Sundays With Lorraine

Happy New Years, my crafty friends! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to begin a fresh new year with all of you.  I have some amazing projects to share, so sit back, relax, and let the creative therapy begin.

Let Your Dreams Take Flight Card by Francine Vuilleme 

Let’s start out with this adorable card designed by the very talented Francine Vuilleme. I fell in love with how Francine created the perfect starry night background using Distress inks while making off the moon to house the sentiment – very showy. The must-have die that was used for the city landscape image is from Penny Black titled “Metropolitan.” If you need it in your life like I did, click here and I’ll take you over so you can purchase your own. 

Who wouldn’t feel the love that was put into this handmade card? I hope that you’ve been inspired to break out your distress inks and create your own starry night background. Click here and I will take you over to the 1001 Cartes Blog so you can follow along as Francine shares just how easily this darling card comes together.

Happy Winter By Michele Boyer

Oops, if you didn’t get a chance to send out Christmas cards this year, not to worry – it happens to me more times than I care to admit.  One thing that I do when I missed the Christmas deadline is to create some winter-themed cards. Since everyone looks forward to your handmade treasures and we don’t want to start the New Year off disappointing our loved ones, here is your second chance to be the hero that you are.

If you have a bit of time after the holidays, why not take advantage of the second chance to show those you love how much they mean to you,  With a little help from our creative friend Michelle you can put this sweet card together in no time. Click here and I will be happy to escort you over to Michele’s blog Paper Cuts so you can join in the fun as she shares how this simply elegant card was created.

Family Birthday Tracker

One resolution that many of us attempt to conquer at the start of a New Year is to be more organized. This is not always such an easy task for many of us artsy types. Since paper crafting is what you do, those special people in your life are looking forward to receiving one of your handmade treasures on their birthday. Well, I know you don’t want to disappoint them. With a little help from your creative friends, you will never again miss the opportunity to send out their birthday cards so that they actually receive them on time.

I’d like to send out a virtual hug to the very creative team over at the How To Build It Blog for sharing this adorable project. Just a suggestion, you might want to make several of these beauties because when your friends see your birthday tracker, they too will need one in their lives. That’s one less thing you have to worry about this new year… never missing the opportunity to wish your loved ones a Happy Birthday – on time!

Antipasto Skewers

I discovered these yummy Antipasto Skewers on Sara’s blog Dinner At The Zoo, I gave them a try on Christmas Eve. They were perfect with my lasagna; my family and friends devoured them. They were so well received that my family asked if I could make more for Christmas day. I’m happy to report that they went great with the Christmas ham, too.Since I made them back-to-back I ran out of the cherry peppers so I substituted marinated artichoke hearts and that worked out well.

What’s not to love – they look great, they come together in no time, and they taste amazing. What more can one ask for? Click here and I will be happy to take you over to Sara’s blog for a visit. I highly recommend stopping by anytime you’re looking to kick things up a notch in the kitchen.

Happy New Year and hugs to all! I look forward to seeing you back soon.