Diamond Fold Card Tutorial

by Julie Zipple



(to see the card folded, please look below)



To make the card base: cut a piece of white cs 4” x 12” and make scores along the card at 2”, 4”, 8”, and 10”.  Put a pencil mark at the top & bottom of the card at the 6” mark (center point).



Make diagonal scores from the top of the 2″ score to your center bottom mark and going the opposite direction; from the bottom of the 2″ mark to the top center mark. These two scores will form an “X” that is centered over the 4″ score line. Repeat the same procedure on the opposite end of the card; this time going from the 10″ score to the center marks. After making both “X” marks, you will then have formed a diamond in the middle of your piece. Erase your center pencil marks.



Fold all scores so they will move easily and then push in on your 4” and 8” score lines so that the central diamond starts popping upward and the outer edges will start tucking behind the diamond.  When the folds are all in place; you will be left with a 4” x 4” square card and the central diamond will pop up slightly from the folds beneath it. Open the card back out “flat” to add your decorative embellishments.

For step-by-step directions in creating a diamond fold card base, please visit the Split Coast Stampers tutorials by clicking here.