Lace Votive Holder

If you look around your home I bet you will find many treasured doilies from your grandmother, mother, or even your great grandmother.  These are such valuable treasure hidden away.  Today we will share with you a wonderful home decor piece using these precious doilies.

Lace Votive Holder

To make these gorgeous lace votive holders, hang a blown up balloon from a string.  Dip your lace doilies in wallpaper glue and wrap on the balloon.  Once they have dried, pop the balloon and add a tea light candle.  This makes such a beautiful way of displaying those precious doilies.  Very simple and so elegant.

Creativity involves in breaking out of your traditional style.  Take a look at your project in a different way, and never hesitate to try something new.



Supplies Used (Not Shown)

  • Balloon
  • String
  • Dollie