Stamp & Die Organization at the Crop

I am at every one of our shows at the crop in every city we go to. I see at each show how croppers like to organize! Half the time I leave the show energized to go home and reorganize all of my things, the other half of the time I leave the show wanting to take one of you with me to organize my things…. for real!

Fast forward to Ohio, I walked past one table and I stopped dead in my tracks. First, I spotted an amazing collection of stamps, and then as I got a little closer, I saw that they were meticulously organized. It was love at first sight.

As I stopped and gazed in amazement I saw just how organized she was. The size or shape of the stamp set didn’t matter, she had each stamp set in a clear plastic envelope. In the top left corner she had the set labeled. She had both the stamp set and the die set organized in this fashion.

Now if you take a closer look at the label in the corner, she has the set listed by manufacturer. She also listed if there is a coordinating die along with it, and the name of the stamp/die set. This means no more searching (in two different places) for the stamp set and then the dies.  Brilliant! Not to mention what a time saver this method is. I know when I am in the zone and if I get distracted looking for the coordinating dies, I am a goner! I will lose my train of thought as well as my mojo and forget it… back to the drawing board I go. This method would be a great solution! Can you imagine how easy it would be to pack for a crop now?

For the dies I love how she backed them with a plain sheet of black paper so they would stand out. Sometimes those dies get lost on a white background but put some black paper in back of them and “POP!” you can see them so easy now!

But let’s take a minute and think about all the roller stamps you have….. yeah, I know you have a LOT!  How can anyone resist a good roller stamp?  Let’s see how she tackles organizing those.

She cuts out the back of the packaging that shows the sample of the stamps and laminates them each individually. Then, she goes a step further and gives the roller stamp a number. Last, she gives the coordinating roller stamp a number for a quick and easy reference.

How’s that for simplicity?  Something that is so easy and yet so helpful!  Being organized in your scrap space makes for an easy designing process. Having everything easily seen and labeled makes for a more inspiring crop time. Instead of spending extra time shuffling through all the bags of goodies you brought, everything is at your fingertips ready to go. Look at her little hands create, not to mention that clean scrap space! She has just what she needs in front of her ready to go.

Do you want to meet the genius behind this method?

Here she is, meet Rowena!  If you see her at any of your crops, make sure to take a peek at her workspace. I’m sure she won’t mind. After all, she let me peek over her shoulder and take pictures of her for a while! Thank you, Rowena, for allowing me into your crop space at the Expo. I promise not to do it again until I see you next year in Akron, Ohio at the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo. If you want to follow her and her tidiness on Instagram you can find her here rowenascreations.

See you at the Crop!


8 thoughts on “Stamp & Die Organization at the Crop

  1. Rowena says:

    Tina, thank you so much for stopping to talk to me at the Expo. I very much enjoyed meeting you and Vicky! Can’t wait to see you ladies again next time around!

  2. ilene says:

    So glad I got to see that this system is portable. I am in the process of converting my stamp and die storage the same way!

  3. Konni ANDIS says:

    What a system! I am in complete envy of her organization skill! Not to mention her beautiful creations! I am taking notes! Lol

  4. Cindy says:

    I’ve recently organized my stamps in a similar manner. Check out Jennifer McGuire’s YouTube channel for great organization info.

  5. Sonya Moreau says:

    Jennifer McGuire does a You Tube video on this organization method. I watched it, and have now incorporated it into my scrapbook room. It is the best storage system, I think for Stamps and dies.

  6. Virginia Seward says:

    I do that as well but I put the dies on a 6×4 magnet That way I don’t lose the little pieces.

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