Win a Scrapbook Armoire at Scrapbook Expo!

Where do you scrapbook?  Are you confined to the corner of your kitchen table?  Or are you lucky enough to have a whole room dedicated to your hobby? Either way, finding a place for  your cherished hobby can be challenging.  Making your space look tidy and inviting can be down right impossible!

If you have ever visited a Scrapbook Expo then odds are good you have seen a Hobby Hideaway Armoire.

Hobby Hideaway manufactures scrapbook furniture with the patented exclusive Level Desk System ™ that provides the user an extremely strong 4’ x 3’ flat laminated work surface. Originally designed as a scrapbook armoire, it can also be configured as a sewing cabinet, universal craft table and home office desk that allows unfinished projects to remain as-is when folding the desk away. This high quality custom-made scrapbook cabinet built to your specifications provides serious organization and storage benefits.

Now that we all know what a Hobby Hideaway is, I would like to introduce you to Jackie.  Jackie has been a huge fan of Scrapbook Expo for over ten years now.  She drives from the Las Vegas area to three different southern California Expo’s every year.  When we started our Golden Ticket Saturday Scraptacular Event, Jackie was all over it!

You may be asking yourself “What is Scrapbook Expo’s Scraptacular Giveaway ?” Well, it is your chance to win big and have lots of fun doing it!  Set your alarm clocks early for the Scrapbook EXPO “Scrap”tacular Giveaway drawings on Saturday morning.  You will have the opportunity to pick up your “Scrap”tacular Golden Ticket for your chance to win one of many wonderful prizes awarded from our preferred vendors. The Golden Tickets are distributed Saturday morning between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00am.  After you have your ticket in hand simply drop it in the basket located in front of the prize you are hoping to win. At 1pm the winners of each prize will be posted on the big “Scrap”tacular Golden Ticket located at the Door Prize booth.

This past year in Ontario California, Jackie made sure to come early on Saturday.  With her ticket in hand she excitedly dropped it in the bucket in hopes of winning the large Grand Prize, the Hobby Hideaway Armoire.  The at 1pm that afternoon she became the latest Grand Prize Winner!  Here is Jackie with her new Armoire.

Jackie with Jim, the owner of Hobby Hideaway

Congratulation Jackie on such on amazing Win!  If you would like to read more about Jackie and her armoire, she has her own blog where she wrote about it and how she updated her craft room.  Her blog is called One Creative Cat.

We hope all of you will join us this coming year at a Scrapbook Expo near you!  If you plan on coming on Saturday, be sure to come early and maybe YOU will be our next big winner!

6 thoughts on “Win a Scrapbook Armoire at Scrapbook Expo!

    • Pattie Gelsleichter says:

      I would SOO love to have this. I work in our bedroom on a folding table currently. My boyfriend’s daugher would love to scrapbook with me, but we have no place to work together.

  1. Sandra Bauerle says:

    So sad I can’t be there Saturday, I can only go on Thursday and Friday! Man I really wanted to put my ticket in for the armoire they are amazing!

  2. Gloria Cook says:

    I would have loved to win this,not for me but for my Mom..who likes making cards,bookmarkers,scrapbooking and now into shadowboxes..the last few years she has not had the time to devote herself to doing what she loves because she has taken care of me ,I am recovering from stem cell transplant ..I had Hodgkins Lymphoma, then my Dad passed away from Cancer in January,and she still takes care of my brother who has Down’s Syndrome and a blood disorder, and must get Phlebotomys every month and is bed confined with renewal failure..and she take care of her home..and all this while she herself is in a wheelchair and suffers from Lupus…she is quite a Mom..and now with the passing of my father, and road to recovery now she has only my brother to look after…she can again get back some of her life and enjoy what she gave up to care for her family..This would have given her a great beginning, it is beautiful maybe someday..I hope you have this Giveaway again…Thank you,Gloria Cook

  3. Nadine Mead says:

    What a great armoire – beautiful piece of furniture. Someone is going to really enjoy that. I hope it is me.

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