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Multi-Color Embossing

Welcome back to the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo blog on this beautiful spring day.  Don’t you just love Saturdays?  I love sharing them with you along with sharing my passion for crafting.  I try to make it a priority to spend some time in my craft room over the weekend and do the things I love to do!  I hope you get to enjoy some fun crafting over your weekend as well.  I hope you will try something new since you never know what you are truly capable of unless you give new things a try!  I think you will love these fun projects I am sharing with you today.

Here And Now By Amanda Baldwin

Do you ever feel intimidated when sitting down to create a layout?  Do you ever have an artist’s block?  I think we all experience that at times when we sit down to work on a project and our minds go completely blank.  Sometimes it is just hard to know where to start our project.  Amanda’s layout will help your mind turn to a creative mode and will help you get started on an absolutely beautiful spring layout.  Today let’s create a page built on a floral wreath base, with lots of fussy cut butterflies and die cut florals to frame your photos.  This lovely masterpiece is created in lighter tones which gives it a sweet, spring flair.

Here and Now

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this amazing project?  This is one of those beautiful layouts that can also be turned into a framed piece of art that would add some great personality and charm to any room of your home.  I hope today’s project has inspired you!  Come with me on over to Cocoa Vanilla Studio where Amanda Baldwin will show you each step and technique she used to create this piece of art.  While you are there, be sure to visit the Cocoa Vanilla blog.  You will leave feeling very inspired and ready to create many more projects!

Multi-Color Embossing By Anna-Karin Evaldsson

Anna-Karin is a true inspiration when it comes to card making.  She definitely has a gift for bringing images to life.  This beautiful tag could be turned so easily into a card.  Everyone loves receiving a beautiful handmade card.  They are treasured forever, and such an easy way to bring some sunshine into someone’s life.  Make memorable greeting cards or tags that are sure to surprise the ones you love with these fun tips from Anna.

Multi-Color Embossing

Anna started her tag with Tim Hotz’s Floral stencil and embossing paste.  Be sure to click here to follow Anna for her step-by-step directions.  I just love the look of the bike with all the different embossing powders and the way this gives the bike personality.  No matter what your style is when creating a tag or card, you can keep it simple and clean.  You will be amazed how creative you can be with the supplies you have laying around in your stash.  Pull out some of your favorite treasures and don’t be afraid to mix and match whatever you have.  Most important is just to have fun with whatever supplies you use.  A big thank you goes out to Anna for her beautiful and unique tag.

Lost World By Emma Williams

Emma really captured the sense and feel of a prehistoric world with her Dino and Rex taking lead roles.  Do you have a little boy who would absolutely adore this?  Any guy who is crazy about dinosaurs will want one of these “Lost World” framed panels!  This project will really get your imagination and creativity flowing.  I can just imagine the smile on my grandsons’ faces when they receive this fabulous masterpiece!

I love how Emma used distressed paints, distressed crayons, and alcohol inks to capture such perfect colors for this project.  Click here and I would be happy to take you over to Emma’s blog so you can see how this work of art all comes together.  Be prepared to take some notes as Emma has a lot of tips and techniques to share.

Mini Lemon Bundt Cakes By Deb Attinella

It’s so hard to believe Easter is tomorrow!  Do you have your meal and dessert planned out yet?  After a big meal you don’t really want a heavy dessert so I have you covered today with these yummy mini lemon bundt cakes.  They are super easy to make and what’s not to love about lemon, right?  These mini cakes are light and melt right in your mouth.  Your family and friends are going to love them!

You will probably want more than just one.  Click here and I will take you over to Cooking on The Front Burner so you can print out the recipe and begin to start baking.  I think you will love these, my friends!

I hope you have enjoyed the projects today and will take a few minutes to visit these wonderful ladies at their individual blogs.  A big thank you to them for sharing their fabulous projects and inspiration for today’s post.  I hope you all have an amazing week and I will see you back here very soon.  Thank you for stopping by today and sharing a bit of your busy Saturday with me.  Happy Easter to all!

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