Card Swappin’ With Dave Gordon – Irving, TX and Pomona, CA

Spring has brought not only beautiful blooming trees and flowers but also some great card creations at our first two spring shows.  We had a full house of card makers at both our Irving, Texas and Pomona, California shows.  Those card makers really sprung into action with their card making, so enjoy taking a look at this beautiful collection of cards.

It’s tea time!  This elegant card is full of “tea-rific” elements and was created by Sharol Carter.  It’s full of surprises and just by pulling on the ribbon, even more “tea-rific” surprises are revealed.  This would be a great card as a gift or for someone who may be a bit under the weather for whatever reason.  Tea will make it all better.

This card was created by Rene and helps to welcome Easter.  The signs of spring are evident on this card as it features a beautiful Bird of Paradise flower coming to life for the spring season.

I love cards that have a great play on words.  This card features a whole lot of prickly things of beauty as the card reminds us to find good even in tough situations.  It reminds us that there is good in all of us and we need to share it with others. Thanks to Mary Jane Peikari for creating this inspiring card.

Barbara M. says “Happy Birthday” with a card full of birthday surprises for the special person receiving this card.  It’s full of happiness and celebration that just jumps right out at you!  I think these cards are as much fun for card markers to create as they are for the people receiving them.

Who is ready for a card full of coffee and friendship?  The message of this card says it all: “Coffee and Friends Make The Perfect Blend.”  Everyone can use a “mug full of hugs and a hug from a friend.”  We can all relate to how comforting it is to have friends you can count on for support and comfort.  Think of a coffee cup as a friend just waiting to make your day a little better!  I bet each of you is comforting, like a fresh cup of coffee, to someone in your life every day.  Thanks to Victoria Milam for her cup full of hugs and friendship.

We are off to the other side of the country this month with stops at our shows in Orlando, Florida and Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see what great card creations they have in store for us.  I am looking forward to sharing cards from these great swaps in next month’s blog.  You can still spring into action and send a card to someone you have not heard from in a while. Reach out with a wonderful handmade card that will make them feel special – that good feeling will rub off on you, too.  Happy card making!

2 thoughts on “Card Swappin’ With Dave Gordon – Irving, TX and Pomona, CA

  1. Trisha Layman says:

    Hi Dave! All the cards shown are wonderful 😊 I had the opportunity to attend the card swap in Pomona, Ca and it was a lot of fun! Just wondered what you do with the other cards that were created for the exchange but did not get voted most appreciated.

  2. Melissa Lopez says:

    I had so much fun creating cards for the Pomona swap! The cards I received in return were AMAZING!

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