Frankenweenie “Sparky” Cake

Do you ever stumble across something creative and find yourself stopped in your tracks at the talent needed to create such an amazing finished project?  That’s how I felt about this cake.  I found myself reading every word of the blog post.  I hope you are as impressed as I was with this adorable Halloween themed Cake.

The creator of the cake is Heather Baird and she has an incredible blog and book call Sprinkle Bakes.  If tackling the task of recreating such an amazing cake is bouncing around in your future plans, I highly encourage you to check out her blog:

Heathers inspiration for the cake is the brand new Tim Burton film Frankenweenie.  She says “I can remember watching the original version of this movie when I was nine years old. That was way back in 1984, but the story still tugs at my heartstrings today. Tim Burton based the film on the relationship he had with his first dog (aw!) and the personal feel really shines through. Most every pet owner will be able to relate to the love that young Victor Frankenstein has for his dog, Sparky. I certainly saw myself and my first dog (a scruffy mutt/chihuahua named Danger) in the story.”

Here’s a peak at what you will get when you visit her blog.  She has complete instructions on how to recreate the cake, recipe and step by step assembly including pictures.  Here is the link:

Be sure to check out her book.  I know I plan on picking up a copy!



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