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Happy Tuesday, my crafty friends. It’s almost show time for Stamp & Scrapbook Expo and I hope you are as excited as I am that our show season starts in less than one month. One of the many booths that you don’t want to miss is Eyelet Outlet.  They are longtime friends of our show and they have the largest selection of unique brads, eyelets, and washi tape with products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Hanging Out By Kim Venezia

Kim created a vintage armoire card base using a cut file that she found in the Silhouette Store and as if that isn’t cute enough, when you open the doors you’ll find two adorable dresses embellished in washi tape and yes, the hangers and shoes are brads! When I saw this card at the show, I was blown away. That’s seriously a creative way to use your washi tape.

Check out the inside, isn’t it simply adorable? I’m feeling a little sheepish; the inside of my cards don’t always get this much attention. How about yours?

Washi Tape Cards By Lauren Bergold

Let’s pretend it’s spring for a minute, OK? This adorable washi tape titled Wide Flower Washi reminds me of springtime. I love how it alternates about a four-inch repeat of the same pattern in blue and pink so when you cut it up you get two looks out of one roll. I also love the way that Lauren made a frame with the tape and how it matches up perfectly.  Way to go, Lauren!

Superhero Card by Stephanie Severin

How fun is this cute card? It’s perfect for all those superheroes in your life. The words “Bang, Pow, and Boom” are brads and as of today, they are on sale for $1.49 which includes 12 brads in a package. The three shields on the card are Eyelet Outlets Flatback Resins; they really are a perfect embellishment as they give you lots of visual interest without adding all the bulk.

Masculine Card by Deb Felts

As soon as I saw this little adorable card designed by Deb Felts I knew I had to share the inspiration. I don’t know what it is about a masculine-themed project, but many of us struggle with pulling off the perfect masculine card. Those screw brads and little red truck brads along with the washi tape are on my shopping list when I hit the Pleasanton show. 🙂  Thanks, Deb, for showing us how it’s done.

Black & White Card by Lauren Bergold

I love how Lauren created this beautiful black & white background using washi tape,

I hope you are inspired as much as I am by these adorable cards designed by Eyelet Outlet’s amazing design team. Be sure to check out their blog for more inspiration, you’ll be glad you did! 
Thanks for visiting!  If you can’t wait until show time to see Eyelet Outlet’s new releases I recommend stopping by their website; click here and I will be happy to escort you over. Be prepared to be amazed at the huge selection. Many of you know that I’m a cat lover, so while I was writing this article I happened to check to see if they had any cat-themed washi tape and just to share my amazement, Eyelet Outlet had over 16 rolls of different cat-themed washi tape. Fabulous! I’m a little embarrassed that I had no idea that there is washi tape for just about any occasion.

I hope to see you soon at one of our shows. Click here and I will lead the way over to our website so you can start planning an amazing weekend with your creative peeps. I will meet you at the Creativity Center and I’ll have your 2018 “I Created” button ready. Hugs to all!

52 thoughts on “What’s Hot On The Show Floor

  1. Shannan says:

    Looks amazing! I like the black and white. Can’t wait to see you in Schaumburg, IL again in August.

  2. Ginger McElwain says:

    These are fantastic! Especially The masculine ones!!!! I struggle finding inspiration for guys!!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Joanne duddy says:

    Those are amazing but have to say the dress card is my fav!!! Would love to hang with the designers on that one!!

  4. Kary Stahl says:

    registered for expo today and a couple of workshops. cannot wait! wow the creativeness of above is wowzers great!! 🙂

  5. Patty Brown says:

    These brads are awesome! So looking forward to the expo again this year! Long wait till October for the Akron, OH show…trying to be patient!! I can’t wait to make some of these cards!!

  6. Linda Sanchez says:

    I love the Eyelet Outlet. I have so many of their cute creations. My trouble is I can’t part with them to put them on cards. I’m kind of collecting them at this point. Lol.

  7. Audrey says:

    As I started reading this blog, I thought “oh that’s my favorite” on each card…too hard to choose an actual favorite, I think!

  8. Karen says:

    Not only do I need to sep up my game with embellishments (*blush*), I REALLY need to et better at the INSIDE of m cards (*sign*)!! !
    Gorgeous cards….each & every one! Cnt water till the Expo comes t the Ast Coast!
    Thank you, for another look at what will be available in the coming months (if not already).

  9. Teresa says:

    I go nuts at the Eyelet Outlet! Problem is their brads are so cute I don’t want to part with them!!! I have stick figures, bicycles, sock monkeys… I always have to keep a few in my stash. Ok cross out stash… for my collection!!! See y’all soon!

  10. Konni Andis says:

    I’m in love with these designs! The armoire card is amazing! I sure hope eyelet outlet is at Shaumburg this year! I would shop my socks off!

  11. Joyce Rempe says:

    The eyelet outlet is one of our main places to visit at the Kansas City Expo! I love the Armoire card.

  12. Linda Rogers says:

    Oh no no no no no ! There’s the Eyelet Outlet. Please help me to stay out of there. I have so many products from there that I could start my own store. Yes yes yes yes yes! I will be going back in. Love this place.

  13. Sophia Marx says:

    I love all these designs. I can’t wait to see you at Pleasanton Expo, Lorraine. You’re always my favorite part of the show!!

  14. Sue Russell says:

    Love brads and you have the best selection. You just can’t buy one pack of brads as they are all fabulous. I have to go brad shopping now, so have fun at the Expo.

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