24 Days of Christmas – Day Six with Scraptique

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Hello and welcome back fellow crafters!! Sean here to share with you our sixth day of the 24 Days of Christmas countdown!! I’m soo excited to be doing this with you, hopefully it’ll get you into the Christmas spirit!! It certainly has for me!! Our sixth day of 24 Days of Christmas is Sponsored by Scraptique!!!


About our Sponsor

We love what we do! Creating, papercrafting & scrapbooking items that help tell YOUR story.  We are Kim & Dana, we have a passion for creating beautiful items for your home & memories for your family to cherish for years to come! Family & tradition is at the core of what we love.

It is our hope to continue creating quality items that not only help tell a story or remember a special moment in time, but reflect your & your family for many years to come… this is what we are all about! Check our calendar on our website & come visit us at one of our shows! Scraptique is PROUDLY handmade & assembled here in the USA.


Scraptique is generously offering our readers a 20% off discount!! Use code: SBE2019 valid until 12/31/2019. Ready?? Set….SHOP!!!


About Their Products:




About the Prize

Scraptique will be sending one very lucky winner this beautiful prize pack that include 5 page kits!! Isn’t it SUPER cute!!

Want to win it??? Leave a comment below and tell me what you want most for Christmas!! I’d love to have a new Silhouette Cameo 4!! I can give you my husbands email address if you’d like to tell him!!

Make sure you leave your comment before 2pm Eastern tomorrow! The winner will be announced on the very next post!!




Spread the Love

You’ll want to connect with Scraptique on social media to take full advantage of all the inspiration they have for their followers:


We love our International guests soo much, but due to the fact that we hi-light small business’, physical prizes can only be shipped to the US. Digital prizes are for everyone!


Winner of 24 Days of Christmas posts will have 2 weeks to email back to claim their prize.


Yesterday Paper Wizard was our sponsor and the very winner of that awesome prize is…


Congratulations! I will email the winner with “24 Days of Christmas Winner” in the subject line.

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for 24 Days of Christmas!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell me what you want most for Christmas before tomorrow at 2pm Eastern!!

I’ll be back tomorrow to announce the winner AND I’ll have another awesome prize up for grabs. Merry Christmas!!

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127 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas – Day Six with Scraptique

  1. Diane Simons says:

    I would love to have the latest version of cricket. My 2nd generation cricket is starting to show its age and it’s definitely starting to creak!!!!!!!

  2. Jan Carros says:

    What I really want for Christmas is a day all to myself. In my craft room!! Doesn’t that sound nice! Oh and the Cricut Maker would be nice too!

  3. Loretta Lindsey says:

    I just want some peaceful time to recover from back surgery (on Dec 20) and my husband home to help me! I plan to get a lot of scrapping done, and as long as it doesn’t weigh over 10 pounds (my lifting limit for a month), this set of pages fit perfectly the theme of what I plan to scrapbook! Thank you for the opportunity to win them.

  4. Bonnie Shaul says:

    I would like to have for Christmas is my wish list of all the crafting products that I keep checking on their websites.

  5. Lori says:

    My original cameo finally quit working and I need anew one so would love to win this!! Love the layouts!!!

  6. Amy Kainu says:

    My tangible christmas wish is for a hot air gun. My intangible christmas wish is for my 5 yr old to outgrow all of his MANY food allergies! ??⭐

  7. Becca Yahrling says:

    I would love to have a Pro redo my craft room! But realistically, I’d love some new clothes (I rarely shop for clothes!).

  8. Joan Howaniec says:

    Peace on Earth. Seriously, I have most everything I need, but I do have some wants. A Cricut Maker or a Scan N Cut. To me Christmas is about giving and not receiving. I’m happiest when I give.

  9. Theresa says:

    I would like peace on earth for Christmas, but I’ll settle for a little peace and quiet in my home!

  10. Roberta Sonntag says:

    The gift I’d really like for Christmas is a new car – however, no one in my world would be giving me something so Extravagant!! The gift that I’ve asked my kids for is a pair of tickets to the Cher concert that will be in our area in May, on my birthday weekend!! Fingers are crossed that I get that one!!!

    • Pat Mahusay says:

      I wish for the Cameo 4 , but I will thankful for anything about scrapbook or card making like lots of dies! 🙂

  11. Maria W says:

    The latest Downton abbey movie! Me and my best friend always swap crafty gifts so I always get some splendid goodies from her 🙂

  12. Retha Craig says:

    I want my whole family together for Christmas morning for the massive breakfast I make, more than any material gifts. Of course anything crafty would be great.

  13. Lisa Lucy says:

    I would love a gift card/certificate for Stamp and Scrapbook Expo or from one of my favorite crafting stores!!

  14. Cathy O says:

    What I really want for Christmas is many days to scrap with no interruptions from anybody including not having to stop to cook dinner or help anybody do anything-just lots of days to do what I want in my scrapbook room.

  15. Paula S says:

    Thank you Scraptique….although it may sound cheesy…..I don’t want anything materialistic….what I want most is health and prosperity for my family.

  16. Teresa says:

    I want someone to come into my craft room and find a charity to donate the items I’m not going to use and organize my remaining stash so I am not so overwhelmed when I try to craft.

  17. Sharon Gullikson says:

    What I want most for Christmas is for our family to become closer. It doesn’t cost a cent…..But if I have to mention a “thing”, I would like a Crystal Katana (not sure how to spell it). It picks up gems and sequins easily.

  18. Mary Holshouser says:

    I would like for my two kids to become friends.
    I miss having them both with me for holidays.
    Now I have two separate “parties” at holidays.
    they’re grown-ups so I’m kind of limited to
    what I can do. Thanks for letting me unwind.

  19. Deb D says:

    Hadn’t thought about what I want for Christmas-I learned long ago not to hope for things in pretty packages and then I’m not disappointed when they don’t materialize. I’m looking forward to one thing I know I will get and is sure to not disappoint-the smiles on my granddaughters’ faces and the hugs from them when we see each other on Christmas Day.

  20. Meghan Kennihan says:

    I would like to have my house mortgage paid off… can you make that happen Santa? Thanks for the chance!

  21. Sandi B. says:

    I’ve been on the fence about getting a Cricut Air II. I see all the wonderful diecuts everyone makes and just makes me want one too. If Santa brought it for me, then that would be one big surprise.

  22. Kimberly Nelson says:

    I would love a house big enough to have all 6 of our kids to visit at the same time, and have a craft room.

  23. Debbie Schuldt says:

    I would like a new paper trimmer. Nothing fancy or expensive, just one that cuts straight. Mine is 20 years old and cuts on a curve at the end

    • Rebecca wiley says:

      I would love a ticket to Disneyland to celebrate my sisters birthday in January! she is so supportive of me and we have always gone to DL together. it would be perfect!

  24. Carol B says:

    Cute layout pages!

    For Christmas this year I just want some peace and quiet and crafting time.

    Carol B

  25. Melissa Violandi says:

    All I want for Christmas is…anything scrapbook related. I haven’t had time to craft in about four years and all my glue is dried out, my room is unorganized, and I need to refresh all my supplies!!!

  26. Carol Douglass says:

    I agree with you, I would love the new Silhoutte Cameo 4! So many possibilities with all the new blades and better cutting ability.

  27. Cynthia Link says:

    I really like those scrapbook pages! Great colors, and great idea with the pocket!
    I truly have everything I need, but if I had to state something, it would be an electric die cutting machine like a Gemini. Would make it easy on m y arthritic hands! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!

  28. Sondra says:

    What I want must for Christmas is for my son to get divorced from her. After a year + it needs to be done and over.

  29. Heather says:

    Laugh one a job. Everything in my field is waiting for the new year to start hiring again. But, more than that would be to get to be with my boyfriend to start holiday traditions together. We are both looking forward to that.

    • Sandy G. says:

      I’d love a high end sewing machine for mixed media stitching–art journals, art banners, art dolls …and paper stitching. I’m an equal opportunity crafter!

  30. Robyn says:

    What my husband and I most long for, for Christmas and every day, is a lasting return to civility across the nation.

  31. Kathleen C Keller says:

    I just want some peaceful time to recover from lung cancer. Surgery on Sept28, but I wish that I could do more things. I wish to spend sometime with my two children and my grand-daughter what is 2. Those paper would be great to do pages for my granddaughter when I feel better. Thank you for the opportunity to win them.

  32. Susan Ott says:

    What beautiful page kits!! For Christmas I would like a new Kindle and some Gina K. inks. So I can read and create in the winter. The best thing is that I bought them already on Black Friday, so I know they’ll be under the tree!!

    • Sandy G. says:

      I’d love a high end sewing machine for mixed media stitching–art journals, art banners, art dolls …and paper stitching. I’m an equal opportunity crafter!

  33. Annette Sharp says:

    For Christmas this year, I would like a bunch of Santoro London Gorjuss items. Or this adorable prize package!! ❤️

  34. Donna Smith says:

    {such nice pages by Scraptique!} What I really want this year is to be able to be with my husband when he truly “turns off” work, and we spend quality time together. In the past, Christmas was the only time he would do that.

  35. Mary Jo DelVecchio says:

    I will be very happy just enjoying Christmas with my family, esp my sisters who live out of town but will be coming here to Florida.

  36. Jenny K says:

    Because I can’t have intangible things, I’d love either a GC to scrapbook/stamp store or a Glimmer Hot Foiling subscription,

  37. DeAnna says:

    I would enjoy a day of photography, editing, and scrapping while watching Christmas movies and singing holiday songs.

  38. Kim Knowles says:

    Oh, what a beautiful layout for our giveaway! I would REALLY love it if I could get decent internet service at my house (we live in the country) so I could use my Cricut more efficiently!

  39. Lisa F. says:

    For Christmas I would like to be blessed with a healthy body. I would also love to have a Bose Wave for my craft room to I can listen to my favorite music while crafting.

  40. Jean Levesque says:

    I live in North Carolina. My family lives all over the USA. What I would really like for Christmas is to go visit the grandchildren. It may be happening this year.

  41. Angie G says:

    I am blessed to have plenty of “things” what I would like most for Christmas is good health for my loved ones and I and more time crafting.

  42. Judy T says:

    For Christmas I would like peace on earth and in our hearts. I wouldn’t mind having those page kits, too. Oops, I sound like Steve Martin!!

  43. Tammy Hower says:

    What a nice layout. I love scrapbooking. I don’t know how Santa would work it, but I would like more time to be creative!

  44. Kari Hoenes says:

    This might be TMI but for Christmas, I’d like my oldest son to be off drugs, my daughter to not be so depressed after her breakup and my youngest son to get the help he needs to figure out what is going on with him.
    Oh and a craft room!

  45. Fonda Ross says:

    To have family and friends together the holidays. Time for photos and scrapbooking. And to find someone to give a lot of supplies to. I have far to much. Would love to share

  46. Lizzie W says:

    We all want so many things and I hope everyone gets what they wish for! Aside from all of the wonderful stuff/needs on these posts, I want a continued life with good friends and a great family. Love, health, food on the table and a warm cozy home to share! Happy Holidays & thanks for the chance!

  47. Lynn Ekstrom says:

    I would love gift certificates to my favorite online craft stores and to my favorite coffee shop!!

  48. Audrey H. says:

    Great scrapbook layouts! Would love to add this to my memories. What I want for Christmas most is that my family is happy and healthy always! May Joy and happiness be always with them…. and of course I would like everything on my wishlist for scrapbooking supplies. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  49. Lori Hatton says:

    My Christmas Wish List is not filled with material things but with comforting feelings and blessings! I want to enjoy spending time with my amazing family and my wonderful friends. I want them to be blessed with good health. I want them to experience the true meaning of what it is to feel wanted, loved and cared for in their relationships . I want to them to feel the comforts of financial stability and to know their basic material needs will be met. And, I want Peace and Happiness for All.

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

  50. Shirley Buentello Younger says:

    The only thing I want for Christmas is for my daughter to win her battle with colon cancer, and for our family to be together for Christmas this year! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize package!

  51. Christina Baltzell says:

    I want a Dream Box from the original Scrap Box. Not going to happen, but it’s nice to wish.

  52. Bobbie B. says:

    I would like to have a few friends over after the holidays and have an “all-nighter” crop party in my basement craft room.

  53. Darci says:

    For Christmas I would love to spend it with extended family. We are a very small family so cousins are more like brothers and sisters

  54. Mary Schultz says:

    I want a new craft room – looks like I have to wait until Spring to get it but plans are already made to install a large shed behind the garage just for me!

  55. Luci says:

    My wish for Christmas is that our Government officials at all levels learn to start working together again for the good of the country and learn the definition of compromise, but realistically I would fuzzy slippers with actual sole! LOL

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