Mason Jar Doilies

 I have so many beautiful hand-made doilies in a box that were made by my special grandmother, and mother.  I have held onto these for quite some time.   I didn’t know what to do with them, and I find it a shame to leave such gorgeous hand work on a shelf.  As always when needing a great project I went to Pinterest and found these darling mason jars with Mod Podge doilies.  So I went to work and created some of my own.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people at Christmas time that came into my home complimented me on my beautiful jars.  I have these on a table in my entry way lit up with candles.  It made such a fun conversational piece.  These are not only a great conversational piece, but an enjoyment for me to look at and to reminisce of my mother sitting on the couch and crocheting doilies.  This is such a great way to keep your doilies and enjoy them at the same time.


  • Clean your Mason Jars very thoroughly.  Make sure they are completely dry before you begin.
  • Lay out your doily on the Mason Jar for placement.
  • Take your sponge brush and dip a small amount of the Mod Podge onto the brush.  Brush a very light coat on the area of the jar where your doily will be placed.
  • Lay the doily on top of the Mod Podge and press down with your fingers to get all the wrinkles out.  Make sure it is lying on the jar very smooth.
  • Let it dry for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Once it has adhered to the jar then take your Mod Podge, again using a very light coat paint over the top of the doily.  I let mine dry for about  one half hour then I went over the doily with the Mod Podge giving it a second coat.
  • Let completely dry then you can add your ribbon to the top of the jar.  You can also add to the top any other embellishments such as buttons, twine, etc.
  • I bought from Costco the battery timer candles.  I put them down into my jars so they come on at 6:00 pm and off at 11:00 pm.  I then don’t have to worry about the ribbon catching on fire.

This was a very fun project.  I hope you will give it a try.

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5 thoughts on “Mason Jar Doilies

  1. Elizabeth says:

    If you still have a lot of doilies you just have to make a table runner with them. It is just beautiful and a great way to display them. I am sure there is one on pinterest. You just lay them out how you would like them and just tack together with a little needle and thread.

    I also have my favorite large doilie suspended in a frame between 2 peices of glass. So elegant and pretty.

    Love the mason jar idea, I need to do one! Now if only I could find some old vintage doilies in Colorado! All of mine I found in Europe.

    • Diana Opiela says:

      It depends on the size of the jar. If you have small doilies, use several. If the doily is larger, use one.

  2. julie smith says:

    I would like to know what size the candles are? We do not have a costco where I live. Thank you. Do you also know if these can be bought on line, michaels or joanns?

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