Using A Crease Pad

Maria B with It’s Cheaper Than Therapy is here today on the Tip Of The Day to shed some light on when to use a crease pad with your die cutting machine.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with a crease pad, it’s a flexible cutting pad by Sizzix. Thanks Maria for taking the mystery out of when to use a crease pad. For additional Tips & Trick  about using your Sizzix die cutting machines you can visit It’s Cheaper Than Therapy or you can visit their booth at any of our Scrapbook Expo events.

2 thoughts on “Using A Crease Pad

  1. Marci Allee says:

    Hi Maria B!! Can’t wait to see you in November at I think it is Sacto EXPO. Hope we get our magnetic platform real soon.. XOXO see you soon, Marci Allee Windsor CA.

    PS Fun wataching you on Scrapbook EXPO tips of the day.

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