Love Filled Card Swaps

Be My Valentine!  I hope that all of you have finished your cards for that special person or special people in your life.  You only have three days left if not!  Valentine’s Day is such a great holiday that we celebrate with cards filled with love and happy thoughts for those you care about the most.  You can always throw in some chocolate treats with these cards, too.  Sweets for your sweetie as they always say!  Be sure to include those big X’s and O’s on your cards, too.  This is such a fun day to celebrate and appreciate those around us that bring love and joy into our lives!

Did someone say adorable???  Here is a sneak peak at the new pouches you will receive at each of the swaps you attend.  This is a zipper pouch that will not only hold all the cards you get at each fo the swaps, but is also big enough to carry items you may be using on your next card or set of cards so they are right at your fingertips. These pouches are great for storing papers, embellishments etc. as you think about the next set of cards you need to create.  We can all use as much storage as we can get and this way you know exactly where your new card creations are so you don’t have to search and try and remember “where did I put that special embellishment for my cards?”  Each day at the swap will feature one of these special Card Swap guest pouches.

Well I know that some of you do need to get your Valentine’s Day plans wrapped up, so get your dinner reservations made, get all gussied up, and most importantly: get those cards filled with love created!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

17 thoughts on “Love Filled Card Swaps

  1. MarySmiles says:

    Dear Dave, These Bags are adorable! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them and start filling it with my card making goodies! See you in Chantilly!

  2. Thelma Rivera says:

    Love it!!!!Card makers don’t lie they embellish…. The whole swaps reminds me of Daughters Girl Scouts Days, when we would go on events we always had to have swaps. Such a great concepts.

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