Card Swap Recap for Puyallup, WA and St. Paul, MN Shows

Hello summer!!!  Fun in the sun, swimming, family vacations, and much more – the summer is here and going by fast!  July 4th was filled with red, white and blue, and the rest of summer will be filled with more great memories to cherish in the years to come.  Did you send out all your summer birthday cards yet?  How about those nice and most appreciated Thank You cards?  Here are some samples of the great cards we have seen at our summer shows so far this year.  These cards are sure to inspire you to get your summer card making underway.

In Puyallup, WA we had cards that dazzled everyone.  Here is a card created by Crystal Lincow.  She was a winner of our “Most Appreciated Card Contest.”  This Happy Birthday card is filled with love and time.  Yes, if you are asking, the stitching on the card was hand embroidered!  Crystal told us that while she watches TV she enjoys her other passion of embroidering and hand stitched on this card.  But wait, there’s more!!  Tammy had to make 21 of these cards to bring and share at the card swap.  This was certainly a card created from the heart.

Tammy Dineen created this adorable “Hope To Sea You Soon” card.  How clever was this?  I just love clever cards.  The lovely embossed frame shows off the way Tammy captured all of the beauty of the sea.  Can you picture yourself at the beach letting the waves crash around you?  What a great card to send someone who needs a smile.  Tammy’s card featuring the sea was the winner of our “Most Appreciated Card Contest.”  As you can see, Puyallup, WA gave us a great variety of wonderful cards!

Our next stop was in St. Paul, MN the very next week for some more Card Swap fun.  Cathy Lloyd created an “Ocean Full Of Fun” card with all types of smiling sea creatures to make you happy.  I love how the waves and bubble embossing really adds to the card.  It takes a lot to cut out all that seaweed!  When is your next ocean adventure?  Cathy was our “Most Appreciated Card” winner on Friday in St. Paul, MN.

Shell created a card full of bling for all to enjoy.  The colors in this card are simply amazing.  I love the layering of the card and the style.  The “Friends” card was created on acetate with the background of the card full of beautiful colors that shimmer; this is certainly a card with class!  I can see how the person who gets this card could display this as a piece of art in their home.  I think all of our card creations are works of art and have a lot of heart that goes into creating each one.

Enjoy those “dog days of summer” as we used to say back home in Ohio!  I think it is a great time to get your favorite cold drink, get all set at your craft tables or dining room tables as the case may be, and picture yourself at the beach (without the sand of course) and make some of your favorite summer cards.  Next month’s blog will feature cards from our shows in Chantilly, VA and Kansas City, MO.

Happy card making!


3 thoughts on “Card Swap Recap for Puyallup, WA and St. Paul, MN Shows

  1. Nickie D. says:

    Great Cards! And great to know you will be showcasing this year’s Kansas City winners since you didn’t for last year 🙁

  2. Janelle says:

    Are you going to post the cards from the Chantilly, VA, swaps? You seem to have skipped over them from last month!

    • Jen Walker says:

      Dave’s next post will include the Chantilly card swap. He is posting about the cards in the order that the shows took place.

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