24 Days of Christmas – Day Seven with Krazy Kreations

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Hello and welcome back fellow crafters!! Sean here to share with you our seventh day of the 24 Days of Christmas countdown!! I’m soo excited to be doing this with you, hopefully it’ll get you into the Christmas spirit!! It certainly has for me!! Our seventh day of 24 Days of Christmas is Sponsored by Krazy Kreations!!!



About our Sponsor

Krazy Kreations LLC is a manufacturer of vinyl outline stickers, card kits, micro fine glitter paper, wood tags, and more!  The company began in 2003 when longtime friends Kara and Jana opened a scrapbooking store in Novato, CA. Soon after opening the store Kara and Jana began teaching classes, hosting weekend retreats, and eventually exhibiting at consumer trade shows, namely Stamp & Scrapbook Expo. Today, the company is based in Yreka, CA, has an extensive web store, and exhibits at 20 trade shows per year.

As the company continues to grow, Krazy Kreations is designing and manufacturing more of its own unique products. Krazy Kreations is proud to offer hundreds of stickers including: black outline stickers, holographic border and bling stickers, double-stick stickers, and black mini outline stickers!


Krazy Kreations is generously offering our readers a 15% off discount!! Use code: 24DAYSKK valid until 12/13/2019 and free  shipping in the U.S. on orders over $59 after discount is applied. Ready?? Set….SHOP!!!


About Their Products:

About the Prize

Krazy Kreations will be sending one very lucky winner this AWESOME prize pack!! Isn’t it SUPER cute!!

Want to win it??? Leave a comment below and let me know if you wear an ugly Christmas sweater on purpose!! I LOVE doing it!!


Make sure you leave your comment before 2pm Eastern tomorrow! The winner will be announced on the very next post!!




Spread the Love

You’ll want to connect with Krazy Kreations on social media to take full advantage of all the inspiration they have for their followers:


We love our International guests soo much, but due to the fact that we highlight small business’, physical prizes can only be shipped to the US. Digital prizes are for everyone!


Winner of 24 Days of Christmas posts will have 2 weeks to email back to claim their prize.


Yesterday Scraptique was our sponsor and the very winner of that awesome prize is…


Congratulations! I will email the winner with “24 Days of Christmas Winner” in the subject line.

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for 24 Days of Christmas!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell me if you wear an ugly Christmas sweater before tomorrow at 2pm Eastern!!

I’ll be back tomorrow to announce the winner AND I’ll have another awesome prize up for grabs. Merry Christmas!!

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153 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas – Day Seven with Krazy Kreations

  1. laurie donohue says:

    I wear an ugly sweater to our company pot luck every year. I love krazy kreations and would love to win this prize!

    • Diane Thompson says:

      We make ugly sweater cookies……then we choose our favorite! Love those Krazy ladies, from Krazy Kreations!

  2. Gayle M. says:

    I absolutely do!! At my last job, we always had an ugly Christmas sweater day. It was so much fun!! I love this giveaway. Love Krazy Kreations, their classes are always the best at the Expo.

  3. Donna S. says:

    {1st: Yes, super cute package from Krazy Kreations!}
    I purposely bought what most call an “ugly sweater” from a second hand store over 10 years ago. I enjoy wearing it. {secretly, I think it’s kind of cute!}

  4. Joan Hoeaniec says:

    Yep! My ugly sweater is a sweatshirt and it’s prize winning. Hand painted it features a green dinosaur hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. Except the Christmas tree is a bright green cactus. Ant there is gold and red glitter and swirls of hot pink in the background.??.

  5. Joan Howaniec says:

    Yep. Except my ugly sweater is a sweatshirt. Hand painted, it features a green dinosaur hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. Except the Christmas tree is a bright green cactus. There are pops of red and gold glitter and hot pink swirls in the background. It’s won a few contests. Lol.

  6. Natalie Bauman says:

    I absolutely love a festive (ugly) Christmas sweater! The package from Krazy Kreations looks so super fun! I have a tag I made at an Expo class displayed in my Stamptuary. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome prize package and good luck to all!

    • Maryellen Webber says:

      I used to wear festive sweaters until the Ugly Sweater trend became popular. I now have a sparkly t shirt which I love to wear!

  7. Sandra Haines says:

    I love all the cute digital stamps I’ve seen of ugly sweaters, but can’t say I’ve ever worn one unless it was unknowingly! ?

  8. Billie Castleberry says:

    Unfortunately I don’t even own an ugly sweater. I live in Florida (not exactly sweater weather) and I don’t have any place to wear one (I’m disabled and don’t work). But on a separate note, I love the Krazy Kreations package!!!

  9. Cathy Rendek says:

    I love a good and funny ugly Christmas sweater. I wear mine out shopping sometimes just to get a laugh or it’s also a good conversation starter. Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing prize package!!♥️♥️

  10. Debi Sell says:

    I love ugly sweater parties! I have been known to wear an ugly sweater, intentional or not. =) Thanks for the chance to win

  11. Loretta Lindsey says:

    There is no such a thing as an ugly Christmas sweater! But I loved the class I took at the Expo sponsored by Krazy Kreations, and I love their products!

  12. Sandi B. says:

    I have never worn an ugly Christmas sweater or do I own one. I have seen some pretty wild ones though.

  13. Deb D says:

    Oh this one brings back memories of my days as a high school teacher! 🙂 A coworker and I had the same Christmas sweater and both loved it. We would sometimes end up wearing it on the same day. One week I wore it early in the week and she on Friday when the student council was sponsoring an Ugly Sweater Contest. Oh how we laughed when she won the staff portion and we didn’t even know there was a category for that. Beauty (and ugly) is in the eyes of the beholder…

  14. Mary Holshouser says:

    My bunco group said we should wear an ugly sweater
    to the next card night. I don’t have one but will be out
    looking for one next week. I saw one with a cow’s
    head and rudolph’s nose – sounds like ugly.
    thanks for the offer of a fun gift.

  15. Miriam Beckwith says:

    I don’t wear them, but my husband does. I still love him though??. I love Krazy Kreations!! It would be awesome to win this prize.

  16. karenajo says:

    Great prize package from Krazy Kreations! I don’t wear an ugly sweater but it is fun to see the ones that do appear this time of year!

  17. Alice L says:

    I dont wear ugly sweaters, or even nice sweaters, i live in vegas, but i have Grinch pants, that i will wear while doing my craft show. Along with a shirt that says “in a world. Full of grinches, be a cyndiloo who”

  18. Marie B says:

    I have never worn an ugly sweater, and just thought this year I should have an ugly sweater part because I feel left out!

  19. Tammy Johnson-Janow says:

    I don’t own a sweater, let alone an ugly Christmas sweater. Just don’t get the point of wanting to wear a ugly sweater. To each their own on this one.

  20. Bobbie B. says:

    Yrs! And being the crafty gal that I am, I like to make my own. Don’t forget, National Ugly Christmas Sweater day is December 20th!

  21. Staci U says:

    I love wearing “ugly” Christmas sweaters! I don’t think they’re really ugly, though, but they sure are fun!

  22. Jan Carros says:

    If I wore an ugly Christmas sweater it would definitely be on purpose. But I don’t have an occasion to wear one.

  23. Elaine M. says:

    Of course I wear an ugly sweater.
    Uglier and sillier the better. Too bad this tradition is only in December.

  24. Becca Yahrling says:

    Nope, just normal sweaters here … if it even gets cold! I’m in So. Florida so it’s pretty warm all year.

  25. Mary Beth West says:

    No sweater for me — I don’t have an occasion to wear it. Maybe next year, the ones full of reindeer are just so cute/ugly! BTW, the samples in this post are so cute and inspiring!

  26. Carol Douglass says:

    I am pretty frugal, so buy or making an ugly sweater for a one time occasion isn’t something I would do!Carol

  27. Georgianne says:

    Yes. Finding weird items and Love getting crazy and crafty for Christmas making shirts and sweaters.

  28. Kathleen C Keller says:

    No I don’t wear ugly sweater. Leave in Texas and gave up my sweaters when I move.
    I wear short sleeves shirts all year.

  29. Annemarie Jasper says:

    I wear my Christmas cardigan sweater every day to work during December. It makes a great conversation starter.

  30. Karen Critcher says:

    I have never had an ugly sweater in my 63 years. I thought about getting one now, but I would only have around 20 years of use of it.I thought to myself, “Why bother now”.

  31. Lisa H says:

    Not only do I have a really ugly sweater that I bought at a thrift shop, I also poked battery operated lights through the ugly tree on the ugly sweater. Now it is amazing at any night time events or Christmas parades.

  32. Jana Gutsch says:

    I have 2 ugly Christmas sweaters picked up one last week to wear this year and I still have mine from last year

  33. Tammy Luiz says:

    I have not worn an ugly sweater on purpose. I’ve been looking at them in stores this year though.

  34. Grace says:

    I have many Christmas sweaters since I taught 1st grade for 37 years…but no ugly ones! Mine are all super cute. LOL? I really love Krazy Kreations booth at the Expo.

  35. Denise Bryant says:

    Great prize pack!
    I did wear an ugly sweater once for a contest at work. I did not win… someone else had an uglier sweater! 🙂

  36. Andrea Bennett says:

    It’s a Christmas tradition – ugly Christmas sweaters are a must! p.s. love, love, love Krazy Kreations!!!

  37. Valerie Engelmann says:

    I don’t wear them but I love looking at them. I love these outline stickers with the glitter paper!!

  38. Lori Hatton says:

    I have one that belonged to my mom from the ‘80’s. It is red with a huge Christmas tree on the front and it is decorated with outrageous sequins, ornaments and bells. It really is an Ugly Sweater but she loved it back then! I remember the year my dad bought it for her it retailed for over $100! It has held up over the years and is still beating worn by yours truly!

    This is an awesome gift! Thank you for the opportunity! I’m a “pick ‘um up truck” kinda girl so it is a favorite!!

  39. Robin M says:

    No sweaters for me in Phoenix. I do have a cute scrub to for work with lots of ugly Christmas sweaters on it. Patients love it!

  40. Dana M says:

    Super cute cards and products! I do intentionally were an ugly sweater i received as a gift when I will be in the company of that person.

  41. Cindy Redmond says:

    I don’t have a ugly Christmas sweater but I do wear a Christmas themed long sleeve tshirt. I live in Florida and don’t own many sweaters.

  42. Angela G says:

    I love the idea of wearing the ugly sweater, but I’ve never worn one, not a Christmas one anyway, because I don’t even own a Christmas sweater. It’s kind of sad, I should go buy a Christmas sweater 🙂

  43. Jean Levesque says:

    I don’t wear ugly sweaters but I do wear festive sweaters and sweatshirts. Do you were ugly sweaters Sean?


    Can’t wear one because it is always too hot in South FL to ever wear a sweater. Would love to.

  45. Patricia Podlas says:

    I don’t have any more ugly Christmas sweater is after losing weight I have to get some more to wear them

  46. Barry Snarr says:

    Nope no ugly sweater for me but I do have a few pairs of ugly ties. I love Krazy Kreations and have purchased a lot of products from them!

  47. Julie says:

    I have a couple Christmas sweaters I wear that are old, I don’t think they’re “ugly” but maybe other people do!

  48. Nicole Nardi says:

    I had a holiday sweater that I used to wear that I thought was pretty. Then my kids decided it to wear it for an ugly sweater contest.

  49. Shirley Buentello Younger says:

    I used to wear ugly Christmas sweaters when I was younger, not so much anymore though. I just love Krazy Kreations, I would love to win this prize! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  50. Kim Knowles says:

    Love this company! Great prize package! I wear an ugly sweater every year to my husband’s Christmas party because we get prizes for doing so!

  51. Carrie Salerno says:

    So I have this one very festive Christmas sweater that I love to just wear around the holidays. Went into work wearing it and someone asked if we were having an ugly sweater party today. Laughed about it, no just like wearing it.

  52. Gayle Garcia says:

    Love the outline stickers. I ear a Chewbacca tangled in Christmas lights t-shirt for my ugly sweater. Merry Christmas.

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