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Tip of the Day: Stamp Straight Jig from ImpressArt

Are you a beginning metal stamper? Margot Potter from ImpressArt takes the fear out of that metal hammer hitting your fingers! From the beginner to the experienced stamper, using the Stamp Straight Jig makes the process so very easy, and always painless.  Create your own, beautiful, stamp and wear necklace today! View tutorials for more […]


Tip of the Day: Putting Texture on Metal from Impress Art

Margot Potter from Impress Art demonstrates how quick and easy it is to add texture to your metal projects. Use any metal stamp to customize your next project! Thanks, Margot, for sharing your tip with us. Make sure to visit impressart.com to view all their new texture stamps. #SSBE2016 #WeeklyScrapper #ScrapbookExpo

Tip of the Day: Stamping Around a Curve from ImpressArt

Have you ever been stumped about how to stamp on metal around a curve? Margot Potter from ImpressArt shares a tip on how to accomplish exactly that! For more ideas and lots of inspiration, visit impress art.com.  #WeeklyScrapper #ScrapbookExpo