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Inspiration Station: Everyday Life Layout

Welcome back to Inspiration Station! For this layout I wanted to incorporate several stamps that I love. One technique that is especially fun when stamping is to stamp on punched or die cut shapes. One particular technique I’d like to share with you is using a punch to “half punch” a stamped shape. To complete […]


Drinking Straw Wreath Frame

Drinking Straw Wreath Frame created by Jen Gallacher for The Weekly Scrapper blog

This week I wanted to show you how to use a common household item to create a work of art you can then display in your home. Let’s talk drinking straws! Paper drinking straws are everywhere these days. How about using a set of your favorite designed straws to create a wreath? To create this […]

Stitched Paper Heart Burlap Frame

Welcome back to another “Inspiration Station” tutorial in which I share a few tips and tricks for creating layouts, cards, and altered art. Today I wanted to create something beautiful for my home. I found a charming 6″ x 6″ burlap frame at my local craft store and knew that a little bit of paper, […]

Tissue Paper Heart Card

Tissue Paper Heart Card by Jen Gallacher for the Weekly Scrapper Blog

Welcome to “Inspiration Station!” I’m designer Jen Gallacher, and I’m always looking for new ways to be inspired. Whether it’s cruising through Pinterest trying to find something to create for my home, or browsing through an online gallery, or reading one of my favorite blogs, most of my projects start with some kind of inspiration. […]