Card Swap Recap from Mesa, AZ

I hope everyone has been enjoying the cards, ideas, and inspiration that I’ve been able to share with you from our Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Card Swaps this year. I enjoy going to each show all over the country and seeing so many wonderful cards. The creativity is endless with each Card Swap I have hosted.

Recently a fun technique was shared at a Card Swap. One of our card makers shared that she had a unique way of making the background on her cards. She takes a piece of white cardstock and by using her child’s bubble gun (yes, bubbles!) she can create colorful backgrounds on the cardstock. The technique she discovered it to fill a bubble gun up with bubbles and adding everyday food coloring from the pantry. Simply by shooting bubbles at the cardstock, she was able to create not only a colorful and unique background and also have some fun at the same time. A note of caution – be sure to try this technique away from any of your interior walls as you know you cannot control where your bubbles will land. The last thing you want is to create a new wall full of bubble colors in your living or dining room.

In Mesa, AZ the creativity kept on coming.  This fall-themed card creation has all of the elements of the harvest season.  I love the colors of this season and this card reminds me of gathering together with family and friends.  Doreen Lynch was the creator of this amazing card.

Teri Hover used her ribbons and bling to create this “Wish Big” titled card.  From bling to sparkle to coloring, this card has you looking behind the mask for all of your wishes to come true.  This card truly stands out on the 6×6 card format.

How would you like to have all of your holiday cards postmarked with special pictorial holiday cancellations?  Check out this link USPS Offers Christmas Postmarks where you will find all the details to see how easy and fun it is to add that special holiday greeting when someone gets your card in the mail.  Your friends and family will absolutely love the added touch you have made to make the holidays even brighter.  Be sure to send a card to yourself, too, so you can see that special stamp cancellation.

We have gone from “Fun In The Summer” cards to “Fall Harvest” cards already this year in our blog posts.  It seems as though as soon as we get used to a time of year, it’s time to change again.  I challenge all of you to get busy now on the next season of your card making before it arrives.  Do you have your Thanksgiving cards complete to send to all of your special family and friends?  How about your holiday cards?  What a great time to start a card swap in your group of friends.  Think of all of the great ideas and inspiration from those you may craft with every day!  Maybe as a gift you can get a friend or family member to experience the joy of creating cards. Share your love of card making and spread the joy!  Speaking of which, I have a lot of holiday card making to do myself.  Until next time, keep bringing a smile to the face of the next person you send a card to.


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  1. Nan Spier says:

    Oh I would *love* to see the bubble gun results! It sounds sort of like alcohol inks where you just splash it on…..or Ken Oliver’s Color Burst line. Bubble gun….who’d a thunk!

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