Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Do you share my love of mason jars? I am a collector of them, and the older the better. In case you weren’t aware, this year is the 100-year anniversary of Ball Canning Jars and they have come out with some very cool pint and quart sizes in the classic teal and green colors. I’m in love! They are a must-have for your stash.

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Let’s get started on today’s fun and oh-so-cute Mason Jar sewing kit. This very handy sewing kit was created by one of my favorite bloggers, Linda, hostess of the It All Started With Paint blog.

You can usually find a lot of the sewing items at a dollar store, and if you don’t have a stash of mason jars, they are readily available at most grocery, variety, or home goods stores.

You can use any fabric you have on hand for the pin cushion. Linda used a drop cloth scrap for hers along with a bit of batting which gave it some height. She then secured it in place with a little help from the hot glue gun.


If it bothers you to have raw edges showing on the inside, you could trace a piece of chipboard and cover it with the same cloth and adhere it to the inside of the lid.

I’m thinking these would make cute Pishkies for the girls for Christmas. They’ll never know that I didn’t pay $45 for it at Anthropologie. (Well, maybe they will now!)

Thanks for the visit and I wish you a very happy holiday season.


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