How to Add Glitter on Photos

Sometimes it’s the little details that bring your project to the next level. Your gonna love today’s Tip brought to you by Demo Donna with Sparkle N Sprinkle. After all doesn’t everyone deserve a little Sparkle in their lives?

I love how Donna controlled where she wanted the glitter to go with her glue pen. A little sparkle or a lot it’s up to you. I hope you are inspired as I am to give this fun Tip a try. For more inspiration on how to use your glitter be sure to stop by the Sparkle N Sprinkle website & or blog. You can also visit the  Sparkle & Sprinkle Team (Glitter Queens) at most of our Scrapbook Expo events.

Thanks for visiting & have a very creative day.

3 thoughts on “How to Add Glitter on Photos

  1. bjsilvers7 says:

    A yr. or two ago you showed how to put glitter all over a wedding dress. I believe the glue was painted on with a brush. What type of glue was used? Was it thinned?

    • Diana Opiela says:

      I don’t recall that project, however, if the glue was painted on with a brush it was probably thinned with water. Most wet adhesives contain water, so you should be ok with any adhesive that is water-based. Any adhesive that is solvent-based would have a warning on it (like it’s toxic). There is a lot of information on glitter techniques here:

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