Altered Brad Technique

Next up is this lovely and fun tutorial that Arlene created. You can see that she used Graphic 45 Metal Button Staples on her Little Darlings altered dresser. She used this great technique to add a splash of color and vintage charm to the Metal Button Staples. Learn how it was done in this great tutorial! What fun!
Altering Staples Metal Buttons Tutorial:
A few simple steps for a great look!
Staples Metal Buttons, Paint brush, tweezer or gripper, acrylic paint, paint dish, heat gun, baby wipes
Step 1: Use your gripper to clip the brad in place. Add a small drop of paint into the paint dish. Dip your paint brush lightly into the paint and apply to the brad. Cover completely, making sure you don’t miss any crevices.
Step 2: You can either let the paint sit and dry, or use a heat gun to dry the paint. NOTE: Be careful! When you use a heat gun, the metal gets really hot! TIP: Do not dry completely. The paint should be slightly moist to the touch.
Step 3: Take a baby wipe and brush it lightly over the brad, paying attention to rub on the surface of the brad only. You want to slightly remove the paint on the surface of the brad to reveal the antique gold.
Voila! You have an altered brad! You can use a similar technique with alcohol ink. But instead of a baby wipe, use a dry paper towel and wipe the alcohol ink lightly before it completely sets.

Have fun trying out this super easy technique!

We hope you all had a great time today! Big thanks to Arlene Cuevas for her fantastic Little Darlings creation and tutorial! We have more inspiraing crafts to share with you on tomorrow’s blog so we hope you’ll join us! Enjoy your day, G45ers!
With Hugs and Pretty Paper,
Your Friends at Graphic 45