Color Burst Winter Watercolor Card

Hey, everyone! Roree here with another Make It! Monday project. Today I am sharing a winter card I created using Ken Oliver Crafts Color Burst Watercolor Powder.

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card
I started with Ultramarine Blue Color Burst, Ken Oliver Crafts Best Ever Craft Mat, watercolor paper, a 6-well palette, a dropper, and water.

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card_step1
I put watercolor powder in three of the wells, varying the amount in each well.

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card_step2
I added water to the three wells and mixed the them. The more powder in the well made the water a darker color. The well with the least powder was much lighter.

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card_step3
I filled the dropper with each of the colors and added drops randomly around the watercolor paper.

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card_step4
When I got quite a few drops on the paper, I used my heat tool to swirl the droplets around the paper.

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card_step5
I swirled them around until they either dried, were pushed off of the paper onto the mat, or were dabbed off with a paper towel.

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card_step6
Then, I started the whole process again adding more layers of color until I reached my end result.

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card_step7

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card_step8

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card_step9
I finished by adding some glitter snowflake stickers, some blue gems, and a rubber sentiment.

roree rumph_color burst_watercolor_winter_card
I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Color Burst Winter Watercolor Card

  1. Linda S. in NE says:

    I have the Color Bursts products, and need to use them more. For that reason, I appreciate your tutorial, and the results are beautiful. Do you end up having a separate dropper for each color because of stains and transferring colors? Thank you. I forgot to ask, what was the source for the dropper you used?

    • Roree Rumph says:

      Thanks, Linda! I am glad you liked it. I only used one dropper. Since the different shades of watercolor all came from the same base color, I just emptied the dropper between each use. The dropper I used came from the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos Tool Set.

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