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Hello and welcome back fellow crafters. Sean here to share with you some fun pictures from the Crop! Hopefully most of you are familiar with our Crop themes, we have a different one each night at the crop! Well I wanted to share with you the SUPER fun ladies in Marlborough dressing up and having fun with our Prom theme.



The show in Marlborough was the last show that we are using this super fun theme at as it has made it’s way around the country! The Prom theme tends to make people a little silly and we sure do have a lot of fun! Take a look…..

We’ve got ladies from the 80’s…oh and can’t forget the guy!


We’ve got Trashy Prom Queens….yes, they are wearing trash bags!!! HAH!


We’ve got Valley Girl Prom Queen’s and Princesses! Like totally…OMG!!


We’ve even got Senior Prom Queens and Kings!! Don’t let their looks fool you, these senior citizens got down on the dance floor and schooled us all in the art of dancing!! LOL!!


Some people come with a date…


Here’s my date for the Prom!


Some people meet their dream date at the Prom!!! LOL!


So whether you come stag, bring a date or with a group of your closest friends, we ALWAYS have a great time in the Crop!!





Make sure you come check out all the fun we are having in the crop!! Check your local show’s page and see what theme we are doing with you and come prepared to have a whole lot of FUN!!!



Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

See you in the crop!!

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  1. Dawn Simpson says:

    OMG they did such a great job with their costumes. Very creative. I think the “Senior” Prom group with the canes and walkers was my favorite.

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