String Art-Inspired Flower Card

Hey, everyone! Roree here with another Make It! Monday project. Today I am sharing a flower card I created inspired by string art.

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card
I started with a piece of chipboard (painted with ivory acrylic paint), a piece of pink patterned paper, a pencil, a paper piercer, a self-healing craft mat, and a needle with pink thread.

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card_step1
I flipped the patterned paper and the chipboard over and outlined the center of the chipboard shape with a pencil.

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card_step2
I cut out the oval about an 1/8″ larger than the penciled image.

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card_step3

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card_step4
I adhered the oval to the back of the chipboard shape.

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card_step5
On the self-healing mat, I pierced holes in the patterned paper around the inner edge of the chipboard shape.

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card_step6
With the needle and thread, I stitched over the paper randomly crisscrossing around the oval.

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card_step7
After crisscrossing the thread, I stitched around the inside edge of the chipboard shape to finish.

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card_step8
I layered a button and brad onto the chipboard piece and adhered it over a stem on the front of a card to create a flower.

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card_closeup

roree rumph_string art-inspired_flower_card
I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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