Our Mega Make and Take Kit Meets Our Wandering Planner Traveler’s Notebook

Hello everyone, Michelle here today from Wandering Planners to share with you how I combined our adorable Stamp and Scrapbook Expo Mega Make and Take kit with our Traveler’s Notebook from Wandering Planners.  I just love this kit, I love the colors and the theme.  When I first got my hands on it I thought for sure It would make a cute mini book, so let me share with you what I did!

I gathered my supplies, a photo printer, the kit, WP Traveler’s Notebook, some clips, and my Minc.  I started by decorating the cover with some of my favorite pieces from the kit.  I plan on using this for all of our Wandering Planner Meet Ups.  We always have the best photo props and attendees so I thought this would be perfect!

You can see I stamped “Planner Besties” for the cover – I consider all the planner friends I meet new besties.  I pop-dotted one of the gals in the middle just for dimension.  I also stitched it all onto the cover so it’s pretty secure with all my traveling.

On the inside I trimmed down the page insert that is provided with the kit {this kit is meant to be for pocket mail which is also SO much FUN} and I slipped it through the staples on the inside.  You can also un-staple a traveler’s notebook to add in all your extra stuff – I do that all the time.  For this, though, I didn’t feel the need to, the staples in our books are wide enough apart to add in tags and fun stuff.  I printed a photo and added it to the pocket with some sequins and sealed it up with washi tape.  You can also use the fuse tool, but washi is quick and simple.  I then trimmed down the papers to 4×8 to adhere onto the pages, giving a perfect white border to the page.  I also made a few clips, one with fabric and the other one I laminated with a 5 mil {a bit sturdier than 3 mil}, then trimmed it up and adhered it to a clip.  YAY!  Such a fun, colorful book.  I can’t wait to fill it up with all our Meet Ups!

Remember that if you ever sign up for our Mega Make and Take, know that you are not only getting wonderful and amazing projects, but you can always use your product for other fun creative projects!

I look forward to meeting all of you this year at our Wandering Planners Meet-ups.  Click here to find a Meet-up to join – we’d love to have you!

You can see more of my planner and stamping on Instagram, I am polkadotwhimsy.


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