are a paper collector (and really, who isn’t?) then I’m sure that you have your fair share of DCWV Stacks. They are some of my favorite things! You are going to love Erin Madsen’s tip on how to organize your Stacks of coordinated paper collections with nothing but a Sharpie. Sometimes it’s the […]


DCWV Organizes Your Stacks

If you are a paper collector (and who isn’t!) than I’m sure you own your fair share of DCWV Stacks. You are going to love Erin Madsen’s tip on how to organize your DCWV Stacks (coordinated paper collections) with nothing but a simple sharpie. Be sure to stop by the DCWV website to check out their […]

Add Texture to Your Next Project

Today we have Erin Madsen with DCWV here to share how adding different textures to your layouts can really bring your projects to the next level. I think Erin said it all, different textures really do bring our projects to life. I hope you have been inspired to break out your crimper & other fun tools […]

DCWV: Latest & Greatest Winter 2014

Erin Madsen introduces us to DCWVs new Chalk Markers.  The markers come in a 3-pack and are great to use with their Chalkboard Stack, or on a mirror or glass.  Use a wet paper towel to wipe away. These chalk markers sure look like a lot of fun! Visit the DCWV website or blog for more inspiration. We […]

DCWV Latest & Greatest Summer 2013

Freshly Picked is one of the newest collections debuted by Erin Madsen of DCWV. The vintage and contemporary design mix along with the warm colors makes Freshly Picked a very versatile paper collection. Also new are are the French Country, Dots, and Stripes Box of Cards sets making this a great value for your card […]