Card Swap Winners from Chantilly, Santa Clara, Kansas City and Duluth


Hello fellow crafters, Sean here to share with you the gorgeous cards that were the most appreciated cards and winners from our card swaps at our Chantilly, Santa Clara, Kansas City & Duluth Stamp & Scrapbook Expo shows!  It’s amazing to me how truly talented and creative you all are, I learn so much from you amazing crafters!

Chantilly, VA Show:

The first card in Chantilly was made by 8 year old papercrafter Elle from Maryland! This little lady spent 3 days making cards for the swap and then forgot them all at home! Oh no!!! She then came up with her replacement cards in 30 minutes. She did such a great job on this beautiful card!


The second card in Chantilly was made by Stacy Strate of Frederecksburg, VA. She was inspired by the vintage look and feel of the 40’s-50’s. She says, “women are just as beautiful now as they were then and she wants everyone to feel wonderful about who they are no matter their age or appearance, you are a vintage beauty.” This card is just stunning and the necklace even lights up!


Santa Clara, CA Show:

The first card at the Santa Clara card swap was a tie between two absolutely beautiful cards! The stunning card on the left was made by Eva Murray and is a beautiful gate fold Thank You card that opens up to a little teddy bear! The gorgeous card on the right was made by Marcie Besecker & is colored and embossed! Wow ladies….amazing job!!


The next card swap winner in Santa Clara was Josefina of San Jose, CA. Josefina made these two adorable cards, one with a pizza box that opens up to a heart inside and one with half a dozen doughnuts. These cards are fabulous! Great job Jo!!


Kansas City, MO Show:

The first card from the Kansas City card swap was made by Pam of Gardner, Kansas. This very cool card folds down into a little square! Pam says, ” making cards is therapy for me. It relaxes me and I can work on cards for hours. The result always makes me feel so happy. Especially when I share and send them.” Beautiful card Pam!!


The next card from the Kansas City swap was made by Christina Shutt of Conway, AK. This is a stunning card is designed to look like it’s a floating jungle. She used eleven different techniques to create it!! Christina says, “creating cards is a great stress reliever from her day job as a museum director. Fantastic job Christina!


Duluth, GA Show:

The first card from the Duluth card swap was made by Jean Norris of Homewood, AL. She wanted to do something different with a pizza box die and when she saw some record player dies, it just popped! She says, “it was a labor intensive project but well worth the effort.” How awesome is this adorable card!! Congrats Jean!


The next card from the Duluth swap was made by Anita Dispain. This beautiful card has a wreath that you can take off the card and use as an ornament! By they way, the ornament…she made herself on an embroidery machine, WOW! There is also a tag on the inside to write your own message. Fantastic job Anita!!


Thank you to all the card swap attendees!! Hope you enjoyed seeing all the creativity at our shows and hope to see you in the swap!!

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Have a great rest of your week!!

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10 thoughts on “Card Swap Winners from Chantilly, Santa Clara, Kansas City and Duluth

  1. DAYNA Y JACKSON says:

    Truly beautifully awesome cards! I love them all! Thank you for posting these pictures because I’ve always wondered what the winners in the other states look like. Super fun to see the crazy fabulous variety.

  2. Dawn Simpson says:

    Beautiful work everyone!!!! You can absolutely see the love that went into each and every one of those cards.

  3. Sue says:

    I was lucky to get a winning card from Santa Clara. The amount of time spent making this card (the one on the right) is mind boggling. Layer upon layers of pens, pencil and markers are just stunning! Great job and thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Ida Thibodeau says:

    Stacy Strate should be employed by one of the vendors. I was bowled away with her absolutely gorgeous card and envelop and the imaginative way in which it was created. If possible please let her know my comments. Thanks.

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