Santa Hat Cupcakes

It’s never too early to start collecting recipes for the upcoming holidays. (Not to stress you out, but they really are right around the corner!) I discovered these adorable Santa Hat Strawberry Cupcakes on the Bird On A Cake blog a couple years ago and they quickly became a must-have on my dessert table every Christmas. I thought you would enjoy trying them out this year. I’d like to thank Robin for sharing her “oh-so-yummy” treats with us. She really is the queen of all that is sweet and delicious.

Strawberry Santa Hat Cupcakes

These cupcakes are super simple to make, so your kids will have fun joining in on the holiday baking.

Robin used her Strawberry Cake recipe, which is also super simple (and delicious)!
What You Need:
  • Batch of cupcakes; Robin used her Strawberry Cake recipe
  • White frosting in a decorating bag with large round tip
  • Strawberries (rinsed with tops cut off)
  • You can find the red and white striped baking cups here

Pipe a dollop of frosting on the top of a strawberry

Turn the strawberry upside down and press on the center of your cupcake. Pipe some large dots around the base of the strawberry.

Pipe a large dot of frosting on the tip of the strawberry. Robin also sprinkled some sugar on the frosting for texture.

Now it’s time to sit back, enjoy, and let the compliments roll in! For additional holiday ideas be sure to stop by the Bird On A Cake Blog.

Thanks for the visit and I wish you a very happy and sweet holiday season.