Rolled Paper Frame

This is a great project for those “wow, what a good price” items that end up in your cart at Target or wherever you find bargains.

Photos and Design by Patricia Roebuck

Start with a frame (this was a $2 mirror from Target!)


Measure the width around the mirror.


Cut out several strips of pattern paper the same width as the frame.


Use a stylus (a pencil would work too) and start rolling the paper.


Trim the paper when the roll is wide enough.


Then using a really good quick dry glue, hold it together until it sticks.


Keep on rolling, maybe ask some family or friends to pitch in!


Create enough rolls to fill up the frame, arrange them on the frame, and then glue them all down.


Patricia stated “I could have stopped there, but I didn’t … I added a garland to the mirror, using the same Zip Dry glue.”


She also added “The last two things I did, were fussy cut a flower from the pattern paper, stitched around it, added a button and twine on top. And using some wire, I cut these leaves with the silhouette, then cut several notches in it to resemble a feather…glued under the flower and twisted it where I liked it. That was a last minute inspiration from all of the feathers that I saw from the CHA photos.”



We hope you find some “trash to treasure” inspiration from this project!


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