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Hello, my crafty friends and welcome back to Weekly Scrapper. I just returned from the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Milwaukee, WI where a fun time was had by all. I’d like to send out a virtual hug to all who attended – you guys are some seriously talented paper crafters and I had a great time hanging out with you in the Creativity Center.

Be Still by Susan Frase

Have you tried Bible journaling yet? I must confess that I have not until now. It wasn’t until I read Susan’s post that I decided that the best place to start was with whatever verse spoke to me at that moment. The Bible can be a very emotional experience at times; there are verses that seem as though they were written for you personally and verses that truly speak to your heart.  Art, too, can be an emotional experience. When you create from the heart and without fear, beautiful things happen.

Be Still by Susan Frase

A statement that Susan made really touched my heart and I wanted to share it. She said: “Remember that the Creator knows exactly what’s going on in your life and He’s got this, so even if your life’s coloring page does not look as beautiful as you think it should at first, just create with your heart and have faith and it will be spectacular.” Click here and I will be honored to take you over to the Clear Scraps Blog so you can check out all the must-have crafting items. There is something for everyone. Creative blessings back to you, Susan, and thanks for sharing your heartfelt inspiration.

Sunset Inspiration by Melissa

I was so inspired by this beautiful card that I discovered on the Honeybee Lane blog and I knew I had to share the love.  I have a thing for sunsets, so this card really spoke to me. The seamless blending of inks are the perfect background for the gorgeous sunset scene and when stamped and framed in black, it just makes everything just pop off the card. Who wouldn’t feel the love that was put into this heartfelt card?

Sunset – Beautiful Negativity card

I highly recommend stopping by the Honeybee Lane blog any time you’re in need of a creative boost. Not only is Melissa an amazing designer, but she is always there to offer spiritual inspiration as well. Click here and I will be happy to take you over so you can check out the tutorial slideshow and create your own work of art. Thanks, Melissa, for once again being an inspiration to your fellow paper crafters.

Open Every Door By Amanda Southern

Who says single layered cards can’t be amazing? This stunning card designed by the very talented Amanda Southern truly is a work of art. I am all over the watercolor trend. It is one of those techniques that will confirm the fact that you are an artist and when you create without fear, the end result will be amazing.

A One Layer Card by Amanda Southern

Click here so I can lead the way over to the That’s Crafty Blog where Amanda will walk you through how she created this gorgeous card. Keep up the wonderful job your doing of inspiring others, one handmade card at a time.

Lemon and Rosemary Natural Room Scent

When you enter a home a first impression is made, so lets make it a warm and inviting one. 😉 I discovered this natural room scent recipe on the House of Hawthornes blog and I use it often. I always have a jar in the fridge ready to go. I have a lemon tree in the yard and a small rosemary bush, so its pretty much free for me to make, but even if you don’t have a lemon tree you’re only a few simple ingredients away from having a lovely, refreshing scent running through your home.


It’s the wonderful scent of citrus with the warm vanilla, and then the rosemary just ties it all in. Your home will smell marvelous! It’s a very soft, subtle scent that’s not overpowering like some store bought room deodorizers can be.  Click here and I will take you over to spend some time with Pam and she’ll show you how it’s done.

A tip from Pam that is very important – Do not leave it unattended.  Turn handle of the pot away from the edge of the stove so no one dumps the hot water on themselves. Do not leave the house with it on the stove, because that goes hand-in-hand with Do not leave it unattended.

Springtime Pasta

I love the versatility of this dish and since Spring vegetables are making their way into the stores as we speak, you can incorporate some of your own favorites and make it your own. Click here and I will be happy to escort you over to spend some time with the Proud Italian Cook (Marie) so you can print out the recipe . This dish can be totally meatless or is also great with shrimp or chicken.

Springtime Pasta

Freshly grated shards of Parmigiano Reggiano tossed in and on top of the pasta enhances all the flavors above and beyond. All you need to add is a loaf of your favorite artisan bread and maybe a bottle of wine and you are good to go. Bon appetit!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll see you back next Sunday. If you happen to be close to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, Stamp & Scrapbook Expo is having a show on April 29th & 30 and I would love to share a make & take with you. I’ll meet you in the Creativity Center. Hope to see you there!

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