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Tip of the Day: Stamp Straight Jig from ImpressArt

Are you a beginning metal stamper? Margot Potter from ImpressArt takes the fear out of that metal hammer hitting your fingers! From the beginner to the experienced stamper, using the Stamp Straight Jig makes the process so very easy, and always painless.  Create your own, beautiful, stamp and wear necklace today! View tutorials for more […]


Tip of the Day: Achieving Full Deep Impressions in Metal Stamping from Impress Art

I love the attractive and popular scrapbooking embellishments, charms, and jewelry projects created with metal stamping. One question frequently asked is how to get a full impression when stamping on metal, and the answer is all about using the proper techniques. With metal stamping, it’s often a small adjustment to your technique that will make […]

Tip of the Day: Metal Stamping in a Straight Line from Impress Art

Adam Walter from Impress Art addresses the most common question they get – how to stamp in a straight line. With a simple technique and special Stamp Straight Tape, you’ll be able to line up your stamping perfectly. Make sure to check out all their products, along with tutorials and beautiful projects, at Impress Art. […]

Tip of the Day: Metal Stamping from Impress Art

I love the look that metal charms add to paper crafting projects, along with the lovely jewelry items that you can create. Adam Walter from Impress Art is here today to demonstrate the basics of how to use metal stamps to create personalized metal embellishments. In this video, he uses a pewter disc. Make sure […]

Tip of the Day: Stamping in a Straight Line from Impress Art

Margot Potter from Impress Art shares a great tip on how to successfully stamp straight lines when working with metal stamps. Visit Impress Art for more great products, and also a treasure trove of inspiration with step-by-step tutorials and lots of projects. Thanks, Margot, for sharing your tip with us today!