Freebie Friday – Scrapbook Expo Merchandise

SBE Tote Bag

Freebie Friday with Jen Walker

Happy Friday, Scrapbook Expo friends!

As a member of the Scrapbook Expo team, I will be attending the show in Schaumburg, IL next weekend. While I am there I will be taking lots of photos and short video clips so I can share a bit more of my Expo experience with you. I am very excited to be able to attend the show, as I actually live in Canada so I don’t have a regular chance to go to the shows. My distance from the Expos gave me an idea. When I was planning out the giveaway for this week, I wanted to bring a little bit of the Expo to someone who may not regularly get a chance to attend a show in person.

This week we are giving away Scrapbook Expo merchandise including a Scrapbook Expo Junkie t-shirt, a tote bag and a 2015 Scrapbook Expo keepsake button. Hooray!

Scrapbook Expo Merchandise

SBE Tote Bag

Would you like to win this awesome Scrapbook Expo prize pack? Of course you do!

To be entered to win a Scrapbook Expo Junkie t-shirt, tote bag, and 2015 Scrapbook Expo Keepsake Button, leave a comment on this blog post. The giveaway runs until midnight on Thursday, August 20th.

Last week’s Freebie Friday post was sponsored by Graphic 45. Thank you to everyone who commented on last week’s blog post! The giveaway was for the Graphic 45 Rare Oddities collection.

The winner is Kathy Kipfstuhl!


Congratulations, Kathy! Please send your mailing address to Jen Walker and include ‘Graphic 45 Winner’ in the subject line.

Don’t forget … If you want a chance to win Scrapbook Expo merchandise, leave a comment on this post.

If you are looking for even more inspiration, join Scrapbook Expo on our:

Wishing everyone a fabulous week and to our friends in Canada, have a wonderful weekend!


418 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Scrapbook Expo Merchandise

  1. barb macaskill says:

    Congratulations to last week’s winner!! So lucky!! Enjoy the amazing collection from G45!!
    I am one of those who wouldn’t be able to attend and Expo and would love to be able to show off my love for you guys by carrying that awesome bag to go grocery shopping and it would also become my 1100′ walk to the mailbox bag! I have three things that go with me everyday on my trip, my sunglasses, O2 bottle and cart and my bag that I carry my mail home in! This bag would be perfect for that and I am going to keep my fingers crossed real tight!!! Thanks for the chance to show off some new duds too!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love this expo pack! I would support these around all day and wear them to bed and then do it all again the next day… Love love love them!

  3. Sweet April says:

    Just like you distance is a very big problem for me since I live in Puerto Rico. But I do enjoy all the goodies of scrapbooking and news of it.Scrapbooking is so fun,cool,creative and inspirational!

  4. Ausra says:

    I would love the Expo pack., what a great way to remember the event. Looking forward to going to classes and shop , shop ,shop!,

  5. Cristel says:

    Congratulations Kathy that was a sweet freebie… this will be my first time attending the expo next friday its my treat for my bday…. it be awesome to show off expo wear if i win…

  6. Jo says:

    Due to medical complications I have been unable to attend an Expo event….and I so want to attend the Ontario, CA show in Oct.

  7. Denise Bryant says:

    Congrats to Kathy for winning a great prize! And I’d love to win this week’s Freebie Friday prize! Fun bag and t-shirt. I’d wear it proudly in October when I attend my 2nd Scrapbook Expo event in Sacramento!

  8. snazzy jj says:

    Congrats to Kathy. And, oh boy am I an expo junkie – first one there and last to leave. It was so fun having you guys here in Minnesota last month and ringing the gong again.

  9. Priscilla Naegeli says:

    Scrapbook Expo is so Amazing! I love the innovative workshops, talented teachers, $hopping with the exclusive list of exhibitors and following exhibitors on their own blogs for product information and knowledge, and of course the experience of meeting like minded people in a place where only we would appreciate the array of adhesives one can purchase without judgment.

    I was waiting for my husband to pull the car around the front of the Grapevine, TX Scrapbook EXPO and while waiting, three other women and myself were waiting for our rides and we shared our proud purchases and showcased them a la Vanna White style to each other without judgment and also talked about the techniques that we learned from our workshops.

    I always have withdrawals when the expo comes to an end but I look forward to the next year. Any chance that the Scrapbook EXPO would trickle its way to either San Antonio, San Marcos or Austin?

  10. Claire Powers says:

    I went to the Expo in Duluth GA last month but didn’t get around to buying my tote and tee. I would love to win one! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  11. marylouh says:

    I love to wear t-shirts with scrapping sentiments. this looks like a great prize.
    Here’s hoping.

  12. Deb C says:

    I am so excited about the upcoming Expo in Schaumburg. I have attended this event for the past 4 years, and thrilled that it is so much closer to me than St. Charles was. It’s great to get some new products and great deals. I would love to have to have the scrapbook junkie T-shirt.

  13. Shanna` says:

    I will be at the Expo on Saturday. Was actually looking at the bag on the expo website. Would be great to win!

  14. Tracy P. says:

    Can’t wait for Expo in Somerset, NJ next month…would love to be sporting this cool shirt when I get there. Thanks for the chance to win!
    PS: Congrats Kathy!

  15. Renee L says:

    Would love to win the Scrapbook Expo goodies so I can wear them and show them off!!! Can’t wait for the Expo on Friday!! 🙂

  16. Sandi B says:

    I would love to win this package from Scrapbook Expo. I will be attending the expo in Schaumburg next weekend (can’t wait) and I am so excited. I got to attend two last year and loved both of them. I was on vacation in southern CA and was able to drive down to San Diego for the expo. Then I found that there was going to be one in St. Charles , ILL last summer. Long drive, but I made it to that one. I recommend if anyone has the opportunity to try and go. The vendors and their products are amazing. There was so much to see and do that I barely got through all of it that day. A friend of ours just moved up to the Chicago suburbs and she has invited us to drive up Friday night and stay with her. Less than a week to go.

  17. Mari G. says:

    My friends and I go to all the Scrapbook Expo’s in Ontario, Anaheim, and San Diego. I would love to show up wearing one of your t-shirts or carring your tote bag. We always have a great time and load up on supplies.

  18. Ilona Watts says:

    I would love to win the Scrapbook Expo merchandise. I actually drive to CA to attend an Expo. I sign up for classes, crops, and love to shop for things I can’t buy in NV. I didn’t know that the Expo sold their own merchandise, or I would have bought the T-Shirt for sure! I love going to the Expo and having the time to scrap and learn!

  19. Lynn A Hanson says:

    I just discovered the Scrapbook Expo in Sacramento last year. What a trip! Had no idea you all were sooooo crazy-fun! Can’t wait for the next one this fall.

  20. Sharyn Childs says:

    My friends and family already call me an “Scrapbook Expo Junkie”. Winning this package would just let them (and anyone else) know I am PROUD to be called that. 🙂 I have been attending the Expo in Duluth since I’ve moved to Georgia. I think I’ve convinced my sister in NJ and my nieces in MD that next year we need to have a Scrapbook Weekend when it comes to Duluth. I can hardly wait until next year!!!!! Hope I’m lucky enough to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Mar-Sue Ratzke says:

    Congrats to Katy for winning last week. A couple of years ago, we moved to the northern coast of Washington from Orange County, CA which has made it more difficult for me to attend a Scrapbook Expo. Before our move, I had been to several Scrapbook Expos in Orange County, San Diego, and Ontario, CA. I have some older ‘Expo shirts that are practically worn out. A new one would be super!

  22. Dianna Ping says:

    I will be in Schaumburg for my 5th Scrapbook Expo this year!! (Grapevine, Orlando, Chantilly, Duluth so far) I would love the shirt to go with my lanyard and buttons! And people will really know who is a Scrapbook Expo junkie!

  23. Barbie D. says:

    I’m so looking forward to the Expo in Sacramento this October. I would love to be able to wear the tee and carry the amazing bag. Thank you for a chance to win.

  24. Connie says:

    I heading up there to attend on Friday! Would be great to win ! I love the scrapbook expo shows 🙂

  25. Susie A says:

    I am so excited about attending this year’s Scrapbook Expo–in fact, I’ve waited an entire year! 🙂 I’ve been lucky enough to make it to the St Charles location twice before and look forward to seeing the new location in Schaumburg. I have no doubt it will be bigger and better than ever! This Freebie Friday giveaway is an excellent homage to an excellent Scrapbooker’s Candy Store! Thank you for coming up with this brilliant idea.

  26. Sandy Abbott says:

    I love anything todo with Scrapbook Expo and only regret that I have been unable to attend any of the conventions, but I’m always hopeful for next year!

  27. Dee Whately says:

    Love the Expo pack!! We all can’t win so please start selling them! You’ll make a fortune!

  28. Norine says:

    Love scrapbooking – relaxing and creative! Attended a Scrapbook Expo last year and really enjoyed it. Disappointed that it did not come to Oaks , PA this year.

  29. Natalie G. says:

    Love the tote and T-shirt. Looking forward to going to the Sacramento event. Thank you for all the tips too!

  30. Carol B says:

    Wish I could attend the Expo, winning this would be the next best thing!

    Carol B
    ciaoitalia2007(at) gmail(dot) com

  31. Nancy says:

    It would be so fun to win these items! I would definitely wear the t-shirt and carry the tote to my Scrapbook Expo here in Denver in October! There are fewer scrapbook supply stores in Denver than there used to be, so Scrapbook Expo is the most fabulous place to go for all the newest supplies and ideas! Can’t wait!

  32. Beth Bergner says:

    Great t-shirts!! That’s me! A scrapbook Expo Junkie……I go to everyone that is in California….

  33. Judy Hawk Estrada says:

    It would be a dream to be able to actually be present at a Scrapbook Expo event. To win this prize package is this next best thing! Thank you for a chance to win. Looking forward to your videos of items at Scrapbook Expo.

  34. Becky says:

    HOLY COW look at the swag !!!! I LOVE it all !!!!! I attended my FIRST expo in June & still smile when I think about it. Ever since attending the Expo my creative juices have been flowing. I would LOVE to show off the Expo swag & can’t wait till next year for another Expo.

  35. Billie Thoeming says:

    What great giveaways. I missed the expo here in Orlando because I had some stomach surgery during that month. I think all your tips and techniques are great. I like to go to the expos to learn, see new products, and meet other papercrafters.

  36. Sue says:

    What a GREAT prize to win. Would love to be able to wear the fantastic shirt at Expo in Schaumburg. Looking so forward to going. Will also try to attend Denver Scrapbook Expo so the shirt will definitely get a good work out!!! Love Scrapbook Expo. Have been attending for the past three years and plan on attending every year that I can!

  37. Jessica says:

    The Expo items are perfect and awesome!! I would buy them in a heartbeat! I attended the Chantilly, VA Expo for 5 years straight until our military family was moved to Germany – as soon as I get back I’m visiting the next Expo! I’ve driven 5 hours just to go to one! I’d share 1 of the shirts with my best scrapbooking retreat friend – she’d love it too! I wear scrapbooking shirts to every crop I go to or host!

  38. HawaiianLibrarian says:

    Went to Anaheim and San Diego and didn’t have time to buy these wonderful souvenirs. Mahalo for the op to win.

  39. Bonnie Ott says:

    I wait all year for the Scrapbook Expo, as there really aren’t any scrapbook stores near me anymore.
    Joanns and Michaels are the only places to buy scrapbook materials, and there supplies are not really what I like/need. So Scrapbook Expo is my stock up opportunity. I always have such a great time every year and I would love to win this prize package.

  40. Crystal H says:

    I enjoyed returning to Scrapbook Expo in Duluth Georgia this past July. I do however miss seeing SEI at the show. Hope they will return. I look forward to attending next year. The attach items look wonderful and I would like to tell all what they can learn at Expo by wearing the shirt.

  41. Michelle Montemurro says:

    Please enter me in the ScrapBook Expo giveaway. I attended in Pleasanton early this year and just recently in Santa Clara (oh what fun) and didn’t get the bag and wish I did.

  42. Rannah Romps says:

    Hey Congrats Kathy!! This is such a fun thing. Wish I could attend the Scrapbook Expo!! Such wonderful prizes and inspiration!

  43. Denise M. says:

    Went to my first expo last year… Loved It! Can’t wait for this year’s expo in Southern California. What do I love more than scrapbooking? Scrapbook Swag 🙂

  44. Tammy Feil says:

    I haven’t been to an Expo yet but love getting my emails!!! Would love to win this great goodie bag. I can use it to carry things to my monthly crops!!

  45. Madelyn Gehring says:

    Loving the super adorable tee and tote! What a thoughtful prize for a person not able to attend the show!
    Keep calm and scrap on:)

  46. Scrapbook Queen says:

    I have been to the Scrapbook Expo but couldn’t attend last year….I had to go by myself this year in Duluth, GA and met so many nice scrappers and enjoyed it so much! We are truly an amazing and diverse group. I would love to have the Expo package to promote what a wonderful event that this is. Love to see all the new items in one place!

  47. Kathy Martin says:

    Thank you for the chance to win. I will be at the Schaumburg show. Can’t wait to go. I always use the tote bags for my daytime job in sales. Find other crafters that way.

  48. Lisa Martin says:

    I am planning to attend the Schaumburg show on Friday, driving an hour and a half each way to attend the six classes I signed up for! Love Scrapbook Expo, especially the classes. This is my idea of a perfect day!

  49. Karen says:

    Congrats Kahty! You get an awesome G45 pack, but I have the chance to win an AMAZING gift pack from Expo. Would love to win this to show my love for all things expo! Thanks guys!

  50. Lynn Mann says:

    I love going to the Expo every year. To win a prize package would be awesome. I love the navy Scrapbook Expo Junkie T-shirt in Navy. It pops!

  51. Nancy Mitchell-Houser says:

    I’ve been attending the So Cal Scrapbook Expo events since 2004 and LOVE them! I love the different crop themes and always have a great time! I’ve taken classes, cropped and shopped. I’ve seen companies start up and, sadly seen some end. I’ve learned new techniques and tried all kinds of products. I look forward to attending the events and hoe to be able to travel. To some of the other locations (outside of So Cal) in the coming year.

  52. Carol Coleman says:

    Had a fantastic time at Scrapbook Expo Santa Clara. The new shirt is very soft and comfy. The water containers are great too!

  53. Lisa Thomas says:

    Oh please let me win. I wanted one when I went to Duluth Expo so bad but I waited so I wouldn’t have to carry it while I was shopping. When I went to buy one they were all out.

  54. Allison Almeida says:

    I’m so excited to be going to my first Expo in Marlborough, MA. I have both days all planned, can’t wait. I love this prize package..would love to wear/bring it to the Expo!

  55. gina c. says:

    Awesome giveaway! I am so excited for the upcoming expo in Ontario Ca on my birthday weekend, can’t wait to get my hands on some new goodies!

  56. Tammy Valley says:

    I so wanted to go to the show this Friday & Saturday, but just couldn’t swing it. 🙁 Hope you have fun. Hopefully I can be there next year.

  57. Marni says:

    I have only been scrapping a few years since one of my goods friends introduced it to me and now I can’t get enough!!!!

  58. Kim McCutchan says:

    I’m so excited for the show in Schaumburg this week. I hope to learn a lot and get a lot of cropping done!

  59. Sharron B says:

    Awesome prize package! Went to my 1st Expo in Chantilly, VA….and it DEFINITELY won’t be my last! Betty and Lorraine and Tina are the reason I will come back….I had a blast!!

  60. Lorrie Jeanne says:

    I’m not going to make it to the Expo. (Insert sad face here.) Have a blast! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos!!

  61. Cassie says:

    What a great giveaway!!! I didnt get a chance to get a tee when i was at the Duluth Ga expo..Thanks for a chance to win.

  62. Joan Williams says:

    My daughter and I will be attending for the first time and we are very excited. We started scraping and cardmaking a couple of years ago in preparation for her wedding. We love it so much .

  63. Iliana Martinez says:

    I love Scrapbook Expo. This year I went to Orlando and have plans to attend it on 2016, also. Two years ago I went to Ft. Lauderdale. I were in Schamburg, IL several times because of my work, but for personal matters is hard to me because is more far and expensive than Orlando (I live in Puerto Rico), but I will love to be there. Since that, I am waiting the dates for the Scrapbook Expo in Orlando. I hope that could see you all there. The prize will remeber me all the good times in the Expo!

  64. Pat Bussiam says:

    Always look forward to going to the expo every year to see the new products and meet new people. Can’t wait to see you in the new facility. Everyone is so courteous and helpful. Tickets bought, classes scheduled, Friday can’t come soon enough.

  65. Jennifer Hinshaw says:

    I went for the first time this year! There was so much to do & see. Next year must go both days!

  66. Julie Schlegel says:

    I would love to win this expo pack of goodies! I am excited to be attending the one in Schaumburg this weekend.

  67. Kristina LeCloux says:

    What a fun prize pack. I would love to have these items. I have learned from this year’s expo buttons are important.

  68. Deborah Austin says:

    Hi, I am a huge scrapbook Expo Junkie, I would greatly appreciate this great prize pack. I follow everything Scrapbook Expo does on the Internet. I tried really hard by saving money and planning a head to go to at least 2 different expos but have fallen very ill each time and in the Hospital for several days right on or around the weekend of each expo. My goal is to see you all in Orlando 2016 so say a prayer for me please!!! Thank you for you time in reading this. Take Care Debbie

  69. Jayne Bergeman says:

    Always look forward to the Expo show! Great classes, top vendors, and we’ll run venues make it a great show. See you in “Jersey”!

  70. Cindy Durnbaugh says:

    I love the EXPO, and love the prize pack! I’m so excited about everything on Friday – vendors, classes and crops. I know it will be a great day and a lot of fun.

  71. Michelle says:

    This will be the first Expo for my Mom and I. Hoping to learn lots and can’t wait to shop! I think this will be the start of a mother-daughter tradition!

  72. Karol says:

    EXPO EXPO HERE WE COME..We look forward to Denver Expo every year..would love to win..because I shop til I drop at expo and fill up my car..this bag will help me carry it all. ..Counting down the days..

  73. Denise Lopez-Gill says:

    I am so excited to come to Schaumburg for the Expo! It’s only an hour drive from my house this year so it should be super fun! I can not wait to do the great Make and Takes.

  74. Heike Elder says:

    Last month’s expo in St. Paul was my first time and it was awesome! I spent waaaaaay more than I should but got some really cool stuff, took a couple workshops (loved loved LOVED the mixed media class) and got some fabulous ideas for new ways to make cards and other paper crafts. Can’t wait until next year!

  75. Jane Austin says:

    Excited about our annual trip to the. Scrapbook Expo. My sister-in-law and I have been attending the Expo for 6years and look forward to the weekend of shopping, workshops and crops. It’s a great time!!! Thank you Scrapbook Expo for coming to Illinois!

  76. Colleen Jones says:

    Can’t wait to try the new Scrapbook Expo venue in Chicago this year – driving up from St. Louis! The hard part is getting through two more days of work – I’ve been packing for two Weeks! Here I come!

  77. Mor Ben-Moshe says:

    Can’t wait for Friday! So excited for the Schaumburg show!! I’m taking the day off and it will be scrapbooking, scrapbooking, scrapbooking all day!

  78. Alison Rice says:

    This will be the first year near me in MA, I can’t wait! That bag would sure come in handy to carry all the awesome supplies I am going to buy! And of course I need something to wear and keep me hydrated on my shopping spree too!

  79. Betsy Burnett says:

    I do get to go to the Expos this will be my 13th? year!! I love attending them! Can’t wait to see the “new stuff” and reconnect with crafting friends!

  80. Sabrina Correa says:

    My husband thinks I have a crafting problem… but I have it under control, I swear!! I can put the gear to good use this weekend!

  81. Amber says:

    This will be our first time attending an Expo and my Mom and I are so EXCITED! We’ll be going to the Denver Expo in October and September can’t go by fast enough! 😀

  82. Andrea Smith says:

    How fun?! Myself & 4 girlfriends will be at the show Friday! We are all super excited!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  83. J Simon says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win great expo stuff! Would love to wear the shirt at my next crop!!!

  84. Helen Strom says:

    The Expo is my one stop yearly shopping for specialty items I can’t find somewhere else. Would love to win!

  85. Mary says:

    ??????Just one crop, and I fell so hard in love with scrapping. Oh, oh, I found out how good it feels to scrap all night. Just one scrap, that’s all it took….??????
    Going to my first expo this weekend, can’t wait. I even volunteered all weekend.

  86. Sunshine says:

    I have been looking forward to attending this year’s expo since last year! Last year was my first time and my friend and I had so much fun. This time I’m taking my adult daughter.

  87. Linda Magee says:

    I’m counting the days to Expo, planning what I will wear for every night. So much FUN FUN FUN

  88. Megan says:

    My sister , Ally, and I have gone every year for the past 4 years in Orlando. The funny part is we were going for her birthday in May, then this past year it got bumped up to March…for my birthday! Always a happy birthday to us both!

  89. Susan Beyer says:

    I am so happy the the scrapbook expo is now in Schaumburg IL – It would be great to wear the T-shirt there!

  90. Dorothy Lind says:

    Loved the St Paul Expo this year! Can’t wait for next year when it will earlier in the year and not as hot! But managed to spend the whole day anyway, who worries about the weather when there are all these wonderful things to do and see! Would love to win!

  91. Kari Lemon says:

    The expos are so much fun! My friend and I attend at least twice a year We love to shop for new products and get great ideas. We also love to dress up for crop night and get crazy!! Thank you Scrapbook Expo?

  92. Vicki says:

    Thanks for offering another great giveaway. I look forward to the Expo every year and can’t wait to see all the new merchandise.

  93. Linda Murphy says:

    Work schedule often conflicts with going to the Scrapbook Expo. Love the prizes! Scrapbooking is my friend. 🙂

  94. Kerri says:

    So excited for the Expo in MA!! I’ve never been to anything like this and I’m so pumped! Still deciding on which workshops to take. Can’t wait!

  95. Lori Keith says:

    I love the Scrapbook Expos! Wish I could go! I just discovered your blog, love all the info you put out there 🙂 Please enter me in the giveaway!!


    Wow, I can’t wait. Love the new design, plus a black & white shirt. I will have to buy one of each. My daughter Marlene & I live for the expo’s. We have so much fun and the crew are really so much fun. Three days of bliss. I check everyday to see if the classes are listed for October. Fun Fun Fun

  97. Lisa Allen says:

    I wish there was more than one expo in Florida per year as I really love going and can not wait til next year in Orlando! Already counting down the days!

  98. Susan Schwalb says:

    Can’t wait to attend. This will be my second year. I love shopping with friends and getting new ideas.

  99. Nicole says:

    Congrats to last weeks winner. I am getting registered for Denver and I can’t wait until October, so excited!

  100. NanBrower says:

    I was lucky enough to be able to attend 2 scrapbook expos this year. I went to Chantilly Virginia and will be going to Somerset, New Jersey in just a few weeks. I would love to win a prize. I really like the Scrapbook Expo junkie t shirt. I guess I’m becoming one.

  101. Shelly Lindgren says:

    Scrapbook expo Junkie? That’s me! ? it’s like having a shirt with my name on the front.

  102. Shelley Frizelis says:

    Can’t wait for this new location in Schaumburg!!!! Looking forward to seeing what the vendors have since we really don’t have any LSS anymore.

  103. Brenda Olvera says:

    What an awesome giveaway! My friend and I attended our first Scrapbook Expo this year at the Anaheim, CA Expo and enjoyed it so much that we are planning to attend the Ontario, CA Expo.

  104. Joan says:

    I cant wait to attend the Marlboro expo. It will be my first event and I am looking to expand my horizona. I would love to be the winner of this gift.

  105. Toni Bull says:

    What a great Freebie Friday!! I was lucky and blessed to attend the a Expo in puyuallup this year for the first time and I loved it!!! I can’t wait til next year!!!

  106. Pamela Flumerfelt says:

    Cool Beans! What an awesome gift! I would be so excited to sport the T-shirt, button and tote at the Ontario, CA Scrapbook Expo. It will be my very first chance to attend an expo. Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  107. Francelie says:

    I’ve been wanting to go to a Scrapbooking Expo for the longest time. I love creating, my house if full of fun Scrapbooking junk and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  108. Robin Bennett says:

    I would love it!! I am registered and enrolled for the Expo in Mesa, AZ, in September. I could use them there and make my friends jealous!!!! There are 6 of us going together. Excited for the Expo!!!!! Congrats to this week’s winner!

  109. Cheryl says:

    I can’t wait to attend my first expo!! I have been saving for months and can’t wait to dig in and rejuvenate my creativity!!!!

  110. Karina Carnevale says:

    Love these! They’re perfect for my friend & I .. we literally start counting down the days for next year’s expo the moment we leave the current expo! It’s our favorite thing to do and we’ve made it an annual tradition! This will be our 5th year! Thank you for the chance to win!

  111. Deena Canup says:

    I wasn’t able to get the bag at the Expo so this win would be a nice cap to a very creative Sumner for me. And by the way, I am very happy that stamping and scrapping have finally merged at the Expo.

  112. Cindy says:

    Hi Scrapbook Expo!
    From one ‘junkie’ to another…those shirts are seriously cute and I want one. If I don’t win it, that’s okay…just have them for sale at your next SLC, Utah expo so I can buy one! lol I guess there’s just something about buying ‘stuff’ that validates the habit!
    Love me some Scrapbook Expo in SLC, Utah!!!

  113. Leslie Zee says:

    The Edison show will be my first Scrapbook Expo experience. I’m excited to see what it’s all about and have no doubt I’ll become a junkie!

  114. Debbie Grott says:

    I can’t wait for this expo true therapy I lost my Husband April 28 and a mirage of other things followed it. The Expo is a wonderful place to trigger every creative molecule in your body and spend time with a lot of wonderful people I can hardly wait see you all soon!!

  115. Malena Koplin says:

    I love the expo. We’ve been attending in Illinois for more than five years and all three years it’s been in Milwaukee. It’s on my bucket list to attend the show in Anaheim because I heard it is the largest (even though as a teacher I don’t get vacation time in March). I’ve learned so much from the Expo through classes, volunteering, meeting with vendors and other crafters, and by trying new techniques in make-n-takes. I’ve been packed and ready to go since last weekend!

  116. Roni Fiorina says:

    I AM the consumate Scrapbook Expo junkie! I wouldn’t miss the Expo for anything !!!! (I attend the one in Orlando) If I were to win the” Scrapbook Expo Junkie” t-shirt, tote bag and pin, I would wear it and use the bag with pride. I would share the bag with my friend who is a “bag junkie”….oh, heck! I would just love to win!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  117. Marlene Aulenbacher says:

    Scrapbook Expo is on my “to do” list! I hope one comes close enough that I can drive it in a few hours. I love seeing all the scrapbooking goodies under one roof!

  118. Maria says:

    My first expo! Can’t wait. By the way the staff has been amazing at answering emails and questions!

  119. Pamela Sabori says:

    I am a scrapbook junkie and I don’t need a cure! So happy that is Expo is coming to Mesa!! I’ll be in crafting heaven!

  120. janine says:

    I love scrapbook expo. I’m a bit of a huge fan! I attend 2xyear (anaheim&ontario) for the entire event 2-3days of only scrapping! leave the lil kiddos with daddy and relax with lots of scrapping, catching up with my expo vendor favs and lots of laughs at the crop

  121. diana paulson says:

    awesome giveaway – would love to win. I could wear the t-shirt when i go to the expo in Denver. and use the tote to carry all my shopping buys

  122. Debbie Pottle says:

    My friends and I have made so many fun memories attending Scrapbook Expo over the years shopping, learning, and meeting new friends. “Debra”, who volunteered at the entry door for this past Santa Clara Expo, was so bubbly and fun! I would love to win the Scrapbook Expo Junkie T-Shirt, Bag and Pin because halfway home I was like “Oh Scrap! I forgot to get my Expo Junkie shirt!” Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  123. Jenn says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I attended the scrapbook expo in Santa Clara, CA a few weeks ago and had a blast. 🙂

  124. Cheryl Valenti says:

    I was so happy to see that Scrapbook Expo is coming to Marlboro, MA…right in my back door! I’d love to show up wearing your t shirt! Thanks much for the chance.

  125. Pam says:

    I love this! I would love to win! I’ve will be attending the expo in Denver! I’m so excited to go again this year!

  126. Tracey t. Rice says:

    I’m so excited to go to my first Scrapbook Expo in Marlborough. My last convention was a CKC show in Buffalo 6 years ago. Looking forward to meeting new people, learning new techniques, taking some classes, and having the overall Scrapbook Expo experience.

  127. Cyndi Gass says:

    This will be my very first Expo. Something like this isn’t normally in our budget, but I have been working side jobs to stash some cash. Plus my sweet hubby usually has me get my own gifts for my birthday since he doesn’t know exactly what I do or don’t have for crafting materials, so I will be getting my birthday cash to spend at the show. I’m just so excited!

  128. Roberta says:

    i LOVE THE T-SHIRT. i AM SURE THAT EVERYONE WLL HAVE nice time while there. I wish that I could make it this year.

  129. Donna says:

    I would love to attend the MA. EXPO! Joined the facebook page so I WON’T miss a thing! Great giveaway for a scrapbook lover/teacher like me♥! Best of luck to all…Fingers crossed for me!

  130. chrisa says:

    I love the shirt…. Junkie?!! Me….nah, just a typical hoarder of all things scrapping… its a beautiful amazing disease that I am embedded in and have no shame nor pride. I am in bliss and old enough not to care what anyone thinks!! Even my love of my life just shakes his head. But he goes to the Expo’s with me every year! I usually only get Anaheim and Ontario but that works for me!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. Tricia says:

    Would love this prize pack! Due to a family situation I had to miss the Expo when it came to my area this year. Last year was the first time I ever went and I was blown away. Can’t wait for next years!

  132. Jessica Cauthen says:

    Had a great time at my first Expo this year. Would be so fun to win this pack to commemorate the fun!

  133. Linda Williams says:

    I am so ready for the Expo. I missed going last year and have been suffering severe withdrawsl pains… I am teady ready ready

  134. Sara B says:

    This is an awesome prize pack, thanks for the chance to win!!

    I love the EXPO and have been lucky enough to be able to go in the past!

  135. BARBARA VERES says:

    I enjoy the EXPO and all that is has to offer. From the make-n-takes, to the Workshops to checking out all the new merchandise – it is one of the most fun weekends of crafting!
    I live in WI and have attended the EXPO there twice – looking forward to this weekend in Schaumberg! WOO HOO!

  136. Chrissy says:

    I can not wait to
    Go again this year. I had way to much fun last year! The classes were wonderful and the convention…….. A lot of fun. No words. Just amazing

  137. Christina Bentley says:

    So sweet of you to think of us that do live so far away. I live in Rural SW Georgia and nothing comes this way. If I was close enough I would so be there. I hope to win so I can share in the fun with all of you at the Expo 🙂

  138. Melinda Smith Pace says:

    Well, it looks like I will not get to go to the Expo. I was planning to go for the first time in ten years. I have been looking forward to it but my children come first and one now has to got o Mayo Clinic in MN to special tests done due to her rare genetic disorder and my other child was in the hospital last night. I am so sad! I was really looking forward to all of it but sometimes it is not meant to be. I look forward to seeing everyone else’s posts so I can live through them!

  139. Jeanne Volmer says:

    I have attended the Scrapbook Expo in the Chicago land area since it was held at the Odeum in Villa Park, then Pheasant Run in St. Charles and now The Schaumburg Renaissance Center, plus the Scrapbook Expo in Milwaukee this past April. Definitely a Scrapbook Expo Junkie!

  140. Sandra says:

    So excited to be going to the Scrapbook Expo this year. I’ve been going every year with my BFF. We spend the weekend there since we don’t get to see each other that often because she lives in Delaware & I’m in NY. I can’t wait to see what is new this year & to restock on things I need. See you soon everybody.

  141. Lisa says:

    Hey Jen, thanks for thinking of us Canadians! Since we freeze for many months of the year, the benefit to us is that our time for scrapbooking is quite lengthy. Although the T-shirts have short sleeves, I’d love to be able to sport those shirts for Scrapbook Expo during our balmy but short days of summer!

  142. Billie Castleberry says:

    What a great prize pack! I wanted to attend the Orlando Expo last year but was too busy getting MARRIED!!! So I would love to win this prize…please?!?!?!

  143. Shirley says:

    Oooo! I’m sort of a tote collector so this would be lovely to add to it! I’m hoping to to attend the Somerset NJ event. I went about 7 years ago, but somehow have always had a schedule conflict each year since. Have fun at yours!

  144. Amy Garcia says:

    This will be my first time going to an expo i am sooo excited. Thanks for the chance to win these will be great keepsakes!!

  145. Barbara says:

    I’m so excited about the Scrapbook Expo coming to Schaumburg. It is a little ways from me, live in Chicago but I can’t wait to get there. This is only my second show and I’m really looking forward to the classes. I am a new scrapbooker and I need a little of help.

    Thanks for hosting this event and never stop.

  146. Gracy says:

    My best dream is to someday be in a Scrapbrook Expo, to see all the world of wonderful Scrapbook. I never have been in one. I hope to win this wonderful gift. I am from PR.

  147. Jenny Gray says:

    I really loved the bags and tees this year!!! I did purchase a cup and my hubby accidentally dropped it outside when i came home!!! Booo!! Lol Had a blast with my gals at the expo as always in Duluth!! Cant wait until next yr!

  148. Carlota G. (IndyCrops) says:

    “I scrapbook, you scrapbook – we all scream for Scrapbook Expo!!” Our scrapbooking group is traveling from Indianapolis to the Scrapbook Expo in Schaumburg. It has become an annual road trip and we’re super excited to check out the new venue. If we win the Expo pack we promise to wear the gear with pride all week long! (Did I mention we arrive on Thursday morning?) 😉

  149. Chari Riggs says:

    I’mI attended the Duluth, Ga Scrapbook Expo in July 2015. I took 3 classes and learned so much. I enjoyed shopping with the vendors, scrapping with friends, and most of all, loved the Mega Make-n-Take! I have already scheduled my vacation to attend next year.

  150. Elizabeth says:

    I’m an Expo Junkie for sure! If anyone see this comment and knows what room in the Schaumburg Convention Center the vendors will be housed and wher the crops will be help please post that info on the Schaumburg Expo Facebook page. Thx. I’ve gotta make sure I have my act together! Haaaa!

  151. jamie Honley says:

    This will be my first expo and I am so totally excited to go I have read everything on the expo web sight, and watch all of the fun at the other expos in the other cities, and I can hardly wait. This is going to be fun, fun, fun MAYBE i WILL WIN SOMETHING???

  152. Janet says:

    Love the shirts. Just the thing to wear to the scrapbook expo in Sacramento this year. The bag is the perfect size to use for classes and for shopping!

  153. Judy R says:

    Croppers and stampers and scrappers oh my! Looking forward to two days of fun. Milwaukee was great but Schaumburg will be better! Would love to be there in scrapbook expo gear. See you all there.

  154. Karen says:

    I had the best time ever last year! I can’t wait for October…I celebrate my Birthday going to the EXPO! Thanks for all the fun and great tips. Not to mention the great shopping!

  155. Mindy Seelentag says:

    I’m super excited for the Scrapbook Expo this weekend!! This is the first time I will be able to go, can’t wait!

  156. Elizabeth says:

    I love those shirts and tote. I live to far away to go to the expo but love to follow on facebook. I would love to own those great items. I cannot scrap as much as I want since there are not enough hours in the day, with work etc. Thanks for the give away.

  157. Teal Besing says:

    Would love to add this to my 2014 and 2015 Expo T shirt collection!!! I love you guys!!❤️❤️❤️

  158. Monique says:

    I had a fantastic time volunteering during the Santa Clara expo. Hard work, but an interesting change of pace to just showing up.

  159. LeAnn Hurt says:

    Love the T-shirt, Mom and I went to Grapevine and I don’t remember the shirt, would have definitely had one of each!! We got the bag and pin but my friend wasn’t able to go so would love to give those to her but I would definitely have to keep the shirt! Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. Allison Moskowitz says:

    Woohoo! I love going to the scrapbook expo! I’m going all three days this year! Would love to win the goodies you have! Lots of hugs! Thank you!

  161. Gail Hill says:

    I would love to win the prize. This is the first year I am attending the crop and a class at the expo. Usually I have been just for the shopping and make and takes. I decided to treat myself this year!!! I am so looking forward to it!

  162. Tania Cabrera says:

    I would love to win these prizes! I’m so excited for this year’s scrapbook expo in Ontario, CA.!

  163. Robin Harris says:

    Love the Scrapbook EXPO, Have attended the last 4 years, 2 in West Palm Beach and 2 in Orlando… would love to wear this shirt to my next one!

  164. Stacie Skillings says:

    WOW I am so excited for the Marborough Mass Expo. My husband is letting me fly solo this is my first Expo and 2 of my best friends and I are taking the weekend for ourselves. We want to absorb everything we can. We are dressing in costume and working on our cards for the swap. To have a T-shirt and shopping tote bag would be awesome!!!!

  165. Debra Ezzell says:

    I will be attending my first Expo in Marlboro, Mass. I have been a scrapper for more than ten years and would love to win any of these items for a memento.

  166. Donna says:

    Not sure if this is the blog, but I am commenting 🙂 Love scrapbooking and shopping for scrapbooking supplies! The expo sounds like the place for me!

  167. Andrea Valluzzo says:

    Very excited for Marlborough Expo-will be my first! A big scrapbook junkie here, not that there’s anything wrong with that! Lol

  168. Julie Valenzuela says:

    Had a blast at the Anaheim Expo and now looking forward to Ontario in October. I guess I’m a junkie!!!!!

  169. Karen McNamara says:

    I would love to win this great prize package. I love the t-shirt and the bag to carry my goodies in. Thanks for an opportunity to win!

  170. Tina Steele says:

    This was my first year attending a Scrapbook Expo! It exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to go back next year. I just wish there was one closer to me but the drive was worth it! I loved the classes, the crop and the shopping!! Cannot wait for next year!

  171. Nicola says:

    This so cool that you are giving everyone a change to win tickets to God to expo – thanks for keeping expo going – there are not many scrapbook stores these days – can’t wait to go to expo in Ontario – thanks for keeping scrapbooking alive

  172. Julie L says:

    Scrapbook expos are winners in my book and I would like to be the winner of the awesome Scrapbook merchandise ?. I have been to several exposure as road trips with friends and family, absolutely LOVE them, and planning on attending more?. Would be really cool if one could be held here in Green Bay WI sometime. ?

  173. Gail Zerbe says:

    I would absolutely love the opportunity to show off this amazing Scrapbook Expo swag in Phoenix this year!!!

  174. Glorya Nevius says:

    I’m revving up to become a scrapbook junkie because I’m soon to become a first time Grandma! 21 weeks but who is counting?

  175. Teri Thornton says:

    Went to my first Scrapbook Expo last year in Mesa, Arizona. I had such a great time that I signed for four classes the first day of registration August 10th for this year’s expo. Love the colors on the freebie items. Would love to win it!!

  176. Barb Taylor says:

    LOVE the updated tee, and that is the BEST tote! Very much looking forward to the Scrapbook Expo when it makes it back to North Texas next year – this is a fabulous convention.

  177. Judy janis says:

    I wish could go too! But like most it is distance I am in Baltimore . But I love to scrapbook. And would love to win. Please

  178. Stephanie Martin says:

    Woohoo, only 2 more days, I can’t wait…..! Does anyone know why they left the St. Charles location to Schaumburg?

  179. Pat Bussiam says:

    Always look forward to the expo. Such a great way to see new things and ideas. The classes are so fun and worth doing. Never a disappointment.

  180. Batya says:

    I would love to win and sport s new Tshirt to the Grapevine event with my 2 daughters and our friends! My daughters love it too and call the Expo “Pinterest come to life!” Love it!!!

  181. Mindy says:

    I love Scrapbook Expo!!! Very upset I could not make it this year… I do Thank You for putting all the effort into creating these shows!!! It would be great to win!!!

  182. Alicia says:

    I am one of those who wouldn’t be able to attend but I will next year last time was a Blass love expo when it coming to town greeting from Georgia YA’LL

  183. Mary McClintock says:

    Hope I win! I love Scrapbook Expo! Can’t wait for Thursday night’s fun make and take!

  184. Diane says:

    I LOVE going to the Scrapbook Expo! I’ve gone to 3 expos so far and can’t wait for Sacramento expo! I’ve taken my daughter with me to the last 2 expos and SHE LOVED IT! Going to the Scrapbook Expo is like CHRISTMAS for us!!! We enjoy it…heart and soul!!!

  185. Brenda says:

    This will be my first year that I get to attend the Expo. I am excited and so looking forward to being there. Winning this would be the icing on the cake for me. Thanks for the chance.

  186. Barbara Taylor says:

    I live for the Expo. This year I went to the Mega Crop and was so very pleased with what I learned and had a great time. Wonderful convention for scrapbookers. Thank you!

  187. Kristin Grella says:

    Love the shirt! Attending the expo for the 1st time in September in Somerset, NJ. So excited 🙂

  188. kimberly cromer says:

    This is my first time attending! My friend and I are staying the night on Thursday, excited to crop the night away! We can’t wait for this event!!

  189. Kathryn says:

    Expo will be in Marlborough, MA in September which is pretty close to where I live! Very excited as this is the first show to ever come this close! Would love to win the shirt! WOW

  190. Sandi Schultz says:

    I’m looking forward to the Expo in Schaumburg this weekend! I haven’t been in a few years, so this year I’m taking classes, cropping, volunteering, and getting all I can out of it! These t’s are great!

  191. Sandra says:

    Love the new V-neck t-shirt with a very oh so true sentiment Expo “Junkie” for sure!! I love going and can’t wait for this weekend to shop, crop and all see all my scrappy pals at the Expo!

  192. Sue Krygsheld says:

    can’t wait to go to the scrapbook expo. First time actually staying overnight and cropping

  193. Michelle Lee says:

    I would love to win this prize because I am an Expo junkie. I attend San Diego, Ontario, and Anaheim each year. I’ve already started my shopping list and made my hotel reservations. Can’t wait to register at the end of the month.

  194. Regina Furman says:

    I have never been to a Scrapbook Expo, but I would love to go! I would also love to win this prize package, so that when I do show up I am totally prepared to spend the day!

  195. Karrie Hockenberry says:

    I’d love to win the scrapbook expo swag! Heck, I would love to go to the expo! Maybe next year. This is my first year scrapbooking so I’m still learning!

  196. Mary Samuelson says:

    Congrats the G45 Winner!!! This weeks Freebie Friday is also awesome!! What better way to show your support for EXPO!!!

  197. Christy Baltzell says:

    *stupid phone. Raaahr,* Let’s try again. So looking forward to year 4 at the Denver Expo. Would love love love some Expo swag!

  198. Pamela Gfesser says:

    I love this expo, and really look forward to it every year! There are so many awesome things to buy there that none else has. I can’t wait till tomorrow!!!!!

  199. Sandy Hudson says:

    Awesome gift! I will be at Schamburg expo on Friday and Saturday. I am taking 5 classes and I have been saving money all year so I will be doing lots of shopping and this bag would come in handy. Good luck to us all! We may not win the prize but WE are all winners!

  200. Yadira Leon says:

    I will be attending Scrapbook Expo for my first time in October. I am beyond excited and looking forward to it. Patient waiting 🙂

  201. Julie says:

    Super excited for the expo make and take tonight and the crop tomorrow! It’s great to have it nearby for a change!

  202. Vicki Townley says:

    I love scrapbook expo in Grapevine, TX . Love the Junkie not added on shirts and bags. Suits me to a tee! Thank you!

  203. Connie Pena says:

    would love to win this! I love the expo having been going for years now and it is one of my favorite events that I look forward to every year!

  204. Sally Huntley says:

    How exciting to discover this site with the Friday Freebies! I am a diehard scrapper! I’d love to strut my stuff with that t-shirt and bag. Thanks to my Scrappin-Peeps pal Lyn for heading me this way.

  205. Sheila says:

    I would love to win! I love coming to Scrapbook Expo. The classes are tremendous but the shopping is spectacular! I can’t come to Schaumberg this year because vacation was planned before I knew the dates of the Expo. I did attend Milwaukee this year.

  206. Silvia Maria says:

    I have registered for two full days of classes at the Somerset Expo and I plan on shopping during the one hour break in between each class. I learn so much every time I attend one of the Expo classes. In anticipation to my shopping spree I have a zero balance on my special credit card exclusively dedicated to scrapbooking supplies… so that fabulous tote bag would go a long way towards holding all the new scrapbooking “toys” and supplies I plan to get. The t-shirts will help greatly with the inspiration for all the new fabulous layouts I will be creating 🙂

  207. Desiree Deleon says:

    I love the expo. Always learning about new techniques and meeting new people. My fav!!!!!!

  208. lia stropoli says:

    Yes I ‘d love this!!! I’m a tote bag junkie! Looking forward to expo it will be my first! LiaS

  209. Liz Brown says:

    Can’t wait for the Expo to come to Mesa, AZ in September. Would some loce to win these fabulous prizes, would pay it forward to my friends that are not able to attend. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  210. Crystal Hall says:

    My sister April and I had S9 much fun at the Scrapbook Expo in Grapevine. My favorite part was volunteering ar will call. We met so many nice people. This was my second year. We can’t wait t9 go again.

  211. Robyn Olszowy says:

    Scrapbook Expo has fantastic staff , exhibitors, and classes. Was unable to volunteer this year at the Milwaukee WI show, and missed everyone. Hope to make it next year.

    Excellent prizes to remember the fun of previous years.

  212. Jamie L. Honley says:

    I hope I am at the right place to comment win the Friday Freebie, I would love to WIN anything at all. Big, small don’t care, please let me win. I can hardly wait for my 1st. scrapbook expo in Denver colorado 2015*************Yay

  213. Suzette Brasel says:

    Duluth was my first ever Expo but it won’t be my last. I would love to win the t-shirt and bag. I collect Ts from everywhere I go and this would me a nice addition. Thanks!

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